Internet Marketing Online Affiliate Program

Internet marketing online affiliate program that really works. This decade is the chance to grow an income with little money spent to achieve great goals.

Why offer an online affiliate program

This is probably the cheapest marketing any business can use to grow a big base of customers.

Marketing exposure is certainly easier with internet marketing however we can't always achieve
an exponential growth with every product.

As a member of Wealthy Affiliate a web hosting and training site I can actively engage in their marketing program.

Web Hosting is a very competitive business with a low monthly return but long term clients.
Paying Marketing costs is very hard to justify for the small dollar income. The clients are not overly loyal and marketing that it soon eats up the profits.

Wealthy Affiliate has grown to a 2.5 million data base and every one of them promoting the product on a daily basis.
It is well documented that the top achievers recruit over 300 new paid subscriptions a year earning both themselves and the company a good return. Many of them achieve this year on year as they get the sales funnel working properly and producing million dollar incomes.

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Can you make money with affiliate programs

As an affiliate the above example on a full year basis would indicate an annual income of us$68,000 without any support or billing liabilities. As that grows over several years and even with drop offs would represent a reasonable income.

The company, on the other hand, would net about 108,000 per 300 subscriber after paying the affiliate fee. Now multiply that by a couple of million users and you look at a $70 million account and growing every day.

Best affiliate programs

When talking about affiliate programs you must include the mighty Amazon a world leader in this marketing. Commissions have become a lot tighter in recent years as their market has expanded.

This has been followed by Walmart in the USA and several other is Scandinavian in large scale programes.

Many leading affiliate companies are headers for a range of small suppliers. these include;

  • Shareasale
  • E bay
  • Clickbank
  • Rakuten
  • CJ affiliates
  • Wealthy affiliate

Then there are other single operators

  • Lead pages
  • Studio press
  • Blue host
  • Convert Kit

And the ones I personally promote as small business essentials.

  • Wealthy Affiliate
  • Jaaxy
  • Constant Contact
  • Roy Carter
  • Vidnami

The best ones are the ones that achieve what you want and are not to hard to sell. Investment and return are the critical factors to consider.

Recurring Income affiliate program's

This is my personal choice of products. I have been in the recurring income business for a few decades and use it because you can grow a business.
A business that will pay you every month and can grow to an unlimited size and last the distance.

However it does require constant effort to remain ahead of the race.

High value products provide a greater income on the original sale and many of you will find this an attractive proposition. The problem is that it is easier to sell a $1 product than a $1000 one so it becomes an exercise in returns.

Training programs are generally higher value however many are lower quality so your reputation can be harmed by recommending products that don't meet the standard.

For those selling programs having affiliate promotion really ups the sales. I recommend one of these in Roy Carter, only because he is honest and takes you by the hand . Commissions are pretty good as well.

Trending products and income

Things change on a regular basis and you really need to stay ahead of the trend
Promoting slow speed broadband would be a waste as high speed comes to the fore. Comparing fixed broadband with Mobile coverage needs to include 5G networks as that is the topic of the day.

Many affiliates are moving away from Amazon after a recent cut to commission rates, interestingly so did Walmart and others but there is no conspiring between them. Duh

Video is a trending product

The rise of Video marketing using YouTube and self hosted products is creating many opportunities for both parties. YouTube is currently searched nearly as often as Google and applys to every part of the market. How to Videos, branding , selling and promoting are all included.

In the olden days this was a difficult procedure but I have found using a company like Vidnami
(was Samurai Content) makes life easy. They also use a large affiliate base for promotion and provide a free trial to see if it is for you. The ongoing commissions have a long tail so the overall earn is great
internet marketing online affiliate program-Make a YouTube video

Affiliate marketing does not know your age

First of all I am well over retirement age so I am probably considered a grumpy old man. I can live with that. I know many more much older than me that also make money from affiliate sales.

The young have advantages as they grow up with the technology however they often lack motivation.

Secondly there is no discrimination in the internet market. Anyone can make it regardless of who you are or where you are from.

Finally you don't need a whole bundle of money to get started. I always recommend the Wealthy Affiliate training. You get a free website and a great range of training to make sure you understand what you are doing and have a chance at success.You also become an affiliate on day one.

The need for experience

Yes you need to have experience in most cases However this is easily learned along the way with the correct support.
Many companies want experienced marketers to ply their products so when you are starting out you have little chance of success.

That is why establishing yourself with an easy plan will show a history of experience.

Everything recommended on this page has low entry and high return.

Finding products to market

First of all this is the easiest job of them all. However you must first establish what you want to achieve and with what product.
The list above shows companies that host affiliate opportunities with thousands of ready to go plans.
Secondly type into Google what you want to market, leave a space and write affiliate. You will be presented with many opportunities. It is that easy.

Finally prepare a resume to present to the company detailing all your experience and how you will market the product.

Email marketing is an easy opportunity.

Yes, email still works and sells very well if you follow a few rules. The difficult part is establishing your list and this will take some time.
However start small and grow quick as you learn the game. You will need a basic email server and I recommend the free start at Constant Contact as a place to kick off.

Blogging is an easy occupation

Anyone can blog, again it requires a bit of work to get it right however you can then market anything you want by simply writing about it.
I have written about blogging many times as I am a daily writer. A good example is this page. A blog with affiliate links to help you achieve a goal in marketing or maybe just understand the industry a bit better.

You can start blogging today with a free website and a few ideas.


It is the best job in town. You can build a business from nothing and make an excellent return with just a commitment in time, both learning and achieving.

The offers are so wide that there will be something to interest everyone no matter what or where you come from.

internet marketing online affiliate program by Peter Hanley

internet marketing online affiliate program
Peter Hanley

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