Your traffic problems overcome with a simple fix

Your traffic problems overcome with a simple fix. The one thing in all marketing is getting the right traffic and I have found an answer.

Not all traffic is good traffic

Traffic maybe a function of numbers however we are looking for a multiple of sales.

That means you have good traffic , average traffic and the bad stuff. However do you know which is which?

First of all good traffic is ones that look at your website and hang around for a while. We know they won't all buy in fact it may be less than 1% or greater than 0% and that is why we need numbers.

Medium traffic or the average lot have some potential to buy but are generally floaters that really are not interested.

And bad traffic just hits and runs destroying your credibility with Google and your SEO.

Your analytics account will tell you about traffic

When analyzing your traffic there are important areas to look at.

Volume of trafficAnything above zero is good
Bounce rateYou should try to be low
Pages readMore than one is good
Time on siteThe longer the better
Where the traffic came fromMultiple sources
What pages they readThe more the better
Your traffic analysis

Every bit of this is important to be in place and working as it should.

Where does traffic come from?

What is a URL and how do you find one

We all know the broad answer to this however we need to be a bit more specific.

Your SEO traffic.

This is generated through Google, Bing, Yahoo and YouTube with people searching for keywords.
This is free traffic and they are generally people wanting what you offer. Therefor they will tick all the boxes above and whether they buy or not depends on you.

Well, that's a bit harsh but the percentage of buyers or clickers are dependent on your offer because they have searched for you and want a result. Not easy but that's the game.

Paid advertising.

This maybe from all sorts of places including social media, super bots and businesses designed around sending traffic shot gun style.

In the start of our internet journey we are often solicited into being paid for reviewing websites. This is easy stuff and you click away and earn a few bob as you go. The idea is making money not buying product so you are that medium traffic, not really interested unless we offer a gold mine.
This traffic varies with all sorts of parameters but it is traffic.

Then there are pop up adds on social media and websites that attract clickers. This is a bit more focused because their interest has been aroused.

Your traffic problems overcome with a simple fix starting with SEO

A concentration on SEO

You should start by concentrating on SEO traffic, Get your Headline working first of all because without this you have no readers .

Next is content. I use Yoast SEO as my favorite plugin because they tell me when I am going wrong. This is a WordPress plug in used by half the worlds bloggers so you can be assured it is good traffic.

Finally a call to action. What you want your readers to do.

When to buy traffic and increase your clicks

This site has been going for about ten months and I have my SEO working so it is time to branch out and invest in some traffic.
I looked at many sources and gee there are a lot of bad opportunities out there.

I have finally selected a site that will deliver the result I want and that includes traffic and Alexia ranking.


Has my traffic increased and is it worth while?

I tried the free version then went to a mini plan and now at medium because I am so impressed.

The bounce rate is in single figures, the time onsite is in double figures page views are about 3 per viewer and my alexia rank is growing.

This is for websites and are up and going and you just need that additional traffic.

The start of your traffic journey

Every site needs to venture into paid traffic, it is just timing and Spark Traffic is a logical step in that direction. Pay monthly and if you are unhappy you cancel and keep the extra ratings. It is an investment in luck, like all traffic bots but with 100% human traffic in good volumes what can you loose.

My conclusion on Traffic

As I said figures matters in life and traffic and further more results are intrinsically linked. You will not get one without the other. No traffic no sales is an important input.

Traffic is a challenge and always will push you harder to maximise the benefits you can obtain. However it is a journey you must take or lose the race. A simple statement of fact.

Test your arm with a starter pack at Smart Traffic and see how you go, there is little to loose and a lot to gain.

Your traffic problems overcome with a simple fix by Peter Hanley

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