Review of the best tool for keyword research

How to write a perfect blog post in easy steps

Review of the best tool for keyword research and why it is so important. Plus, getting a score on your effort to radically increase clicks.

What does a Keyword tool achieve anyway?

First of all a Keyword is a Keyphrase or even long tail Keyword which are all the same thing. Over time words need to be phrases so that Google search can better identify a landing spot.

Certainly the advent of Voice search using mobile devices has had an impact however the growth of the internet has required a clear description of need.
It is no longer reasonable to search Nike because that covers so many categories however Nike marathon running shoes for men in Brooklyn takes a whole new meaning,

A good tool will look at many elements of a search so that you have a chance of being found.

  • Traffic is naturally important
  • However competition also ranks alongside
  • Over all volume and
  • First page volume are different
  • SEO
  • Competition / Traffic

First of all to have a bulls chance of being read you need to make first page of a search term.
On every page there are paid adverts and free ones, over 80% of people never go past page one so if you are on page 20 you have no chance of being read.

Review of the best tool for keyword research
Huffington post author unknown

Therefore this keyword thing is a monster. However we do have some answers for you.

Great content is important but?

Google now rates content over anything else. Therefore not writing really good stuff will damage your brand, it may be a post or page even an Ebook or Video however content is KING.

On the other hand if your content is not read because no one can find it in the massive leaking Sandpit of the internet you are Dead In The Water.

Marketing will help the promotion but is it enough?

If you promote your products using a multi channel approach you will have more subscribers than without promotion. Off course that is a given and you have both free and paid opportunities to really push your product to the masses.
Most importantly the promotion must provide enough incentive to have the readers carry through on your request. That comes back to a Keyword and a description.
You could push Famous Knitting Patterns and Ways to increase your speed in three easy lessons at me all day and i won't budge. Nothing wrong with Knitting and it has a big audience but I am not one of them and just don't have a big care factor.

Social Media offers many platforms of opportunity however you must choose wisely or you will miss the target audience.
Posting Knitting opportunities on Pinterest may well get you success but using TikTok as your vehicle will surely fail.

Guest posting on places like quora or Media have lost a lot of attraction with Google algorithm changes.

SEO plays a very big role in being found.

Mess with SEO and you mess with your results without an escape clause. This includes a lot more than just your keyword and description.

Now to start a search for keyword GOLD

Review of the best tool for keyword research

Stay with me a moment before you wander away.

The above pic is taken in a Jaaxy tool using three different phrases around Keywords.

The first word “Keyword Research tools” has good traffic at 727 a month .However that drops to 124 a month that will hit you if you are on page one of the search term.
Most importantly is competition. There are 246 other sites using the exact same keyword and all are ahead of you. That means you will start on about page 30 of a search.
The second entry has a lot fewer searches per month however you will start on about page 3 with a far greater chance of success.

This takes time to find the right words and we look for about 100 traffic a month and a QSR well under a hundred.

Review of the best tool for keyword research is a necessity.

Is all this research really necessary

Keyword research is not only necessary it is essential if you want to rank your site . Off course you can pay for advertising but remember nearly 80% of viewers will not look a paid advertisement and those that do are usually not thinking.
That is not to say they don't work, off course they do however do they provide a valuable Return on investment?

Another good place to get information is Ubersuggest a site by Neil Patel. I do use this site when I am looking for words that make a difference.

If you are using a WordPress blog then Yoast SEO is a key plugin to obtain a faster growth through the pages. This is nearly as important as the Key Words because structure matters.

Your headline analyser

Writing a great headline that includes your Keyword must also be taken into account. There is some conflicting information on this and many old attitudes have come forward.
Because Google have changed the rules you must change with them.

Your headline should be near 55 characters but no more. This length will display fully in a search result.
Next is word choice and it is recommended about six or more words. A mix of power words and both common and uncommon words.

Interestingly most people only read the first and last three words of a string.

