The real way to make money from home

The real way to make money from home. There are thousands of ways to make a dollar but which one is right for you?

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Why do you want to make money from home

We all have very different needs and defining those and building a direction for your life is a starting point. I have a large family and nearly every one of them has a role on the internet. however, no two are the same.

Forget the whole thing if you are after fast cash, it is very elusive and rarely achievable so concentrate on your abilities and look for a future.

Some will have an hour a day to spare and others a full working eight hours so that makes the start quite a different place.

Then it is about what you want to achieve and being realistic about the time it will take.

Start your career with some basic training

This is a bit like doing an Arts course at College. It covers a broad range of subjects so that you can narrow down your idea of what is suitable. We can't all be accountants or Lawyers and neither do we want to be if our talents go in different directions.

I like to see the left brain and right brain attributes come into play. You right-brain people are the more academic whilst the rest of us tend to wander into the art side of the spectrum.

We all have a place in society it is just recognizing where we want to be and choosing a path to move forward.

There is nothing to buy just a summary by Kyle who has done it all and explains what can be achieved by anyone.

This puts you in the right place to take those steps forward to create either a cash flow or a career.

How does internet traffic make money

The real way to make money from home

The internet covers a lot of spectrum. Billions of bits of data are generated daily and used in nearly as many ways.

  • Google search is one but add Bing ,Yahoo and YouTube.
  • Google maps is used by many everyday
  • Social media in all its forms
  • Email and newsletters hold a top spot
  • Data transfer in massive loads is consumed at all times.

Your job is to find that part of the internet traffic that suits you. Then you can exploit it to your benefit.

For example writing blog posts that answer questions or solve issues are done regularly . In fact millions of them are added daily and well over a billion exist and yet your post can be found among them all. How can this be?
It is all about Keywords and using them properly a way you can learn.

How to make money online that is legit

There are so many legitimate ways to income generation that anything else is not a consideration.

However saying that there are many scams out there waiting to take your money. In fact like anyting you do you must treat the internet with caution.
You will be tempted with low dollar offers which quickly grow in volume. $5 to get the complete training. However another $49 gets the delux version. If you really want to earn money it is $99 and so it goes on. I have seen sites wanting $20,000 howevr don't worry they will put it on a credit card for you.

Therefore Try before you buy. Make sure there is a solid money back guarantee and that it fits what you want. You will get caught just make sure you don't get hurt.

There are more than enough legit ways that will suit everyone.

Best passive sources of income

I am stepping out on a limb here because we are all different. However there are evergreen methods of income generation.

Selling stuff on ebayAnything around the house
Being an Amazon AffiliateThis has become less attractive but the training is good
Affiliate incomeEasy money if done right
eMail marketingStill a favourite.
Product reviewsGenerates income from sales
Social media supportTell others how to do Social media
Writing NewslettersFor your self or others
Sell your ebookFirst write it
Building websitesjoin the rush
Write a training coursesell it and get a return
Bloggingfor your self or others
Writing for othersLots of opportunities
Online shopRetail marketing

These are just a few of the internet ideas available. They can all make money it just depends on you.

How to make money online for free with affiliate marketing

The real way to make money from home

Affiliate marketing is recommending that your readers buy from a certain company and you earn a commission for recommending them. The products may be physical, online or virtual.

You can be an affiliate for any amount of companies thus opening up the opportunity for income.

They may want a bit of experience or there are many that will take you straight up but you do need to know what to do.

You can get paid a one off commission or a recuring income where the charges are monthly. This is my favourite as it gives you a chance to build a real business.

The best place to start is at Wealthy Affiliate where you can get some training and actually start a site to get into the money stream. All this without spending a Penny, Dime, Pesos, Frank or Bitcoin

Free online money making site

Free is not forever because it is far too cheap however it is a great place to start. Test your skills and see if this internet world is for you.

As I said wealthy Affiliate give you a starter site that has most of the bells and whistles . Plus, and importantly you become an afffiliate on day one.

Another opportunity is with Bluehost. Not quite free but you start at just a few dollars and build on this with more additions.
Blue Host comes with the best recommendations from market leaders so a great starting point.

Another is The google site Blogger which gives you instant entry. The trouble with this free site is that your information is owned by them so you can't leave. Furthermore it is shared hosting so site speed can become an issue. It is for those that simply want to write a peerson blog and never do anything with it.

Home work. Internet business income

Some of you will want to provide a business site. It may be blogging for your business or an actual website. Working from home is the new normal and you can do anything you want.
Blogging for a business website can generate 40% more traffic (Hubspot) to your business meaning a whole bundle more income.

Building an online shop through Shopify or WordPress allows you to sell products on line. You can even do this for others as well.

Can you build your own website. Of course you can. What once cost a lot of money can now be built in a matter of hours and what's more start generating money.


The internet world is yours. All you need to do is take action.
there are so many opportunities that you can run with one or several to build a credible source of income.

What was once the domain of web developers is now the play pit for anyone. There are no barriers to entry because costs are minimal and it just needs your time.

The real way to make money from home by Peter Hanley

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