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A Free Email Marketing List is a desire for every business. Here we take out all the complications and show you a way forward to income generation.

Are emails important anymore?

For any business, the answer is a very loud yes!
In fact, it is even more important than the past as they become a more common form of communication.

The use of voice contact is diminishing, as an old bloke I have some problems with this but it is a fact.
How often in a day are the words “message me” used?

Email and SMS have become the primary forms of contact so you need to gather as many new addresses as you can.
This is your legal database, a product that will grow in value with the names you add to it. A name may be worth at least a dollar but maybe five dollars or more.

Someone invented the term Spam and made it illegal to harvest email addresses for your own use. This has made marketing a bit more of an art form to comply with the law and build an asset.

There are, however, legal ways to collect a bundle of names and use them in your sales activities.

Collecting your contact details is important

It is generally prudent to remind you of antispam law.
You cannot randomly send emails or SMS messages without their consent. That means they have approached you in some way about business or given you the contact details for you to approach them.

This may seem like a big hurdle but it is one that we must all jump over so let's look at some ways.

Traditionally we manually grabbed every contact we could. A meeting, a customer, referral. trade shows, family, friends.

If you have a business this can be considerable if done properly.
My Daughter runs a busy ladies dress shop. She inquired with one of the staff recently if she had gotten contact details from a customer that had just made a purchase? The staff member said it was not necessary as it was a Cash sale.
She only did it once because she now knows the value of future contact. Every customer's inquiry and walk-in is a potential future buyer.

Do leads really work?

Free Email Marketing List
Leads are essential

Just yesterday morning, it was 7 am, I ran into an old client as we went to different meetings, I had just come from an early morning swim and he was in collar and tie.
We exchanged pleasantries and he commented on how much he liked my Newsletters. We shook hands and went our own way. This morning he rang and said I need your service can I come back? Of course, the answer was yes, however my point is that consistent contact over a couple of years netted a client worth about $1000 a year. Thanks for the business, Chris.
We can all get a bit slack with this and it really needs driving at all times.

Free Email Marketing List and the internet.

The internet way to find leads

Let's move forward into 2020 years with new excitement.

The latest and best is a chatbot or a popup on your website. Both need to be done properly, but with a bit of trial and error, these can really capture the audience and the emails of every visitor to your site.

At the top of this page will be a small presentation. “Can I help you?” or “hey, what's up?” maybe even “Chat with me now.”
I will try a few out to test what works best, give it a go and see what the experience is for you.
I use chat Bots and you can learn more here.

Free Email Marketing List and social media.

Get leads with social media

This sounds easy but in truth, Facebook is now very protective of detailed security and it is getting harder to extract it in bulk.

Your challenge is to get them across to your webpage or sales funnel and collect names from there. The idea of all social media is just that it is a window to your business. Just a small sneak peek into the inner workings.
Entertain them and give them enough enthusiasm to go to a selling site where you can gather contact details.

Another way is a raffle or prize associated idea on Facebook where they must enter to be eligible.

Use social media that is relevant to your business and keep it current and fun. Don't try and be everything to everyone. It is too time-consuming. I wrote more on this at a recent blog that may be worth a quick read.

Finally, the Authority figure

Free Email Marketing List
More important in 2020

This is Google's 2020 blockbuster coming to a business near you.
Google wants to divert traffic to authority figures. Let me give an example.
If I am a Senior Doctor or Medical expert I will receive questions on health, However, if I am Joe Blow flogging treatment I shall be hugely ignored by Google linking.

The answer to you my friend is to make yourself an expert in all things in your business.
The widget on your page, the about you page, the video featuring you as a brand everywhere you can become the AUTHORITY FIGURE.
When someone does a search, authority is the likely endpoint.

This will send a stream of new contacts to your webpage that will play with your Chatbot and deliver to your new business.

Plus you don't have to outlay a single dollar to increase your traffic.


Getting your list together has never been an easy task. Combining some old fashion ideas along with internet activity will build you an asset that you can be proud of.

What's more, you can write the asset into your balance sheet and make the banks happier when you want to borrow money. (not legal or accounting advice).

You have to be smarter in this market because the market has got smarter so unless you ride the wave you will be left behind.

image of the author Peter Hanley
Peter Hanley

Free Email Marketing List by Peter Hanley

Peter Hanley

I have been in business for many years and the internet to find ways to grow your business faster

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  1. Rodarrick

    Exactly right! Email marketing is very important and must not be taken with levity because it can really help decide the fate of the business. Thank you so much for sharing here. I feel that the best possible way to kickstart things with any business is by building email list and all which will invariably help in the long run. Thank you so much for sharing this here

    1. Peter Hanley

      The other key issue is the value of a list, think a minimum of $5 an address. If you have, say, 5000 on a list, it has a market value of at least $25,000.

      Good value in any one’s money.

      Peter H

  2. Rose

    Thanks for this post on the free marketing list, when I started online marketing I made some email marketing list which really helped me a lot till this very moment, I wanna ask can the list make twice or you use the one over and over and also what kinda mail should be in your email list ? thanks 

    1. Peter Hanley

      Hi Rose, first of all, repetition creates buyers so keep using the old list with new ideas. if people are on your list they have the option to opt-out or stay in the long run.
      Newsletters are great because they keep your name in front of the mind but always have a closing statement at the end. 
      The other way is with a series of emails on benefits.

      short emails just highlighting something that may be of interest. 

      Keep the contact going with everyone on your list.

      Peter H

  3. Benny

    hello, i really want to appreciate your effort in putting this website together and writing this article. the internet is whole arena for learning how to organize our contact list. emails are so important. it is the easiest and the most convenient way to contact people and pass messages. most companies use the email as the fundamental mode for passing information

    1. Peter Hanley

      Hi Benny, yes as a long-term email marketer you really understand that they can generate revenue
      and build a solid business. Legally gathering the emails is the hard bit and that is where Chatbots come in as the way of the year.

      Peter H

    2. Peter Hanley

      As a long term email marketer, I really understand how well they work. gathering them is also important so don’t underestimate the Chatbots and other collection ideas.

      peter H

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