The best free URL shortener

What is the best free URL shortener and how does it apply to you? We will show you why and how to increase your affiliate traffic for greater success.

What is a URL shortener and how does it apply to you?

A URL is your unique address code that people use to search for your material. For any page, this could be a long tail like my last blog being
When you look at this stream you know I am talking about Monster Insights and if you want to avoid my connection you can go directly to them. This is particularly important when you are providing an affiliate link.
does the same thing but recognises my site and cloaks the destination.

URL structure an explanation

I use and recommend Pretty links

You will find many link cloaks on the market however you will often find your link will disappear over time and you will be left with a 404 block.

The Pretty link is another plugin from the Syed Balkhi group.

This is part of Monster Insights, Optin monster plan used by many WordPress writers.

I now use other plugins from this group and recently reviewed the MonsterInsights plan for WordPress users.

What I like about Pretty Links

  • Use one link in all your pages and posts
  • Track every click on the link
  • Changing the link will change every post and page in one go.
  • Cloak the link so no shortcuts
  • Make the link pretty so it will be used.

    The best free URL shortener explained

Use just one link

Over time things may change and therefore the link will also need to be updated. As a result, there is no need to troll through your posts you simply change one link and all posts follow.
This will avert the broken link problem forever.

Track every click on the link

Your WordPress dashboard will show the Pretty link results. That is, every click to a link is counted and reported live.

the best free url shortener
Examples of reporting

Therefore, if a link is not working, you can change it.

Changing the link will change every page and post

Imagine saving in time if a dominant link needed changing. No need to scroll through 100 posts simply one change and all is done

Cloak the link so no shortcuts

We all bypass affiliate links at times, it is just nature's way of trying to get a better deal. However, this can be stopped with a short link.
How to make a video free in half an hour becomes;
You have no idea where I am taking you to so no way to bypass the system, click away it may just benefit you

Make the link pretty to encourage the use

You can go a step further and use a name:

Here is a link to a free popup service that I recommend and have written about

Yes, it is my affiliate link but only if you upgrade so it is also worth a beau peep.

Link cloaking to suit the purpose

You have now seen Pretty Links or link cloaking used in a variety of ways.
In addition, we will now show you how easy it is to set up.

I am not going over two pages of the setup document when you can click on the above and read the pretty links site.
It does start with a WordPress plugin and then some simple steps. Probably 10-15 minutes tops.

Marketing with a link shortener

When you prepare marketing material and also want to include a cloaked link, this is a perfect way.
It might be a brochure, a business card or any written material therefor you will certainly want it Pretty.

Furthermore, you will require an easy way to track the promotional success and Pretty links will do this for you. live numbers at any time.

There are a lot of Link shorteners however pretty links cover all possibilities.

Will Pretty links slow my site?

Every plugin will take some horsepower to run it and that is why you need to limit the number you use. I achieved a very high-speed rating with both Pretty links and Monster insights.

I scored 100 for fixed and 97 for mobile using these plugins

The best free URL shortener takes nothing from your site

Who should use Pretty links

The best free URL shortener
This is for every Blogger

The varied use of this plugin makes it an essential tool for every WordPress user.
A key feature is that everything is in one place so tracking and identifying is an easy process

Downsides of Pretty links

While the plug-in covers nearly every contingency, it does not take you into account.
It does require a degree of self-control to continually use the link builder.
When you finish your page or post and review before sending include a link check. it will save you a lot of time and angst in the future.

Final tips for the builder

They may not tell you in the set up to tick a permanent redirect.

The best free URL shortener

The box provides several opportunities and is normally fixed temporarily. make sure you do a permanent link.

Will the training at Wealthy Affiliate recommend this?

The answer, of course, is yes because of both its pedigree and the useful nature of the plug-in.

Broken links have a large detrimental effect on a webpage and this way ensures this is a thing of the past.

In conclusion,

This is a great tool for every webpage and a certain must-have on your list.
Because you are in total control and can use it for specific links or all links, the choice is entirely yours.

Like all my tools, I suggest using the free version before paying out any money.
You will enjoy seeing the links to various sites and can use this as a guide to affiliate use. We often believe that Affiliates are misjudging our numbers and this is an honesty test or at the very least an excellent guide.

The best free URL shortener, Pretty Links.

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