In addition list words get more engagements than other types of headlines. Example 7 ways to find a KeyWord.

I use an excellent product from Monster Insights. Firstly it rates every part of a Keyword and gives you a score out of 100

We also know that a review product has a draw card and that is why I used that word in this Post.

Understanding your traffic

This is the second part of Monster Insights that looks at your traffic and what pages are being read.

With MonsterInsights, you can see useful information about your visitors right inside your WordPress dashboard.

Our Audience Report shows you which country your visitors are from, what are they most interested in, which device are they using, their age, gender, and a whole lot more.

This product along with a Keyword tool has helped me in Keyword selection.

Your Black Friday special offer


You need these tools to get the words correct.

Simply, you will not be read if you don't get this part right, it is that important.

I spend a lot of time on word selection and still I wonder at times why won't they rank.

My traffic insights tell me what is happening and Jaaxy tells me on what page I am ranking for.
It is quite a buzz when you get a ( 1) on Google, Bing and Yahoo.

When you are ranking then it is time to look at the contents and page clicks to sharpen things up a bit.

Keyword research is your first objective.

Review of the best tool for keyword research by Peter Hanley

5 Must-Have Plugins With a New WordPress Site

5 Must-Have Plugins With a New WordPress Site

5 Must-Have Plugins With a New WordPress Site that retain site speed and provide useful support to your Post or Page without causing harm.

Do plugins slow down your website?

I use Wealthy Affiliate as my WordPress host because I pay one price for all my sites and receive critical support when ever I need it.

Wealthy Affiliate believe that just five plugins should be used on any page or post. Overuse creates site slowdown which is a critical impacting feature of WordPress.

5 Must-have plugins with a new website

This is an eternal battle that I can't quite manage as you can see from the above ranking.

We all need an SEO Plug in and most choose between All in One or Yoast. The jury is out however I am a Yoast SEO fan and indeed use the pro version when I can justify the cost.

What is my second choice plugin?

There will be no argument that Google analytics is essential in every case. Understanding traffic is a necessity for every site whether it be new or old.

However ignoring these figures can be the easy choice because it is a manual task to upload Google and sort through all your posts to find the one you want.

I find that a constant reminder is necessary to spot trends early and make the necessary changes early in the life of the page.

I chose a Plugin by Monster insights. This provides current statistics, using a link to my Google Analytics page.

An example of a week of page stats

This is just a part of what appears as soon as you open your website. You know at any time exactly what is happening.

Headline analyser by Monster

This is my all time favourite tool that has made a huge difference to my headlines.

The headline analyser takes all the work out of writing compelling attention words.

Ever wish you had an easy way to write headlines that get more clicks and attract tons of visitors? Now you do!

Today we’re excited to announce the release of MonsterInsights 7.12 with a new headline analyzer tool. You can use it to create compelling copy to get more clicks on your headlines and improve your search engine rankings.

Did you know that 36% of SEO experts think the headline is the most important SEO element?

Yet many website owners don’t know how to optimize their headlines for SEO and clicks. Instead, they write copy and hope for the best, only to see disappointing results.

Sign on forms

This is a product of Monster insights and is more an addon than a new plugin

People want to chat, share or get more information and building a list is adding value to your business. Once someone has bought from you or even made contact that level of trust is made they will buy again.

This is essential for tracking all your main links to see how much action you are getting.
I run a monthly report so I can see what links are performing best so I can concentrate on them and ignore the poor performers. The basic Pretty links is free and will do everything you really need.

Getting your traffic in place

I long struggled with not having a good SEO report. This is essential for Google that your page views and time on site are all in line with what is required. All traffic is not the same however including Virtual traffic can really kick your figures in line .

 plugins you must use

I used Spark Traffic to achieve this and am very happy with the results. Off course you get a free trial and it's only a small amount to make Google happy.

