Content writing tips for beginners that will make a difference

Content writing tips for beginners that will make a difference. You can stand out in the crowd by applying this one simple rule

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What do the best content writers do?

Content writing tips for beginners that will make a difference

Firstly they answer a question. Keywords are generally questions asked by readers to solve an issue, problem, or dilemma.

  • How to do something
  • Why is it so
  • When is the best time
  • Who was the first to

They look up their search tool and find out the keyword, the traffic, and the competition to make a decision that will provide results.

Too much traffic brings too much competition therefore you need a fine balance.

How do they come up with ideas?

I like to think of ideas that someone would ask the advice from a Mobile phone. We speak in different ways to writing and I see the young ones doing this all the time.
Hey Siri; how do you write content that is different from the masses?

The art of keyword selection is the most important element in blog writing and needs to be understood properly to have any chance of success.

Keywords are the internet queries that require an answer. However, that answer now needs to be different from the other thousand or so responses to move you up the ladder.

Content competition is massive

In a recent article by Neil Patel, he talked about the volume of content available today.
First of all, there are over one billion blogs already written.
That is growing at about seven point five million articles a day written on a whole bundle of different articles.
Finally, there are also about 1.1 billion Websites to compete with you so you must really be on your game

Content writing tips for beginners and making a difference.

Making a difference with your writing

Content writing tips for beginners that will make a difference

They have a saying in Bali and the Asian Holiday destinations where copy everything can be bought from the street sellers. When you ask the question the answer is generally

“Same same but different”

Therefore if your writing is the same your chance of being read is pretty slim, to say the least.

However, offering a slightly different opinion or idea that is not mainstream may keep the attention span a bit longer.

I generally try and throw in something that others neglect to tell you, a piece that will make a difference to the reader and what they take to their writing.

Today is making you be different and stand out from the crowd to attract those wandering eyes.
I have raved about answering questions in your writing that address the reader's search term.
This is important however when we get them in we need to keep them entertained and stay with us throughout the article.

Dare to be different because we can not be same, same or we get lost in the masses.

Finding a niche that suits

Using SEO to its best advantage

Content writing tips for beginners that will make a difference

SEO is a time machine that puts you in a long queue that must gather Google favour to get to the ticket counter. It is not immediate or overnight but follows a process that moves you slowly through the search pages.
Many of you will get disillusioned long before you see success thus wasting all the time and effort you have committed to the project. It is a marathon and not a sprint so if you want instant wealth go to the race track and take their money.

You need to understand the rules of headings and meta descriptions to better place you on a search page. Remember that only page one of a search term counts, everything after that is in the desert lost except to a very occasional explorer.

You need to stand out

The three new changes that can place you further up in the field

Writing for Mobile phones

Content writing tips for beginners that will make a difference

This has been around for while however many still ignore the advice. A google search term is measured first on a mobile phone. If it is hard to read you will be penalized and sent to the back of the class. This will include large images that don't fit and any links too close together.

Using nofollow instructions

Again Google wants you to tell it when you are going off to an affiliate site. They don't want to buy anything and it is not instrumental to the article knowledge.

WordPress has a drop-down for this that should always be used

The aim of a Google search result is to provide the best and most valuable answer backed by reliable advice. If you were talking about construction you may want an Engineering opinion or even that from a school or university.
Little old you may not be the world-leading expert however by showing your research is backed by expert opinion you move ahead of the other non-experts in the field.
I often use Wikipedia to back up my choice of Keywords because they have the knowledge and are considered an authority on all things.


Writing content that is different from the masses requires thought and planning to reach the pinnacle of readers.
Some will do it naturally, these are the storytellers I envy and others of us struggle to find the words. Research makes the difference and continued learning will grow your abilities and have you zooming up the search pages.
Writing this blog was sparked by a leading expert in Google searches. This was in an article that tweaked my understanding of difference, somewhere we should all try to be.

The answer was to offer a different solution to the masses. Maybe the same solution is presented differently in your blog writing, keyword selection, and Meta description.

Learn from the best at Wealthy Affiliate training camp for beginners and the more experienced among you.

Content writing tips for beginners that will make a difference by Peter Hanley

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  1. Aman

    Running a blog myself, I agree that content is king. It’s vital to prioritize focus on helping the readers by writing the best content. In these times, anyone who runs a blog needs to work really hard at creating the best and most helpful content for a chance to rank on Google’s first page! With all your simple and helpful content writing tips, any beginner can easily understand how to stand out in the crowd of millions of daily blog posts and dare to be different. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Peter Hanley

      Thanks Aman,

      The message is to present your writing in a different way so you are not same same.
      Try and find that extra to boost your writing.

      Kind regards

      Peter H

  2. Frank

    I like the step-by-step guideline. You are right about keyword selection being important in writing. I spend some time on each blog researching the keyword to be sure the article will have a chance to rank with Google. The number of blogs written every day is incredible. It kind of makes you feel like a drop in an ocean. Well, the goal is to do your best and find new and creative ways to get your quality content in front of an audience that appreciates what you have to write about or at least in the way you present it to them. Do you have good ways to find authority sites and how do you get a link from them back to your site?

    1. Peter Hanley

      Thanks Frank and glad you liked it. Finding authority is in research however WA training will say Wikipedia is as good as any and I use this quite often in my blog. I also quoted Neil Patel who is well known in this area.

      Kind Regards

      Peter H

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