Do I start a blog to make big money

How do I start a blog to make big money? People everywhere are ripping the system for big incomes, so why not you? We have the answers.

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If you are a beginner there are many things you need to understand before you write a word.

A lone page of writing will not attract a huge audience however there are many ways to overcome your shortfalls. click below for a free summary of where you should be .

What exactly is a blog and how did it come about?

I am glad you asked that. They started as a personal home page back in late 1990 and by around 2005 became reasonably popular with about 32 million US readers.

During this time programs like WordPress made life for a blogger much easier and Google search (and similar) has changed to give everyone a chance of being read.

Blogs take many forms from a personal story to historic revelations so there is some where in there for you.

a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.

Definitions from Oxford Languages

This is a blog

You are reading a blog now about small business and marketing where I do a new post every two or three days. This blog is hosted on a web page online business marketing that ties them all together. At this date I have over 120 individual blogs on different subjects from motivation through to TikTok.

The later entrant is a Vlog;

a personal website or social media account where a person regularly posts short videos.

Oxford language

So all in all we are telling a tale over a period of time.

What should I start a blog about

The most asked question on blogging because we are unsure of ourselves and what we have to offer. Everyone has something in which they carry an interest if not a consuming passion that others want to share. It could be dating for blokes, knitting for elderly, exercise for a fat gut or sleep insomnia.
Off course you don't know everything however you will develop new skills as you start to write and dream.

Think of a subject that may interest you, let's say Insomnia because we all have a dash at some time so it is a subject that has an audience.
There will be lots more rules to come and ways to write but lets just find out if we could write about insomnia.
Google and then type in the word Insomnia. They will list out about thirty headings on which to start.
Now search Google and look at what people are searching , I did a small list for you:

Do I start a blog to make money

About insomnia

  • Meaning
  • Causes
  • types
  • treatment
  • symptoms
  • sedatives
  • In your country

Again take each heading and break it down into smaller parts, EG in the USA, in UK, in Uganda, or maybe in young people, babies, feeding mothers, teenagers, elderly, stressed, uncomfortable, on holidays etc.

Everyone has something to blog about

However the question will mostly be about the reason for blogging and it will eventually come back to money. Yes the all mighty dollar will be behind every successful writer, there may be a few that do it for altruistic reasons but it does take time and you deserve something for your input and contribution.

Do numbers make your web site better

Blogging is not an overnight success story

It may be true that one blog can make you famous but the odds are like buying a charity ticket it won't happen. Most bloggers spend years plodding along building up viewers and establishing their credentials.
It is interesting that the average adult book will contain about 90,000 words or 350/400 a page and you often need to do more than this over time. This is not designed to scare you, it is just reality how blogging works. Furthermore I have written about 4 books now with various blogging efforts.

Finally don't be put off, if you want to write then start writing now and begin the journey.

How do bloggers make money

The important part of this whole exercise is your ability to make a dollar. Importantly we don't want to make a few bucks here and there you want to build an empire that pays you a living.

All marketing is built around Know, Like and Trust and this is where you are heading to capture your market. When you have a dedicated audience many of them will buy what ever you recommend because they trust your judgement.

Do I start a blog to make big money and what are the ways?

Selling your own products

Many bloggers are into areas where they can flog products. It may be health supplements, gym equipment or even eBooks to promote their business.
Off course training manuals and courses make up a lot of this area as well as videos and books.
it may extend much further into physical products. Clothing, makeup, lifestyle are all includedd

Selling other peoples products

Often referred to as affiliate marketing where you market the product and receive a part of the income on a regular basis. My core product for instance is Wealthy Affiliate the web hosting and training program based on WordPress. Principally designed to be a blogging site for those wanting to learn an industry or niche.
An example is Amazon the biggest retailer on line that allows you to buy and sell products if not at low margins.


As your readership grows companies will be lining up to put Advertising on your page and pay you for the privilege. They may pay for clicks or completions so your chance to make money with this is really good. however you need to get some traffic up and going before they will want to be your friends.

Recurring revenue as a percentage of your income

This is a really important part of blogging because it builds a long term financial plan for you.
This is when people pay a regular amount (say Monthly) and you get a percentage of that amount every month while they are members. One customer may earn you say $20 a month but a hundred jumps up to $2000 a month. All without getting out of bed.
Can you do this without experience, off course you can and any link on this page will provide you an opportunity to make money.

Where do your readers come from?

This is an important question that starts with family and friends and grows by using a whole bundle of methods that will get people to look at your blog. It is in fact quite easy once you get up and going becuse you will learn all the tricks.

Do I start a blog to make big money without any readers?

SEO to gather readers

There are free ways and paid ways to get readers and naturally free is better. SEO is, among other things, using appropriate keywords that people will search for on Google or other carriers like Bing or Yahoo.
However you must be on the first coupe of pages in a search term or you won't be found and that requires some skill early in your journey.

For instance this page is about Blogging. First of all there are hundreds of pages that cover the term blogging so to get near page one is virtually impossible in my life time.
The trick is to stretch the words to find what people may really ask, “Do I start a blog to make big money”

The subject is blogging but I have narrowed it down to a specific part of the industry to get a much better page position. This is all covered at Wealthy affiliate and in many of the good WordPress plugins.

Social media to direct an audience to you

Social media is the attention getter, it does not have big long posts however it is a great guide to further reading for those that have an interest. It is generally free although you can pay for advertising to increase the readership.

Do I start a blog to make big money using social media

Email marketing is an attention gatherer

A lot of new marketers will take time to gather a following with email addresses but for those in a small business a data base is part of your assets.

I do a lot of emails every month and often referring to a blog I have written as an extended source of information. This is the “read more” addendum in a short article.
Emails will include Newsletters as well as single send proposals and auto responder series.

Your website is also a gatherer of customers

Most websites will have a sign up box for all sorts of information, it may be an eBook, a free offer, newsletter etc. However it is there to gather your information so we can legally send you lots of stuff over a long period of time.

Paid promotions find readers

There is always an opportunity to pay out money for readers. Facebook and Instagram promote this as there principal income product. They put your advertisement in front of an audience that may be interested. They know all about you so it is easy for them to target an audience. The only issue is if you earn more than you spend.

Videos also find customers

It is a fact that YouTube is searched nearly as often as Google by people looking for answers.

YouTube is a vital piece of your armory for several reasons.
First of all lots of people search for things on YouTube
A you tube video in your blog keeps visitors longer on the sight increasing SEO
Voice search is becoming a predominant feature and this often draws in a Video .

Doing videos has become increasingly more accessible and a leader in the field is Vidnami where you can do a professional video without equipment or training.

My Conclusion on blogging

My confession is that I am a consistent blogger so I have a bias toward the craft. I have several reasons for blogging and among them are;

  • I love to share my knowledge with others after a long time in marketing
  • It supports my other operations by gathering customers
  • The potential to earn affiliate income and could have advertising money
  • Finally I learn a lot as I increase my range of subjects
  • Building and maintaining my web presence is all done by myself

Do I start a blog to make big money by Peter Hanley

As a long term business man I understand that blogging supports all my online activities however I look forward to the day when it is my sole occupation. Writing is in the blood, if you like it then try it there is nothing to lose.

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