A million more opportunities

You may need others and not be able to conform to the rule of 5. For instance I have an Online calculator that I must have and Video storage so I exceed the variable every month.

My point is to choose your plugins with care and limit them down to as few as possible.


Every small factor on your website contributes to the whole production and site speed is certainly one of them. However using the correct plugins provides the opportunity to grow your business.
They are wonderful little creatures that make WordPress work and make your life easier along the way.
if you want to check your sites go to the Google speed check and see what they have to say.

5 Must-Have Plugins With a New WordPress Site by Peter Hanley

Search engine keyword tool

Amazon what to sell?

What is a Search engine keyword tool and why would you want to use it? If you have but one tool in the box, this is the one and we'll tell you why.

What is a keyword tool?

If you are new to the internet this is the most important message you will ever get. If you are experienced on the Net are you getting the most out of it?

The selection of a keyword, or phrase, that delivers readers to your material is critical because of several factors.

  • Traffic to the site Overall
  • First-page traffic
  • Competing websites
  • Long-tail searches
  • The balance between traffic and competition
  • Similar words

There are a billion blogs on the web. That's roughly 1 blog for every 7 people.

So, when you create content, how do you stand out?

You already know that just releasing content and sharing it on Facebook doesn't do much these days. 🙁

Heck, even if you boost the post on Facebook, your blog post still won't get much love unless you spend a ton of money.

Therefore there must be a better way, right?

Free tool number one

As a member of Wealthy Affiliate, either free or paid, you have access to a research tool.

WA understands that no page or post should be written without Keyword research.

This is where the basic search starts.

What you are seeking is a balance between traffic and competition.
The best and most well-rounded post on any subject may never be read if it is lost in the jungle.

The dilemma of traffic

Whilst you want a stream of people viewing your site, not everyone will be a potential customer or buyer.
It is better to have parties that may like your content and be willing to play than random window shoppers passing through.
Google also ranks you on traffic so being at the bottom of the queue means never being seen.
There are two levels of traffic that we consider as a marketer.
Total traffic and the number that will hit your site if you are on page one.

The long tail difference

When targeting traffic we try and segment those that may be interested in our product.

“Best Waffle” will have traffic worldwide but is useless to your little waffle van on Third Ave in LA
Using the keyword best waffle will generate traffic but none that is good for you.
Therefore we make the search title longer so it attracts less traffic but better buyers.

Best waffle in downtown LA will bring you more interested seekers. Or perhaps Best waffle recipe for plant-based vegans.
These are terms that people search for to find you among the billions clicking the keyboard.

Then there is competition

There could be thousands of people selling waffle recipies online. Therefore your new blog or page will be the last to be seen, somewhere like page 20 of a search term.
The hierarchy of a search term is fixed by Google.

  • Paid advertising comes first
  • The most popular terms fill about 5 spots on Page one
  • More than 80% of visitors never go past page one
  • Most will not go past the first two free search terms
  • Your chances of being seen are minimal

Being seen sounds impossible, is it really?

The term SEO dictates where you are in the world of the internet and your chances of being seen.

That is the reason we use a Keyword tool. Before we start we understand what people are searching for and how we can best attract a balance.
We need some traffic and low competition.

Jaaxy is both a free service and a pro service that tells you everything you need to know before you write a word.

Jaaxy, Your Competitive Edge Starts Here.

Jaaxy is the industry's only keyword and research platform that was developed by affiliate marketers FOR affiliate marketers. There is an incredible number of hands-on processes that are very time consuming when it comes to your business. Keywords and competition research can now be a breeze!

With Jaaxy you are getting the most advanced, yet useful platform in the world for managing all aspects of keywords, websites, competition, and market research.

Are we there yet?

Not on your Nellie were not.

Another tool that is taking the internet by storm is one designed by Neil Patel. Well, Neil actually bought the product and has spent a bundle of time bringing it up to date.
I use both Jaaxy and Ubersuggest in my research to make the best out of what I find. No, they are not exactly the same and that is why we say research.

