Beginners for blogging, take the easy way

Beginners for blogging, take the easy way. Blogging is an art form that has its own rules so a bit of understanding goes a long way

Where to begin a blogging life

This start with an inspiration and a compelling desire to share the love. When I started to blog it was to build on my website traffic but that was not my real passion. Having had a few decades in small business marketing I had a whole bundle of material to share with others. Many small businesses were not doing the marketing or doing it wrong and the internet had changed all the rules.

Thus look for your inner desire and use it to influence and help others.

It is about helping others, not about money

Start your journey to share your knowledge and build a pathway to understanding that others can follow. No matter what the subject, how involved or simple it may be there will be readers to follow your valued input. There are a couple of million blogs written every day and over a trillion on the market so the demand is there and growing all the time. Butt me show you how to beat the odds and get a first-page listing. Page position is the dominating influence that captures the reader's attention and knowing the rules puts you in the first place.

There is money in blogging

Beginners for blogging, take the easy way

As you build your story and gather a following you will start to gain your reader's trust which leads to income generation. The principal source of income will come from affiliate links. This is where you recommend paid products that will help your readers continue further into learning. You might sell your own products or even training courses as you get into the subject.

Once you gather a healthy level of readers you can even have advertising popups on your page and get paid every time someone clicks on one.

Because you can have several links on a single page many sources of income are possible rocketing you into a high-income bracket.

Anything is possible we just need to get you started.

Beginners for blogging, take the easy way to write your stories

Where do you write your stories?

Your stories are placed on the internet using a host to handle all the traffic and attachments that go with a blog.

There are several types of host facilities but careful selection is necessary depending on what you want to achieve.

My recommendation

Wealthy Affiliate uses WordPress as a blogging platform and provides all training and associated needs. You can start with a free service and generate a direction from there.

It is important that you have access to all the latest tools, trends, and affiliate partners to kick your journey off early.

A single blog

Some of you may wish to start this adventure by paying a small price for a page position and blog availability. Here I recommend BlueHost rated one of the best on the market by all the piers.

[BlueHost 1st choice ]

Shared Hosting and free access

One of the most popular is the Google-owned Blogger. A site set up to start your pathway and help you achieve results. Being a shared host you may find some speed issues but that is ok if you are unsure if blogging is for you.
furthermore, they own your material so you can't just copy and paste it to a better home.

Beginners for blogging, take the easy way with a unique URL

This requires a lot of consideration as it is for life.

This is your Dot com or Dot Net etc code and when required with a country addition. dot com.UK.

Everyone has one of these because it is your web address. But how you chose will depend on what you want to achieve.

  • Your name eg peter.hanley.net
  • Then your business: Onlinemarketing.info
  • Or your brand olbm.net
  • A destination:
  • Call to action: firefightersgroup.org

Your choice will be the brand you want to develop.

Of course, you may want more than one URL as most of us do.

Registering this can n be done at Wealthy Affiliate at Godaddy or many similar operations.

A URL does come with a cost of about $14 a year upward. Always check the second and subsequent years' pricing as this is often jacked up.

When you are ready to write your first blog

Beginners for blogging, take the easy way

There is one thing that will make you stand out from the crowd. That is your understanding of Keywords. This is the phrase that your readers type into google or speak into a mobile phone.
The phrase will generally center around how, when, why, and who type questions. This is picked up by the search engines. Google, Bing, and Yahoo who will select the best answer.

The problem is that if the competition is too strong, that is too many people with the same phrase you will be at the end of a long queue. COMPETITION
Similarly, if too many people search for that term you will also be relegated back. TRAFFIC

The answer is less traffic and competition. How do you know the answer to this problem?

There are many ways and one is to use a commercial tool like JAAXY that gives you answers and /or simply do a Google search and see who you are up against.
All the well-known companies are experts at this so you won't jump them on your first try.
However, by changing things around a bit it is possible

I have written enough about Keywords to fill a dozen books to jump over to The ultimate guide on Keyword Research

Beginners for blogging, take the easy way with best SEO practices

SEO is a starting hurdle when writing a blog

I don't want you getting all hung up on these starting points but they are important to understand. SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is how Google wants you to construct your blog. They ask for a somewhat standard way of putting things together. Unfortunately, they penalize you for non-compliance so you need to follow along.

Short sentences and short paragraphs with lots of headings as a general rule.
Luckily there are tools to help you with this and Yoast SEO and AIO SEO are specifically designed for WordPress blogs. They use a system of traffic lights to rate your work, green is good but Red needs to change. Again you can learn more to read further

How many words must you write for a professional Blog

Beginners for blogging, take the easy way

The answer to this is somewhere between 600 and 10,000. However, a popular number is currently 1400. The number of words in a blog has been increasing over time and longer form work seems to attract better readers. But, too long can lose them so my general rule is to answer the question. Back it up with expert material and offer a solution.

Attracting readers to your work

  • We have talked about Keyword selection. The number one plan.
  • Good SEO also helps in a carrier search and is a necessary inclusion.
  • Framing good material to answer a question or solve a problem helps
  • Using Social media to bring interested readers
  • Linking from other sites and webpages
  • Family, friends, and social groups
  • Paid advertising. ( Don't do this until you know what you are doing.)

Use whatever channel you can to grab those eyeballs.

Beginners for blogging, take the easy way to making money

Getting paid for your writing

Let's not be coy about this. You will spend a lot of time over a long period entertaining readers and this deserves some recompense. The more the better.
Using affiliate links, selling products, getting referrals and advertising income will all come your way as you travel this journey. What can you earn in the first year was a topic recently discussed and will provide a lot more input for you.

With all the hurdles to blogging what is the easy way?

You don't jump into a car and drive without a few lessons or someone sitting beside you yelling out orders. Cooking a meal requires a recipe book with explicit instructions. Blogging is no different. Start with knowledge of the basics and build your confidence by learned methods that meet the standards required of carriers like Google.

Once you manage the basics the rest gets easy and you will be in the driver's seat all alone in the big world. The worst thing that can happen is no one reads your material. The best thing is a hoard of followers hanging on every word. You will sit somewhere in this enterprise as you build your confidence and blogging skills. Not every post will be a standout but as long as the balance is in your favor you are well on the way to success.


This is a great career, with a potential income beyond your imagination creating an art form that is appreciated by many.

Treat it like a business but one where you love what you are doing. Every day will throw up the excitement so celebrate the small wins and work on the minor mishaps to turn them into something a lot better.

Beginners for blogging, take the easy way by Peter Hanley

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