Blog writing for money is easier than you think

Blog writing for money is easier than you think. Make a career or part-time hassle from home turning your writing into dollar returns

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Where does blog income originate?

This is the secret to blogging. income may flow from many sources on any one blog page.

You are not limited to a single channel because blogging is designed to make you money.

  • 1) Affiliate programs, as many as you can fit on a page
  • 2) Sales of a product
  • 3) Advertising income
  • 4) Referral income
  • 5) Training revenue
  • 6) Being paid to write

Doing a product review and getting two dips at the money

I love this idea. When writing a product review the one you run down may also generate income if you have an affiliate link.

Readers love to further their research and see why they hate a product. Then the product brochure does its job and completes the sale.

You are not the ultimate source of information just the knowledge guide.

Product Reviews and comparisons

This is a healthy source of revenue and one that will provide a good return when you get those product clicks. This is a great volume of traffic as shop-at-home subscribers seek a lot more information.
What to buy and when to buy it.

As I said above even bad reviews can get good results. You have a target audience looking for the product you just need to set your Keywords correctly.

How to make my free blog

Blog writing is a long-term exercise so starting is sometimes quite a terrifying ordeal. You know what to write you are just having trouble putting it all together.

My advice is to never pay for high-priced training and people offering instant results without doing any work.
You do need to understand the basics and that is why a touch of starter training can make all the difference. Getting your head around Keywords is essential because without a very good understanding of this will leave you languishing in the double-digit pages.

However, your first blog posts are important and full of good ideas so keeping them long-term is an objective you must have. Many blogging sites own your material or won't allow you to transfer it away if you find a better home.

Wealthy Affiliate allows a free blog and then recommends moving them to your domain when you are really on top of your production.

The process from starter to achiever comes in easy steps however they do follow each other and getting ahead of yourself is fraught with problems.

Blog writing for money is easier than you think when you find the easy money

Where is the easy money in blogging?

Blogging for money is easy

There are three main types of income from blogging

  1. Outright sale and percentage given
  2. Recurring income
  3. Advertising

Outright sale

Here you are selling products of any kind from anywhere. Maybe Amazon, Walmart or training programs that have a one-time price and you get a fixed margin, like 20%.

This is ideal for higher-priced goods or volume sales however small amounts make this a hard way to earn money.
For example, selling books for $20 and making a 15% commission or $3.00. It takes a lot of books to make a living.
However, selling Gym equipment for $2000 returns you $300 on the same margins or equivalent to 100 books.

Recurring income

This is where payments are made over time and you get a percentage of every payment.
An example could be Website hosting at $50 a month. Therefore you get your $7.50 regularly over the next few years. Say $180 or more over 24 months. A small amount turns into a good return.
If you did this every month your revenue grows. Month 2 at $15.00 and three at 22.50 right through to $180 at month 24, from just one new sale a month.

The beauty is this amount comes in if you are working or not.

This is really where the big money is made and a business built.

Advertising income

Businesses pay you to run advertising on your pages. If those ads are clicked you make money. This is earnings while you sleep and can be quite considerable amounts.

However, you do need quite a few monthly visitors to be interesting to the big advertisers.

Blog writing for money is easier than you think when you apply the multiplying factor.

How to get multiple incomes from a single page

Once you are established and have a following your income will start to flourish. You may have several affiliate links on a page gathering sales plus advertising revenue backing this up.

The sources are unlimited and there are no caps on your earnings so the top end is what you can deliver.
Furthermore, if you have multiple pages of material each and everyone has the same opportunity to deliver returns.
That is why blogging provides such good returns.

No one applies the brakes to Blogging income

Blogging for money is easier than you think

Quite the reverse is true. Companies want as many sales as they can get so they will support your efforts in achieving higher incomes. Advertising revenue is purely based on client interest so the higher this is the more you get paid.

Many companies will ply you with incentives to produce greater sales and thus a higher return, they want achievers and go out of the way to support them.

People will envy your sales and never bring you down by complaining your results are too good.
I have worked in many sales operations where they try to equal incomes or favor the precious few. Blog writing is individual and the only limiting factor is you.


I have said before that Blogging is the best game in town and have given you many reasons to agree with me. However it is not a sprint, it is a marathon and designed for those with a long end game.

Nothing comes without effort and your huge returns will be the result of much learning, planning and execution. Stay on the journey and the rewards will present themselves.

This is an exercise that is easy to start, costs little to be involved, and returns high dividends.
What more could you ask for?

Blog writing for money is easier than you think by Peter Hanley

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