Imagine being able to reverse engineer your competitors’ SEO, content marketing, and social media marketing strategy.

Ubersuggest allows you to get insight into the strategies that are working for others in your market so you can adopt them, improve them, and gain an edge.
Neil Patel Uber suggest

Search engine Keyword tool

This is a free service and offers a lot of training and alternate resources. Yes, you get taken down a rabbit hole for a paid service somewhere, but generally, everything is free.

More tools on offer

If you search the web you will naturally find other offers. Many of them paid.
Unless you are a pro and promoting high-end products, a free tool will do most of your daily requirements.

Understand keywords and learn before you consider wasting your time on high priced products.
This is a skill that will be gathered as you review your results.

Understand your results

It is one thing planning and employing keywords, however, reviewing results is just as important.

As a writer, blogger or website owner you should employ Google Analytics to track every click.

Setting up a site in analytics is easy, but understanding the multitude of information is something else.

Google content or webmaster tools are also necessary for your tool kit. Setting this up is probably a bit harder so here I link you to the Wealthy Affiliate training portal on this subject

Longtail Keywords will reduce traffic

Reduced traffic can be a good thing because of the quality percentage increases.
When we measure SEO you look at several factors.

SessionsTotal Number of visitors
Page ViewsThe number of pages read
Average sessionTime on site
Bounce rateThose that pass on by

I employ a Plugin by Monster insights that track my live progress

Search engine keyword tool

In this example, you can see the number of visitors in a chosen period plus how many pages they read and for how long. It also shows visitors that bounced due to lack of interest.
What is interesting here is that the average visitor is looking at four different pages.

You can also see any gain or loss in the prior period

Reader intent

Take a closer look at search intent

Today’s SEO strategies should, for the most part, revolve around answering the questions people have or providing the best solution for their “problem”. Whenever someone enters a search query into a search engine, they are on a quest for something. Every type of question needs a specific answer.
Yoast SEO

This may encompass using words like best, how to. when to or why to answer a question. Think of what people will search for and answer the question.
The best vegan waffle sauce recipes will drive people to your article. Remember though the content is KING so write it for the reader.

The next issue is Keyword stuffing

In days past it was advised to stuff as many keywords into a page as possible, Google changed that and it is now recommended for one keyword per article backed up with synonyms. Again, I will quote Yoast SEO

In the past, each of the keywords you wanted to be found for, got its own landing page. Today, however, search engines are so smart that they mostly use search intent to give searchers the best answer to their questions. The page that answers those questions best will rank at the top. Search engines also understand subtle differences between keywords so you don’t have to create landing pages for all subtle variations, like synonyms, of a keyword.

Including synonyms is a healthy part of writing.

What are the 5 examples of synonyms?Synonym Examples

  • Baffle: confuse, deceive.
  • Beautiful: attractive, pretty, lovely, stunning.
  • Bossy: controlling, tyrannical.
  • Fair: just, objective, impartial, unbiased.
  • Funny: humorous, comical, hilarious, hysterical.
  • Happy: content, joyful, mirthful, upbeat.
  • Hardworking: diligent, determined, industrious, enterprising

Placed throughout your article, they will add valuable understanding and Keyword building


The Keyword subject is the most important part of writing that you should master.
Write out your keywords and build a platform for your cornerstone subject. This will enable readers to follow a direction in which you wish to take them.
I have packed a few ideas into this blog but yours is to continue reading until you have your material regularly being in the number one spot.

Being read is the first essential element, next we need commitment however the first page is your first intent.

The author
Peter Hanley

WordPress essential training

WordPress essential training is now easier than ever. Here, Peter Hanley takes you on a quick walkthrough with the essential items that need to be done

Wordpress essential training
Word press image

What is WordPress and why would you use it?

