Verdi SMS services for small and medium businesses

Verdi SMS services for small and medium businesses. A type of marketing that provides a great ROI and instant success for all businesses for any business

Why use SMS in business

We have many ways to introduce a style of marketing that creates returns faster than any other method available to small business.

This is not said lightly but based on some important facts.

Nearly all SMS messages (over 90%) are viewed immediately.

Reaction is most often instant with an action or delete mentality.

SMS don't generally sit around waiting for a future action.

You can tell if your message has been read

There are many methods of sending SMS messages that include

A single messageMostly as a simple communication tool
Reminder messagesAppointments and Bookings
Fixed number serviceAs a branding and recognition tool
Bulk messagesMass message delivery
Word SMS A marketers tool
Invitation messagesInvite one or thousands
Demand a reply serviceConfirmations
Verification codesEnter the numbers
MMS servicesSend those attachments
SurveysFind out what they think
Linking to another serviceYour webpage or blog
Delivery informationOn-time information
Your list of thought provokers

Verdi SMS services

More than a simple SMS plan but a range of services to make your marketing really work the way it should.

a single service fr sms
Verdi SMS services
SMS Marketing

Single SMS Group SMS fixed number Sms

Verdi SMS services
From crisis comes opportunity
Word numbers

Just a few of the many selections available as Verdi SMS

SMS Is much more than a simple message

Your service is a tool to both instant and constant contact. It can be used with other forms of marketing either as the hero or support service.

Combined with email and direct mail it helps form a formidable multi- promotion approach to customer touch.

Some useful examples

Sports group use a fixed inbound number for all booking cancellations. This allows those on the go easy access to direct contact. This coupled with a confirmation messages saves hours of phone time.

Wholesale business units send out invitations by SMS a week prior to the event and an hour before the start time. This keeps attendances high.

Uber eats send a message when they are at the door.

Company I had been dealing with sent a message with a link to a survey on their performance.

My connection with the Government website is opened with a SMS confirmation

Have a look through your message profile and find the ways that may help you.

Verdi SMS services and carriers.

Are all SMS carriers the same

This is an interesting question that should have a standard answer where I reply, no mine is the best.
I have found that different services have there own strengths and oft times it is worth pursuing a particular service to obtain the exact option or pricing you require.

However it is often a difficult choice because many work on a Volume/Pricing matrix.
Therefore spreading your messaging to wide can lead to a higher cost in messaging fees.

Another issue is user experience. Each service has an entirely different interface so confusion can occur when jumping services.

Furthermore tracking results is far easier when a single experience is the adopted platform.

Pricing can be illusionary when various fees are applied. I have a service that charge a $5 fee for non direct debit billing. This adds the equivalent of a cent per message hidden in fees.

Finally there is the prepaid and post paid model so you need to select what is best for you. Should you Prepay for your messages it should, by all reasoning, be slightly cheaper and without any attached fees.

My conclusion on SMS

Having used this format for many years I am a devout follower of the many benefits that SMS deliver. It works , it is price effective and the results are easily quantified.

Another great advantage is the ability to test market. Decide what you want to send and trial it to a section of your data base. If it works just carry on however if the results are sub optimal make some changes and ty again. It is not Rocket science just a bit of trial and error.

My conflict

The author has operated as an SMS provider over many years sourcing recourses from several tier one carriers and packaging the service into a customer focused supply.

Now with his own service he brings many benefits to the small user.

Verdi SMS services for small and medium businesses by peter Hanley

SMS services

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