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Google Keyword search trends

What are Google Keyword search trends and how do they relate to you? Here we give you options to explore and ways to build greater SEO and business.

The importance of Keywords in your life

Your digital address. How we find you wherever you hide on all sorts of search engines. Google, YouTube, Bing Yahoo as the prime examples.

We search many times during a day for something we want an answer too, get the message?

Solve an issue, provide a way, demonstrate an answer and you may be seen.

How, why where and when are still leading search areas. There is a current trend to add numbers to the searches so that you get 21 ways to tie a shoelace, 7 best shoelace's, 5 places to buy shoelaces, The 3 years kids should learn shoe tying, 5 places in New York for shoelaces, 5 ways to tie Jordan air boots.

How to win traffic and competition in keywords

Every Keyword has both an amount of traffic and a number of competing sites. Too much of either is going to make sure you are down the back of the bus.

You must understand that each page of a Google search contains about 10 entries, two will be paid adds, one may be YouTube another Google local and very few people search past page one so that is your dilemma.

Keywords are now Key phrases or technically Long tail keywords

Shoe is a Keyword as is Shoe laces however “how to tie a shoe lace is” a phrase or a long tail

Importantly they are all the same in search terms,also importantly they are NOT case sensitive.

So when we talk about Keywords it may meen any variation.

How to find Keyword trends

I am going to share with you three different enterprises that offer Keyword support.

I regularly use all three when searching for the right answer to my question. It is a balanced view that I am seeking along with other opportunities.

As a Wealthy Affiliate member I have access to a free version of the Jaaxy tool. By using your free sign up opportunity you can see so meny details

This will give you many options with a degree of difficulty , traffic volume as well as ideas.

There is both a free version and a Professional version that only the more experienced will use.

Google Keyword search trends

There is plenty here to answer every question however some times we are unsure so I head off to Uber Suggest

The Uber Suggest alternative

This option by Neil Patel provides some good search opportunities but takes a bit more time.

It is also free however the training packages can be a paid option. Take a look at Ubersuggest

and tell me what you think.

A new entrant to the market has taken my attention because of the diverse options provided.

Google Keyword search trends with Kparsar.


I have only started using this in recent times but it has a great long tail feature. The problem is that the traffic figures are only for the paid options. Like you, I don't upgrade anything until I really recognize that I just must have it.

Kparser recognizes the difference in searching on Amazon , eBay,YouTube,as well as Bing and brings in negative keywords

Sometime Google Keyword Planner was the best tool for keyword research and demand forecasting. But to achieve high results today, you would better run a special keyword tool to find out what your potential clients or readers are looking for on Google, Bing, YouTube, Amazon, eBay and customize content on your website, account around required topics. More keyword suggestions give more opportunities to grow results in SEO, PPC, content marketing and e-commerce.


Why use more than one Key word tool?

I explained that keywords are the life blood of search terms. So when you are promoting anything you must choose your words wisely. It is a competitive world and you only get the one chance at every attempt to rank on Google.

Getting on page 3 or more is like being lost at sea. They know you are out there but don't know w.here to search.
It is also a good idea to write a list of keywords at one time this saving you a lot of research time later.

Keywords are not the only issue

You must also give a lot of attention to your title and meta description to make sure that all your keyword work is not wasted. This is nanosecond gathering as someone scans down a page.

This is a Yoast SEO picture of this site setup.
the title is long enough to say what we want you to read.

The meta description explains it clearly and is in the correct length.
You can check for desktop and mobile devises as well as an analysis of your writing.

These are all the writing issues you are confronted with that will affect your SEO.

If you need more training on this or any marketing subject the Wealthy Affiliate university is free and easy to follow. This can really get you up and started.

This covers just about any topic you could ask for or go to the members page and ask a question.

YouTube and Keywords

It is equally important to use Keywords when doing a video. Remember YouTube is searched as often as Google so you really need to be there.

My friends at Vidnami put out a free book on keywords and the use on line


This page should give you enough information to keep you busy for a week, However it is content that you really need to be on top off and have a thorough knowledge off if you are planning any marketing.

I use them all plus a lot more to make sure my posts are as compliant to the Google wishes as they can be.

It does become a second nature however it will remain frustrating at times as you search for the correct phrase.
If you do the work you will stand out from the crown and be notices, That my friend is what it is all about.

Google Keyword search trends by Peter Hanley

Google Keyword search trends
Peter Hanley

4 thoughts on “Google Keyword search trends”

  1. Very interesting. Being an impatient type I usually only use Jaaxy. I know I should do more research but I find it tedious.
    Your article is very informative and gives me the reasons why I should do more research.
    Thanks for the layout and images, all very good and informative.

    • Thanks Ronald,
      Jaaxy is my first and usually last preference every time but I find the other two
      great for getting further Keyword terms to use in a post. I have only recently include A Parser
      however it really churns out some options without traffic ( unless you are premium.)
      In fact just this morning I was in a bind on what to post about and within a few minutes had
      quite a few options by using the three tools.

      Peter H

  2. Hello Peter, I can’t stress enough on how important keywords are and I agree with you on utilising more than one tools on analysing the keywords performances. I’m also a member of Wealthy Affiliate and personally I like to use Jaxxy as well as UberSuggest. Normally, I make sure to use these two tools to help me understand further on the keyword strength and I have to say that these tools are very reliable! Another thing that I agree with you, is that meta title and description matters! This helps the SEO aspect of our businesses so much, but this is often forgotten by online business owners. Kuddos for all these great points, really enjoyed my read on your article as it is greatly structured and well written with great depth of knowledge. Keep it up!

    • Thanks for the great comment. I is always great to share my experience with others and sometimes 
      find something not previously done. Adding several keyword in a post or page will also lift the SEO .

      Kind regards

      peter H


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