How to take your readers on a journey when writing a great blog

How to take your readers on a journey when writing a great blog. The art of storey keeps readers on your page and ready to click

Writing a blog with purpose

I recently visited my 96 year old uncle to catch up on old times. My uncle lives alone in an ancient cottage surrounded by what were once gardens. He had recently sacked the gardner because he was incompetent and would not take directions.

It is permitted to be a bit cranky at his age so we shall let that one go.

Noel played a lot of Football as a young man and kept himself very fit whilst spending his days in the railway workshops. That is where the story starts.

One night he and four mates were doing it big in town. They were young and single with little care for propriety and overstayed the visit. The passenger trains had stopped , the buses long parked for the night and home was fifteen Klms away.
A further problem was one of the lads had a broken leg from a recent accident and hoped along with the use of crutches.
Walking home was not an option.

Finding a freighter

How to take your readers on a journey when writing a great blog

Off they went to the railway yard and found a freight train heading to home, a great opportunity for a free ride. Billy with his broken leg had to be bodily thrown on to the tarp covery the freight. A nice soft platform for the ride home.

The cold of the outdoor train ride was masked by the internal alcohol levels as they sung their way along the passage home. a good half hour trip high in spirits and accomplishment.

Unfortunately and unbeknown to them they had been seen, heard and reported for riding atop the freight, a feat which is highly frowned upon.

At the final stop

On arriving at the final destination two angry police office's stood in the yards waiting to apprehend them. The Policemen were out late and not at all happy with the loutish behavior being exhibited by the young men. In fact a fairly dangerous practice.

The boys had a problem, they had to get Billy down from the train in as gentle a way as he could be thrown from the bogey. Furthermore running was not an option with a broken leg. Surely they would be captured and locked up for the night to face court and their angry parents the next day.

Noel took the lead, he jumped down from the train and confronted to the two offices with an apology of some small kind. It was never going to work so he did a runner going just ahead of the two policemen. He ducked between carriages and across lines in just enough pace to remain ever so slightly ahead.

Meanwhile back at the ranch Billy was bundled of the train and then the boys walked away as the chase went on for Noel.

Remember Noel was in the peak of fitness and generally sobered up during the ride home. When he had given the others time to make an exit and had taken the coppers far from the trail he put on the afterburners and left the two heavily equipped and now very tired offices well behind.

They never got caught or charged however I am sure they avoided free transport for some time.

Storytelling and you

Now what has this got to do with you and your blogging .

When I mulled on the above story , which by the way is entirely true, it is a classic case of diverting attention to where you want it to go.

Taking your readers on a journey of discovery.

Writing a blog does not have to be boring and in fact quite the opposite is the case.

Readers are searching for answers or solutions to a problem or issue and your job is to satisfy the demand.

I could now sell you train tickets or take you to the Policeman's ball because i have your interest but no.
I want you to write better posts that get read and provide you with an income flow that will keep you working at home.

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I wrote a blog recently with more Uncle Noel stories

How to take your readers on a journey when writing a great blog concludes


I really wanted to tell the above storey and others like it. Many of the old have lived such great lives however they generally hide it from view.

I now spend an interesting hour or so getting him to talk about the past and relive the stories
of his life. Noel is one of the fortunate ones where the mind remains sharp as ever as the body falls down around them.

The past is done for now with the elderly, the current challenge is just waking up in the morning to enjoy a day.

At my current age of seventy seven I don't consider myself as old. Noel has 20 years on me and many people don't get to live that long.
However I do appreciate life every day, you just never know.

How to take your readers on a journey when writing a great blog by Peter Hanley

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