How to fail at marketing without trying

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How to fail at marketing without trying. A light hearted look at the mistakes we all make in getting to the sale and how to avoid them

Using real dumb keywords

I have just committed a mortal sin using a Keyword that no one will search. Everyone tells you not to do this. you must have traffic and competition to generate results. However I may get on page one of the search term and get randomly trolled by someone just like you.
For this I use the Jaaxy Keyword tool which is a market leader and tells me what I should do.
But would I listen, no went ahead anyway so let's see what happens.

Click on the image to see more on Jaaxy.

How to fail at marketing without trying

Including a headline.

What I have done is written a great headline that will make people stop and look therefore I am not breaking all the rules. I use the Monster Insights product that has helped me to go from dumb to having a reasonable chance of success. If you want to learn more click on the image below and be transferred to the monster cave


Selling instead of problem solving

I have been in the selling game for many decades starting with insurance (now that's a hard start) to now at affiliate marketing a hard finish.
First of all you don't sell insurance.
Hey buddie want to give me $100 a month and get nothing in return, that's unless you die of course then you are rich.
Buyers lined up begging for this it sounds so great. Not likely.
The great intangibles of a market.

You might exaggerate peace of mind, security, Family welfare all the benefits that keep your conscience a bit cleaner. Intimidation can be used here or bringing fear into the current situation and maybe embarrassment but never selling. The returns in this business are large however it takes a special soul to weave the magic. It is not for everyone.

But I digress.

The foot in the door salesman has long passed his use by date.
We now solve problems and weave dreams and the buyers come.

So what problem are you pedalling today,

Blowing your own trumpet to loud

I have a mate of mine that tells his life story within the first minutes of meeting someone new. Ok he has done a few good things over the years however he immediately turns people away with the I AM So Great Talkfest. No one cares we are only concerned with SELF.

I find it interesting to ask new people their story, they love to tell you and and in so doing a bond is created and the selling begins LOL

Others that I know delight in telling you how much money they have, maybe this is because we are all near retirement age but I want to scream I DON'T Care.
I knock about with some well heeled guys that don't need to brag, they have got to the I don't need to impress you I am comfortable in my own skin stage.

Not answering the question

This often comes about by concentrating on what you want to say that will prove you are the important and knowledgeable part of the discussion. You are so keen to talk that their questions fly past like a mosquito on a power trip.
Therefore concentrate on what they want and not what you will say.

How to fail at marketing without trying by over talking

Not listening to the buyer

Sometimes, and for a change, you might try listening to the question and letting the answer form the result. You should remember it is not all about you!

There are many times where you can never change a customers mind and babbling on will get you no where. I might try to sell you on a Chevy when you are a died in the wool Ford man, it is not going to happen. A more modern example is Apple v Android, you are in one camp or the other, rarely both.

A friend of mine worked in a Telephone retail outlet, the commissions on selling a Samsung phone are in the hundreds of dollars yet Apple only in tens of dollars. The salespeople are beaten into promoting the higher margin product simply because they get a better return. This is not unfair as the phones are really pretty equal except that us Apple people wont change to the dark side, we are prepared to pay more for brand recognition.
Apple still outsell all the others.
My point is trying to sell someone something they don't want is a waste of time.

The mistake of Tangent selling

I often see this where the salesperson finds the going tough so they try a new direction. You want to buy a family sedan however the young sales guy can see you in the latest off road SUV. So when the process hits a stumbling block they take off in a whole new direction which is a way you never wanted to go and won't end up doing.

How to fail at marketing without trying by not talking

When to shut the cake hole

This is arguably the most important piece of advice I can give anyone. Failure can cause a lifetime of self recrimination.

The mistake many make is continuing to sell after you get a YES. Everyone has red flags and if you fly one after the sale it all disappears.
At one stage. many years ago, I was selling Real Estate. I sold a nice property to a lovely couple
and in my excitement continued to sell all the benefits that I had not given them. One benefit was a no go signal and in the middle of signing documents they hesitated and announced they would like to think about it. This is no mans land, the sale is gone and there is nothing you can do about it. One simple word changed the world.

Therefore If I had just shut up I was home and hosed. That mistake cost me several thousand dollars in commission and a life time of anxiety.

Therefore when you have made the sale talk about anything else but not the deal until you have it all signed up.

How to fail at marketing without trying by overselling

Going back for seconds

This is really prevalent with online selling, you pay your $9.99 to get an article and then they go for an upgrade to $19.99 and then $29.99 and to really make it work $199.99 or figures like that.
first of all they have made the sale, received the money and have commitment before going into another sale.
If you have ever purchased a new car you will understand the extra sale experience. Do you want extended warranty with that, Window Tinting or any money dragging upsell they can find. Again they hold the Ammo until the signing has been done.

