It’s not about the money it’s about the success you achieve

It's not about the money it's about the success you achieve. One comes before the other and trying to go in a different way just won't work

Show me the money and I will show you success

It's not about the money it's about the success you achieve

Success breeds a following and that base will generate money if you do it properly.

There is no doubt that chasing money as a sole purpose is a recipe for disaster. First of all, you will become disillusioned very quickly and lose interest.

Secondly, readers will turn away from your blatant approach with hard sell tactics.

Finally, there will be a lack of trust in your presentation and trust is the key to success.

It's not about the money it's about the  success you achieve by building a channel

Building a success channel

There is an old marketing adage that you need to acquire the following values before you attract buyers;

  • Know
  • Like
  • and trust

We are all hesitant with people we don't know. That is why repetition in marketing creates a bonding because we slowly believe that someone is around for the long haul. Look at the emails you get and see how many come from the same source. You won't buy it the first time and maybe not the tenth time but one day you will click the material.

If we like you we will believe you

It may sound condescending but it is fact that we would sooner deal with people we like. Take food shopping for example. You probably have several places you can go to however you will have a preference, one that you LIKE. We just visited a new superstore that has had extensive remodeling and I suggested to my wife it was worth a try. She answered that she likes the old place, it's comfortable and suits the purpose, why change?

Trust is a belief that you are in a safe area.

This is the true comfort zone where you will even pay more than risk getting less than you bargained for.

Apple products have mastered this over the years and we go back time and time again even though there is a price disadvantage and probably a feature deficit as well.
I know that my Apple phone will perform the way I want because they have built a wall of trust around every product.

It's not about the money it's about the success you achieve

It takes time to build your wall of trust

This is why true marketers start with marketing and not with selling. They know they have to build an association that you will think of first before anything else.

You may shout the cheapest price or superior service however you will not move me from the tried and true. This is simply that I have not learned to like you let alone trust what you will deliver.

Vehicle marketing is a bit like this. They don't sell cars they sell a lifestyle and what it will do for you. It may be that outback adventure, the luxury that it imposes, or even that it suits a certain demographic. Watch the ads and the only ones that blatantly sell are the second-hand market, and none of us trust them anyway.

Build your success on a good foundation

Bloggers write for the public. They answer questions and they even quietly try and sell you stuff. However, one blog will never work. Only a very few people will read it and then will they believe what you say?
A dozen blogs are just a start but when you have hundreds you are starting to build a library that convinces readers you are around for the long haul. Your material must be good because you have established a position in the market with consistency and repetition within a broad niche.

The major retail chains will lock you in with a loyalty card. They know that you will create your sense of need as the value builds. A dollar won't move you and even $10 seems too small but over time you will start to see the value and like what they are offering.

They will push the card at every purchase. Not because they want to give you a discount they want a long-term bonding experience that will benefit them more than a quick fix discount offer.

Everyone has a cheap offer but not everyone has a successful bonding experience that creates longevity and loyalty.

The big marketers don't look for instant cash the look for lifetime customers where the returns are much higher.

A good foundation will withstand the storm

Of course, there are the fickle buyers that flit around seeking price above anything else. However, their loyalty is only in the almighty dollar so as soon as someone else appears to be cheaper your customer is gone to a new place.

You are always trying to attract new to replace old.

By building a foundation of trust you stand more chance of keeping the long-term buying cycle. This is establishing a base of customers that return year in and out because they like you and moving away is not an option.

It's not about the money it's about the  success you achieve

This is the success you want and the money follows

It takes time to build your clan. But once they are there your returns come from repeated transactions over a long period. It may well be thousands of customers that are your friends and loyal followers and then the money follows.

You can never achieve this loyalty by once-off transactions. But you can be hugely successful thinking about your friends and not about that instant return.

It is about the money

Let's not delude ourselves here we are marketing to make money. Otherwise, we would not be in business.
However, placing income before stability is a short-term fix.
Therefore think of the long game and play for a winning hand instead of trying for a quick fix.

You will be successful every time.


Never underestimate the value of ignoring cheap returns against a long-term income.

One is fleeting the other is a foundation of a real business that will withstand the tests of time.

It's not about the money it's about the  success you achieve by Peter Hanley

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