Why use the calculator?

Small and medium business times have gotten harder and telephone calls are really important. Using a missed call calculator the results will help you.

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The average business misses about 50 calls a month.
At least 20% could be sales
The product value of $300
and a 50 % margin represents a potential loss of $1500 a month or $18,000 a year.

We thought about introducing a lifetime value calculation to extend this further but the result would be staggering.

For example:
A Physiotherapist customer may return over many years and spend about $700 a year
Say 5 years, so a return of $3500.

A dental client twice a year with an average spend of $500 for 10 years a missed return of

A tyre store with a $1200 sale every three years

A car service centre with a 10-year customer could forgo $ 5000 in a single missed call

It is not only about money.

make monet fast
Man with no money

Your brand is important in the know, like and trust principle of selling. Missed calls at
any time can damage your brand and remove a whole family of clients forevermore.
At Verdi, they concentrate on maintaining your brand.

Staff support is front of mind using the missed call calculator

Missed call calculator
Always in place to support staff

There are times when duties conflict with each other and the pressure on front line staff to juggle the requirements is a difficult situation and something must be given.
Some things you can recover from and some you can't.
With good support, message service telephone calls can be recovered efficiently and effectively.

Missed call calculator by Peter Hanley

missed call calculator
With nearly 40 years in the messaging business, my aim is to help
a small business survives in any market condition.

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  1. Chris

    Sounds very interesting, I have heard of virtual message services before but I don’t really know how successful they have been for businesses, or how efficient they are when compared with what they cost. 

    I’m wondering if there are any virtual message services that offer a few weeks trial period first, so that you can see if the system with be worthwhile for your business or not?

    1. Peter Hanley

      Hi Chris, I believe most will offer a free trial and money-back guarantee. In Australia my service demands they take a free trial so that we get to know each other before we commit.
      It saves a heap of problems later on,

      Thanks for your comments.

      Peter h

  2. Adyns68

    I think every business needs this data to improve their services. It may seem insignificant for a day or a month but when you see the total for a year, you see how devastating it can be for your business. I think a business needs to take every opportunity to maximize their revenue and finding a strategy to reduce the number of missed calls can help. First, you need the data and then study how and to apply in order to reduce missed calls and improve the revenue.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Peter Hanley

      Thanks for the comments and kind words. As I work in this area I fully understand the opportunities 
      that can be missed. I designed the calculator  ( I used Fiverr for it ) and think it works well

      Kind regards

      peter H

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