What Do I Write About in a Blog to get noticed

What do I write about in a blog to get noticed when there are billions of blogs on the Internet? The answer is easy and it will surprise you

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How many blog subjects are there?

The range of subjects is infinitesimal because everything can be broken down into little parts.
There are currently over two trillion blogs on the internet and you can still rank on page one if you know what you are doing. That is the exciting part.

We start with a Niche or area of interest and start to break it down to our specific needs.
Broad niches may be Medical, Sports, Legal, Industrial, Domestic, and on and on.

With Sport, you have a range of every possible sport played and this is a number that fills an Olympic stadium.
Then you pick a sport like Football. Many codes come under the broad term football that relates to the many countries where it is played.

Add to that teams, players, countries, competitions, Equipment, Exercise, nutrition, etc

Therefore as you break any subject down it expands to a massive proportion of things to write about.

What do I write about in a blog to get noticed if I love what I am doing

Write for Love and not for money

What Do I Write About in a Blog

Writing is a selfish pastime where your thoughts intermingle with facts to produce a product that others want to share.

When you are writing for money the effort becomes a chore that you simply won't be able to carry on. It will become hard and time-consuming for little reward and the urge to stop will be overwhelming. All the work you have done goes down the drain and you justify that it was a silly idea anyway. Time to move on.

However, when the subject is of great interest and you need to share your massive bank of knowledge it ceases to be work and the production will continue the journey.

Set yourself a plan and stick to it

You could grab an excel spreadsheet and write down all the broad niche headings you can think of.

Then under that start to break those headings into smaller parts
And again and again.

Within a short time, you will have a list of things to write about that will engage you for the next year. Broad term keywords with which you can rank.

What Do I Write About in a Blog

Choose variety in your topic selection

You can't write forever about tying football laces in a Soccer boot. However, when you move over to the best polish for a soccer boot in winter you start a whole new trend.
And what about studs and brands to grow the list. Why do forwards have colored boots and backs stay in black boots?

For those that don't know the answer, it is because forwards are all showmen and backs workmen.

The narrow topic is Soccer boots however we are taking this in a lot of different directions
with just a bit of thought out of the square.
My boots hurt my Achilles tendon and how I fixed the problem.

Don't compete against the professional writers

What Do I Write About in a Blog

In every niche, you have a range of heavy hitters that bring with them a history of high authority. This would include the manufacturers, major retailers, Doctors, and Sporting identities to name a few.

Google likes to recognize their position in the subject and rewards them with better page location. Therefore you are butting your head against the wall trying to get past them.

The answer lies in getting around them with subjects that have a following but are not major competitors.

This is done by picking unique keywords and picking up the traffic associated with them.

It may not be the highest volume of traffic however over time it will all build to a heap of monthly clicks

Grow your business with regular posting

Because you will not be in the high volume keywords you can compensate by combining traffic from a wide range of subjects. Every blog you write will have traffic however one blog will not make the grade. However, 20 or 50 blogs will slowly build a credible following.

At this stage, Google will start to recognize your talent and authority on the subject and favor you with better search positions.

Blogging for seniors

Blogging for page one is a long journey

What Do I Write About in a Blog

Unless you are very lucky with keyword selection our friends at Google don't give you a lot of airplay. They want to see if you are a stayer or fly-by-night writer and take time to give you any credence. This leg may be 6 to 12 months because it is a big competitive world and being gifted with a first-page listing does not come easy.

Think of it in their way. they want to see that you are a suitable choice of authority and information before taking you to the dance.

So sit up and keep writing to bring the results to you over time. It will happen the only question is when.

What do I write about in a blog to get noticed, does it need extra training

Take some extra training to better your position

Believe me when I say this whole industry stays the same however with regular changes.
For example, Google was the first search engine way back in 1998 and is still the dominant player. To this day they do upgrades nearly every month that make subtle changes that may or may not affect you.

Way back then a Keyword was just that a single word but now it is a keyphrase. A group of words to convey a deeper meaning.

Blogs were 500 words and acceptable now they want 1500 words that convey wisdom and intellect.

The way of the world is changing and a small alteration can make a big difference.


The art of blogging does not come naturally. There are rules to follow with keywords and writing but a small part of the overall effect.

Treat blogging as a business.

It takes time and patience to blog however the end is worth the result. You will be a qualified writer at the Internet university of growth

What Do I Write About in a Blog to get noticed by Peter Hanley

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