WordPress was a free open-source software first bought to the market in 2003.
To this day it still covers over 30% of all sites on the web.
In 2018 they introduced a new platform titled Gutenberg which changed the entire way of building sites.
Many users have rejected this change and WP has allowed the old classic version to continue indefinitely.

Change now to WP 5 with the Gutenberg editor

I changed quickly to the new editor because I was frustrated with the old.
I tried using other builders like Elementor but could not get full exposure to SEO and other similar factors.

If you are an experienced WP user or new to websites and want to improve what you are doing, read on.

The old WP was a line builder where you flitted in and out of the program. Now we use building blocks that create an attractive site.

  • Heading blocks for #1 down to #5
  • Paragraphs
  • Images
  • Lists
  • HTML code for links
  • Column quotes and Youtube
  • Audio gallery and files
  • Codes, tables and Verse
  • embedding videos.

This is simply a list block that keeps it all in order

Image of a girl
Just download a pretty picture and create a story
Image of graph showing benefits
A picture is always a benefit to any story

Using blocks is like building Lego

When you want a bloc you just hit a little + sign and select what you want to do next.
If you tell the template what to do and just insert the content, not much can go wrong here.
It is all done on the page in front of you so you have the opportunity to make corrections.

Back to the beginning

When you build a site, whether it is a blog, webpage, funnel sales page, you start the same way.

You must have a domain name and a few keywords to bring the traffic to your site.
If it is a new site, try and get your Keyword in the domain name and these can be bought from anywhere. GoDaddy, Wealthy Affiliate wherever you want but always compare pricing.
a domain name is your www. address. Make sure it is alls HTTPS; compliant

Appearance plugins and tools

Image of tools
Tools to use

Before starting your website there are a couple of things to do.

Settings; these are a bunch of tools that are about you. Date, time and importantly do you open on a Page or a Post and if a post latest or oldest. Just click into each setting and change anything that needs changing. Most are prepopulated so don't worry too much.


These are little software drivers that let you do lots of things on the net. It is however recommended that you don't use too many.
You need one to do your SEO like All in one SEO or even Yoast SEO.
Woocomerce for a shop front and I really like
Advanced Rich Text tools For Gutenberg. This will give you colour pallets and some line settings


This is a header to your website and can generally be changed at any time. You will have a standard Google one ready to go so use that first up. Later you can search for a more appropriate header.
Just change the words to suit you and let's get started

Pages, posts and secrets

On any WordPress site, you have pages and posts.
Your pages are static and talk about your business and to start you should have three.
Your Main Web Page
An about you page
Terms, conditions and confidentiality.
Google an example or copy from somewhere
you can find one that suits what you do.

later you can add a contact page and other products or services if you wish.

Your main page is there to market your product.
It can be all sorts of things including a shop front if needed and should lead people to a sale or service. It is your number one salesperson.
No song and dance routine but what they want
what do they need to do and their contact details?

The first impression is important so make sure your page quickly displays your products.
I really like the contact details above the fold (on the first page) so anyone that wants me can do it without searching the site.

The page can be any size, shape or format as long as it suits your style and completes the job.

The posts are different

They are basically stories you tell that attract people to your site so you get action.
What you are reading is a Post. It will have a link to my site
and for more information and links to all the posts, I have written them over time.

Posts are based around Keywords that attract readers and can be quite different to your page.
This post is in headed WordPress essential training and is on my Webpage Online business marketing.

You will see lots of different posts and they are there to inform and get you to my main page.

Things to remember when writing a page or post

Here are 6 things that make up a quality page or post:

(1) Small Paragraphs
(2) Separate your ideas with HEADING tabs (h3 or h4, read post)
(3) Black or dark grey text on a white background
(4) Use conversational speak
(5) Use a captivating headline
(6) Use a relevant image within the first fold of the page


Keyword research is a practice search engine optimization professionals use to find and research alternative search terms that people enter into search engines while looking for a similar subject. Wikipedia

A quote block

Keywords are ideas and topics that define what your content is about. In terms of SEO, they're the words and phrases that searchers enter into search engines, also called “search queries.”