After making the huge commitment the small bits are just easy yes (or No) answers. There is often more income from the second and subsequent sales than the original one.

In my early online days I bought a cheap promise that was more a scam than a product as they tried repeated upsells on me.
Furthermore when I complained I was told you should have known that's what we do bugger off if you don't like it. My loss was small my experience large.

How to fail at marketing without trying by underselling

Under whelming a sale

We don't always buy a product we most often buy an experience. A Holiday cruise ship has pictures of fun filled nights and great meals and never long gangplank queues and customs form filling.

A new car will see you driving down quiet roads at speeds you are not allowed with a big grin on your face. Unlike the Police road blocks you will encounter and the door chips at shopping centres.

You are a marketer, a deliverer of dreams, great times and experiences. You are not a box seller flogging an uninspiring product.

It may be more truthful however we act on emotion so cater to the basics needs and stay away from the long list of problems.

Get your training the right way

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How to fail at marketing without trying by Peter Hanley

Mass marketing with email

Mass marketing with email

Mass marketing with email is no different from single marketing when you know how to achieve results. Here Peter Hanley discusses ways to come out on top.

Email marketing is the easiest and cheapest form of selling

I have been emailing for years for many reasons that we will cover in the following paragraphs. I rarely miss a day without sending a message to my list that covers the category of interest.

However, there are important rules of engagement that you must understand or you can end up in trouble or with no results.

Spamming with email is a no-no

This may not come as a surprise but unsolicited emails can be considered spam and you can be seriously affected if you are in breach of the rules.
Most email servers go out of their way to avoid this problem with a double opt-in or putting the full blame back on you.
However, there are often ways around any problem and of course, rules change with countries.

Gathering an Email list

Spend some money and buy a list on the market. These are available and are generally Kosha for use.

Gather from your website using a giveaway or other device to get names and build a list.

My understanding is that when people market their email address as a form of communications it sometimes ok to use.

Market on Facebook Linked In or All social media.

If you own a business, use your customer base as a wonderful opportunity
to gather business.

Hand out cards and letter drops standing in shopping centres anywhere to get contact details.

Your email list is a valuable asset

Don't be fooled into thinking this is just a bunch of names. It can be a very valuable asset in real cash money at some point in the future. Think of $5 to $10 per name on the list, therefore, a list of 5000 has a potential price of $50,000.

Furthermore, there is a difference between a bundle of names and a target list.
It is not good selling golf clubs to aged pensioner ladies or retirement coupons to young football players. You are wasting time with everyone so your list must be targeted.

My Fish shop experience

I had a customer with a live Fish and supply shop. During bad times she had to exit the shop and move her gear out of the property. I rang another shop and asked if they could help with this by buying stock or fixtures. They were in a similar location so it would be easy.
Their response was yes, we will buy the customer list and email them with our location and pick up a lot of customers.
Unfortunately, she did not have a customer list. probably one of the causes for going broke. This is a sad and true story but how things changed.

Capture area emails

Within my capture area, I have three Pet shops. Every couple of months I go and buy Cat Food, Litter and a few trinkets.
What is interesting is they badger you for contact details and to join the free club for special offers, which I join.
What happens now is when I miss my purchase cycle because I have changed shops I get a special offer by email. Something like 20% off storewide. This is a great cycle for me as a buyer and they get a regular customer by marketing me

Fixed location or online email lists

All lists are the same and have a value if they are a targeted list with a response rate that meets or betters a market average.
Not everyone will open every email for a bundle of reasons or act on the information after they have read your information.

With a proper plan we can guide you to better results so let's move on with this.

How to prepare a list for email

This is not a real hard answer, anything from a scrap of paper to a full-blown CRM management plan. – Customer relationship management

However, let's start with an ordinary email list.
This can show your name, email, mobile and interest plus anything else you need.
If you save as CSV file you can sort to your heart's content, cut and paste as you desire.

Your email facility will also house your base under different categories.

Working a fixed location will normally contain a point of sale software that will maintain your list as well.

Last of all a full-blown CRM package costing hundreds of dollars per month, but invaluable if used properly.
You can easily search these on Google for the best use for your business.

Starting your Email marketing

Mass email marketing image
Start your marketing

We have talked of targeting your market and having a list of matches but that is the easy bit, now we are getting real with this.

