How to start a business blog. (The easy way)

Here we look at how to start a business blog. (The easy way). Every business needs a blog and the reasons why explained in easy ideas that cost nothing

Why have a Business Blog?

The initial answer is very simple because it delivers people to your business that want to buy things.

Do we sometimes forget why we are in business? The result we want is a comfortable lifestyle with money to spend when we want. That comes from selling things at a profit.

In this Internet age, the blog is an integral part of your SEO journey. Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is the directory of your business and how people find you.

The whole deal is based around Keywords that are what people type into Google or other search engines to find what you are selling.

My Internet business is online business marketing which will host a bundle of posts about different products, this one on writing a blog

To start with writing a Blog

How to start a business blog. (The easy way)
A journey starts with your first words.

First up, what are you writing about? If you are in any business you can just range through your products for sale and write on each one, you can pull information from all sorts of places and give great tips and ideas. You can even do a how-to series that can build a following.

Your Blog can be part of your website or a whole new place on the net.

Next you need a name. that is a WWW name that represents you and what you are interested in. It is always an advantage if you get a domain that represents what you do.
Let's say you are a woodcutter as an example, I won't offend many people with this as we look for a good word.

https://woodcutter. com
Or WoodcutterJoe. com

You can search for these using the search Tool at WA

A woodchopper example of a Keyword
Your Keyword

Now to park your domain

A pretty simple service but so many opportunities and how do you pick the right one?

  • Speed is important
  • Security is essential HTTPS://
  • Support 24-7 critical
  • Blog writer would be good
  • SEO opportunities
  • Training on all things is required
  • Where do you get it?

    Importantly the best is at Wealthy Affiliate and in fact, I can get you a blog for Free, gratis no money.

You may join a full program later but let's get you started with your own blog.

Think about Keywords

Hey, these are simply words we type into google to find you.
Alpine park woodcutter would probably find Joe, so that is the idea of Keywords. He may have axes, chainsaws, Block splitters, special oils, trees and types, trimming on and on we go with ideas.

This is precisely what you will do in your blog. You will use Keywords that Google can help send people to read your very important advice.

The difficulty is that people that search rarely move from page 1 so if you want to be found where do you need to be? You've got it, page one, but it can be hard.

Fortunately, we made this easy for you with a Keyword tool. You can see how many searches for your term by month and On-page ones as well as ranking opportunities. This way you start with a slim chance of success.

My Keyword was How to start a business blog. To get here you used that term so my homework was put to good use.

It is a waste of time if no one reads your work.

How to start your blog?

We have a domain, it is hosted and we are ready to go but hold up there my friend. We need to talk about SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

You need to do a few things first.

  • A Title
  • Description and
  • Your Keywords in them all
image of WP search

The above from my friend Neil Patel is an example of what I mean.

The title is catchy with 7 ways and the Keyword included.
The URL is his brand with Social media
The description is talking to you and asking a question and includes the words Instagram and business. Can you click on this?

In our Word Press training, all this is covered in great detail.

Ready to write your blog

How to start a business blog. (The easy way)

We now have all the strategies in place and now a few rules of writing.

First of all, be natural and write like you are having a conversation with a friend. Don't go all tech with us unless you are writing for a white paper.

The best advice from all the best people is as follows;

  • Write at least 1500 words in an article. No less than 300 no top count.
  • Use short sentences and small paragraphs
  • Use a new heading at least every 300 words
  • Add relevant pictures
  • Headings should start large and then go down through the pages
  • Have a conclusion
  • Include a call to action
  • get there emails with a signup page

I generally start with my headings.
my aim is to build a character and the reader desire to read more.
The opportunity you can gain by reading my article however the conflicts you will have along the way. Finally a solution to the problem and a call to action. When my headings are done I just write between them to the end.

Spelling and other rules

Not all of us are spelling wizards but Google and your readers hate spelling and punctuation mistakes so you must be on the ball.

I use a product called Grammarly in the free version for all my checking and it is recognised worldwide as a great product. It is not perfect but it is really a helpful backup

More blogging rules

One of the important items is linking to other sites. If you have more than one blog then post a link to a relevant article.
Authority sites are good like Wikipedia a Woodcutting as a great explanation of our keyword.
I have linked to a few sites even to a page like blogging for money written recently by me on this site.
I have another similar site where I wrote about using WordPress, a useful page to use when starting a blog.

You can join my subscription group below or make a comment on what I have written.

In fact, comments really support your blog activity so actively ask for them when writing.

Finally, to analytics

Google has a great program that tells you all about your call traffic, how many callers, where they are from and so much more. The important thing is to know if anyone is reading your material.
It is easy to set up an account and just follow the guidelines and you are done.


We trust we have provided a few ideas to get you started. It is a learning experience and you won't be an expert on day one but with a bit of experience and typing, you will be enjoying the fruits of being an Author.

Enjoy the journey

How to start a business blog. (The easy way)
Peter Hanley

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