Moz. com

This is probably the most important subject on this page.
It is the one thing that gets you seen on the internet and without good research you have little chance of success.

Here I have added a link to a free Jaaxy Keyword tool. This uses an HTML block and code from Jaaxy that you can get when you join.

I also wrote about this on my other site New business online where we discuss the subject a bit deeper.

Images on a page or post

wordpress online training

Images should be relevant to the subject and they are there to get attention. I like a few on a page to break up all the words.

Above, I have used a double-column block with an image and writing to give the subject a bit more oomph. Naturally, you should never use images that are protected.

I would also like to start the subject with an Image at the top of the page and complete the post with my image at the bottom for a branding effect.

YouTube and Audio

As important as these are, I will hold back on your first tries until you are confident of the material you are using.

An embedded video for keyword research

Now we are moving into another important area that of linking both Internal and External links.

Linking your site with others

Linking is what they call SEO juice. It helps Google understand what you are talking about and how it references your material.
I like to use one outside source which is often Wikipedia because it carries authority and links to what I am writing.

I always link my post to my home page and any posts I have written on a similar subject. This allows the reader the opportunity to wander a little but is drawn back if I want.

One area of linking is to pages where you make money, called Affiliate sites. There are a couple on board here and I say so without apology
Many others train better than I do so it is good to see a variety of options

Writing and spelling are important in your post.

I always use and recommend a product called
This is free software with an upgrade should you require it but you most likely won't.

This software corrects your spelling and punctuation and really helps in the delivery of better quality.

Also, remember only about 300 words between paragraphs and great spacing for easy reading.

The number of words generally accepted is 1000 but you can go as low as 300 or as high as the mountain.

In conclusion, on WordPress 5 training

I have tried to insert most of the blocks you will use somewhere on this site and added a bit of colour for effect.

You will see lots of headers, fairly short paragraphs, a couple of quotes and a list.
Then pictures, Youtube, a button and some links. All done

One last word is to remember Categories and tags. These are searched by clients and are very useful in SEO

WordPress essential training by Peter Hanley

Wordpress training, image of author
Peter Hanley

Business and SEO

Blogging is money a 7 step guide to success
image of graph
Grow your business to the next level

This is just the tip of the iceberg in detailing all you need to know about this great subject in your business and SEO

Let's clear up a couple of points first before we dig right in.

SEO is Search Engine Optimization or being found on the Internet when people are looking for you or what you sell.

Search engines like Google, Youtube Bing Yandex and Yahoo convert words that are entered and enter linking to what they want.

They then take buyers to your web page.

Take Action
What is Internet marketing?

Internet marketing comes in many forms. Wikipedia

Or more aptly so by the Urban dictionary as;

Like Voodoo and Witchdoctors, SEO is an evil term used to describe the ways SEO Optimizers believe they can beat the system by making you believe they know what will get your search ranking to the top. Most of the time SEO is achieved by throwing darts or mixing chicken bones with blood.

SEO does, however, have a real effect on your business

How do you affect SEO and what do you use?

Web pages

Social media Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc



Email marketing

Ads, display, pop up, follow or retargeting,

Any marketing done through the Internet is included.

Using tools like Yoast or All in one SEO

How does SEO affect Internet marketing

SEO is the road to you, it is your address, where and what you sell and it needs to be done correctly.

You must be easy to find at any time someone does a search on the internet. Either by your name, product, brand or location. You may want to buy a pair of shoes, Nike, Runner, male sizes 8+ in Earls court London area.

OK, one advert, 88 search results with eBay and Gumtree plus a host of other topics. One store stocks them. That's how you get found. You need to be that store for your product.

Where would you go to start SEO?

First of all Keywords

You have Broad Keywords and niche keywords and they are different but the same.