The first thing in any marketing is the know, like and trust system. By email, you will need to build this along the way.

Know a major asset.

When you scan your daily emails what do you look for?
normally two things,
Who is the sender?
What is the subject?

I do, I tick all the boxes to delete and then untick the ones I want to read. Only those I know will get looked at provided the subject matter is of interest. Out of 100 emails, I might look at half a dozen. Not many.

So how do you overcome this problem?

The answer is to introduce yourself first with a promise of what is to come.
Your first email is not selling on it. No promise of riches or grandeur just to get your name on a possible tick list.
This gives you an even chance for the future.

Like is a necessity

If they don't like you they have several choices.
Report you for Spam, never good but it happens
Unsubscribe immediately, Gone forever.
Request you to unsubscribe them because they can't be bothered
Delete the email
Or they are in a band of bored that open everything

Or, they will open and read the mail. This may be 20% or 50% depending on many factors though mostly because they are interested in what you have.
These are the good ones that hold some promise for the future.

Like also centres around the subject line

Have a look at the ones that interest you and re-shape to fit your message
You can use the old How, When, Where and Why format to make a headline
I just looked at mine and I had;
Can you help……
Storewide 20% sale for customers only
Introducing belated posts ( A subject of Interest)
Great news.
It depends on what you are selling or marketing but be creative and remember to test before you opt to go big.

With Whom do you send messages

You can use Constant Contact, Aweber and Mail Chimp just like I do.
Having tried all sorts of other I have lately settled back to the major ones because it saves me time. The cost is not cheap at about $100 a month but they are consistent and we are mailing in results. If you can't earn a $100 a month give up and try something else.

You can select a list, structure it and send a message in minutes, not days and hours

Then generally, send a test message and see if it meets your benchmark in open rates before You commit a broad-based send out.
Look for an open rate at +25% in a well-selected category but it is a numbers game depending on volumes and targets. You could be happy with 5% in some cases.

Autoresponder for best results

Image of auto responder
How, why and when.

An Autoresponder sends out emails written by you over a period of time.
It might be daily or weekly but a series of messages to meet a conclusion
that you want.
You will often find acceptance rates fall over time as you wear them out or it is not of interest. What you are doing is weeding out those that will never buy and eliminating them along the way.

One business I have markets a telecoms product to a new audience. We generally choose between 250 and a thousand businesses and send them an introduction.
This eliminates the real not interested players and we now have a clean product.
The next step is to compose between 6-10 future messages that go out every day or two, weekdays only, 8 am to 5 pm.
At the end of this, you have a well-read customer contact base that you can target directly.
You can compose your emails to suit different categories of businesses under the same general messages.

The big Email blast

This usually comes with a cheap purchased list that you are firing a Shot Gun at and hoping for results. If you sent out a couple of hundred thousand emails selling a new car you only need one sale to get a return, one would assume that would be easy, but it is not.
If you were selling a $10 product you need to sell hundreds of them.
No targeting, no testing, just a blast of messages that will burn many.

The Newsletter blast

This is one of my favourite children. Every business should send a Newsletter at a defined period and then regularly for life. No exceptions.
If they don't, someone else will.
A newsletter is not to sell anything it is to inform them or entertain them.

Think this way. You have put a list through an Auto Responder and you gather a group that has shown interest but they are not ready to buy.
By then, including them in your newsletter when the time is correct, they will probably call you and the sale is done.

I have a sign-making shop send a message to me about every six weeks.
This message shows the latest Vehicle or building wrap they have done
and brag about the job. They interest me because it is in my area so I read them. If I want a vehicle wrap where will I go?
It may be a month year or never but the image is always with me and I will recommend them to others. It works.

I have a Tyre store that sends history on all types of cars, Racing cars, Vintage cars, Collectables etc. Again in my interest group so I read them and
are entertained until my next purchase

So don't waste your leads, keep them entertained on your list and you never know if one day you will hit the Funny Bone

We have now completed the trust element

We targeted them with an introduction to getting known. We supplied enough relevant information to be liked and because of our constant contact, we are now a trusted supplier. The circle is complete
Well done.

Email marketing has many elements

So we have shown many elements in the market. first of all, don't just shoot a message and hope for the best works in such small numbers it will be difficult to get a return.

Build your list and develop categories of interest. I sell several products so I have several lists with a target customer in each list.

They all go into a newsletter because that is a generalised product and may well pick up floaters or fence-sitters that have been biding their time.
We all have different agendas so we are waiting for the moment

Mass marketing with email by Peter Hanley

Mass marketing with email, image of author
Peter Hanley

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