Google search keyword tool ( best results are from three angles)

Google search keyword tool (best results are from three angles). Searching keywords comes with various results but I found the best way to go

The need for great Keyword research

The need for Keyword research has never been greater. Well over 80% of visitors never go past page one and even they hit road blocks.

Paid Advertising takes up first and last spot on nearly every search

Google drops in what they think is the best advice that you are seeking

You have to fight with YouTube for position nearly every time

Therefore you are fighting an almighty battle to be seen. However the news is not all bad. Google is still the best search engine around with over 80% of the market so let's thing about what we can do.

Refine your search to the possible not the probable

You are never going to rank for popular keywords, those days have long past. However the word Keyword is now Key phrase or if you wish a Keyword with a Long Tail.

  • Nike shoes; Traffic 209k and about 300 competing pages
  • Or; Nike shoes for men ; Traffic 5300 and 44 competing pages
  • Maybe; Nike shoes for men basketball; Traffic 53 and 14 competing pages
  • Perhaps; Nike shoes for men basketball available in New York little competition
  • Finally; Nike shoes for men basketball available in new your cheapest no competition

This is one Keyword “Nike” that has over 2 million searches a month reduced down to something you can use.
You are trying to find a balance between traffic and competition. Off course you need some traffic or you are wasting time however if you are on page 20 of a search you are lost at sea.

Next is a bit of a keyword boost that will help

Having your keyword in your URL will help. Plus in your Meta description and even headline will add to the potential.

Neil Patel posted one where he is promoting Neil Patel off course, he is a master at this stuff and I will get to his Keyword tool shortly.

best keyword tool

Using this method may lift your results by 40% so well worth a thought.

The YouTube battle is one to join

One last shot before we get to your list tools.

You tube is searched more than Bing and Yahoo combined and nearly as often as Google . Therefore if you are not doing Videos you are missing a whole heap of traffic.
You can link your videos to your page and link your page to your video. You can even imbed your video on your page. A word of caution though, let the page dominate and not the videos that should be less than 30% at the most.
What can your videos be about?
I have found that “How To videos” are very popular and often use them myself.
How do I adjust the brakes on my push bike was a recent search of mine. I had replaced some rubbers and things were not quite right so this was an easy way to an answer.

You can use them for branding your business and telling people about your self as well as basic selling.

I sometimes do a brief summary of my blog post for those that wont read, and believe me they do exist.

Google search keyword tool in no particular order

And now to the Tools of trade to Internet searching

Jaaxy a product associated with Wealthy Affiliate and can be a pro tool or beginner product.

Uber Suggest by Neil Patel a great tool and a bundle of training as well. A bit more complicated.

Google search. Yep, back to basics and see just who is on the page and what they are doing.

Being a member of Wealthy Affiliate you get a simple version of this for free so well worth a look. This is a very strong tool and can do just about any search you want.

Is this stuff important to know or are you just wasting good time?

So, always check page one of Google to see who your actual competition is.

There’s a saying that’s been doing the rounds in SEO circles for years now:

“The Best Place to Hide a Dead Body is on Page 2 of Google”.

That is from a friend Parther the price of keywords.

Google search keyword tool my next option

Now to the second choice of tools but not in any order.

I refer to Uber Suggest by Neil Patel.

This is different to Jaaxy however the results will match reasonably well when you dig deeper.
Everyone runs analysis in slightly different ways so an exact match is unlikely.
However the results both show traffic and degree of competition as well as the cost of paid adds. You will understand that the higher the cost of an add the more in demand that word has..
One great product is the Patel Chrome extension. What this does is provide click stats for all searches.

Google search keyword tool

Here you can see some outstanding differences in the same Keyword page. The second one is an Authority site because it refers to Vets and the first and last limit the search to a small section of dogs, hence, they have gone too narrow without checking. They are on page two of the search term.
The meta description in the last one is about them not about you or the dog.
By going through a few of these your understanding will grow greatly and using the information have your words a lot tighter.

Google search keyword tool completes the circle.

Back to basics to complete a circle

This where we use some common sense. Google runs this algorithm thing so we Google our Keyword and see what comes up.

This is where authority sites get in the way. Furthermore we apply common sense

Authority sites are places recognised as competent places for this information.
If your blog was on a medical issue the local health care institutes and doctors may be considered more in authority than you.

If it is a legal issue then Lawyers and universities will most likely rank before you.

Gee life is hard however a word change can alter the perspective and get rid of these pesky authority party interrupters. It is hard to fight them head on because they have the big army of Google behind them and Google own the play pen.

So check the google listings and see where you can be placed with a good keyword selection.

Before we move on let's look at headlines and Meta descriptions

When you get to page one on any of the carriers Google, Yahoo or Bing it is a great relief. However the job is not yet complete.

This one last step can make the difference between success and failure.

If you make one of the first three positions on a free search you still need to be clicked. Visitors take a Nano second to make their mind up and that is why you need to be a bit better than the average.

Your Keyword must be rightHave high traffic and low competition
A great headline is essentialUse a headline tool
Add some authorityPlace it in your about page
Complete the MetaIt is about them and not about you

This exercise will make a difference so treat it with respect and do the work because it will make a difference.

When you are unsure and in doubt seek higher learning

The subject is deep however essential to success.
I searched a pet product recently. A local business had closed up shop and left town because of poor trade. When I looked at their posts they had no or little traffic.
The posts were done by professionals however done badly and no one bothered to check.
The results of pore media were lack of sales leading to a store closure.

I use Wealthy Affiliate as my training program, yes you can get it for free in the basic stages but more advanced courses may cost you money. However you only pay when you are satisfied you will get the results you need.

I have been a leading member for several years and have no hesitation in saying it is the best value in town. Try it for your self and make your mind up.

My conclusion based on the facts of best search procedures.

Google search is the most important part of Internet marketing you will confront
Therefore using the best tools available provides you a chance at success,
Don't get it wrong because failure is not an option and you need to be read and be on page one.
Finally with the variety of options listed and a bit of due diligence you can achieve great results.

Google search keyword tool ( best results are from three angles) by Peter Hanley

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