If you search Health products, a simple keyword, for instance, you have 1.53 billion searches to be found using this broad term. You won't be one of them.

“Health products in the UK to cure arthritis in young people” long-tail keyword about 2 million searches.
But how can you be on page one of the 2 million searches?

Well, first up you can buy a position at the top of the list. Every time someone clicks on you it costs money.

AD words Is a great example of this and the cost varies on demand. When it started you paid pennies now in tens of dollars per click.

The other way Is SEO. Now, this is a skill set you would need to learn or buy. It has many variables with the main ones being Keywords, site trust, domain address, quality of web page etc

If your domain name is you start at the head of the queue for searches in that term.

Meta description. We are getting technical but basically what your web presence is about. So if I arrive at Nike shoes in my suburb and there are several choices I will pick the one with the best description or sale patter or discount.

What tools can you use?

There are any number of people that sell you on this. I get about three emails a day promising to better my SEO.

If you are using a WordPress site, there are a couple of great Plugins that can help with this. Both Yoast SEO and All in one SEO are great tools of the trade. They prompt you to load in your keywords your meta description and other vital components

Where do you get training?

SEO for business
You need it to succeed

This is a very extensive category that cannot be answered in a 1000 or so word article.

Business and SEO requires training

Take Action
I use Wealthy affiliate for all my training from start to finish. It's free to start and provides in-depth training.

What results do you expect with SEO

What you achieve with SEO is success or failure. Get found or get lost in the market without spending a lot of money

You can have a nice web page, but if no one arrives at it you have nothing. As the old advertising slogan goes

“it's like winking at a girl in the dark” Only you know.

Take a look at social media and SEO

All social media is there to deliver people to your WebSite or business.
It is not a selling mechanism as such it is a delivery channel using a personal slant to get know and like feeling generated.

Social media can be very good at this because it is an entertainment media and the better you entertain the better the result at your web site.
So build your social channels with a view to delivering customers to your sales channel.

business and SEO
Use every tool for success

Business and SEO need blogging Blogging and SEO

Again, your site blogs are there to inform and educate people as well as entertain them with the sole purpose of getting a sale.
From this page, you will see links to areas that want to sell something to you, something that will benefit you and enhance what you wish to achieve. Each blog is based around a Keyword that will take you in a direction I want to take you.
My site will have over 300 different blog posts all on different subjects to increase your knowledge and provide an opportunity for your success.
Blogging is part of SEO.

Email marketing and SEO

Emails are still a valued product that can have readers entering your page and looking around.
We have seen search engines like traffic and particularly traffic that stays around rather than hit and run species.

Don't spend money on SEO do it organically

We have covered many ways to get people to your site, to spend time on your site and hopefully engage with your site. Using Keywords and good writing, so what else do you need to do that is important to SEO?

Other SEO tricks

There are things internal to your site that matter.

First of all, is the structure of the site.
It needs to be at least 300 words although preferably over 1000 with no more than 300 words between headings
The use of # headings is necessary starting from the largest going down eg #1 heading then #2-3-4 etc..
Then there is the use of pictures throughout the post to maintain reader interest. Each picture contains an ALt image and this should be filled in at all times.
The meta tag is filled in and this can be used for your opening paragraph, this is what Google will search for.
Finally, use both inbound and outbound links to
round out the lesson.

A lot to learn with SEO

SEO and business
Update your skills

There are quite a few tricks to SEO that must be used. Although you will find debate on some or all of the effectiveness of such ideas there is no doubt that you can make a difference

In Conclusion

This is just the tip of the iceberg as I stated at the start. I have linked you to some basic training to cover this in more detail. The training is part of a free package at Wealthy Affiliate and is designed around building your website.

WA has extensive training on all issues

It is things you must know if you are in business, not necessarily to do it yourself but not get oversold by others because you lack the knowledge.

Business and SEO by Peter Hanley

Peter Hanley


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