How to do a Keyword search for traffic

How to do a Keyword search for traffic and win the SEO battle. Your ultimate guides to making this understandable for beginners

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Keywords have changed and you need to as well

There are now two keyword camps.

  1. Bing and Yahoo. Here we use exact match keywords, at least for now, so nothing has changed. Finding good keywords with low competition and moderate traffic is still the objective.
  2. Google has changed to focus on User Intent and using Artificial intelligence to help with the work. So the robots read your mind and find an answer to what you are thinking not what you search for.
  3. Your paid sites, like Adwords, will still use Keywords so we can't drop them yet
  4. Keywords throughout your site will still be search factors so Don't move away just yet
  5. YouTube is a big contributing factor to all search terms so don't ignore it.

This has all added a degree of difficulty to establishing your leading search words.

We are in this market for traffic so let's think about this. Traffic comes from all search engines.

Establish your traffic position with the very best tools.

How to do a Keyword search for traffic

Your traffic comes from different places so using Bing Webmaster Tools and Google search console you can get an idea of what works in your past posts.

These will track your progress and assist your selections.

Neil Patel and starting a new site

I use the Jaaxy keyword tool to give me an idea of competition and traffic before I do a Google search to see who I am up against.

You can not go head to head with the experts because they will outrank you every time. With a better selection, you can dodge around them.

Think like a searcher after a couple of beers

When we search we don't all use a highly rational approach to our query rather we gabble of the first thing that comes to mind.

This is why Google looks more for intent than the actual words.
Then Google picks a site with the most relevant authority to the subject and sends you there.

Therefore your selected word should answer a particular question that the main sites have not thought about.

What to do in Texas on a Tuesday. The travel blogs will concentrate on prices and weather but not so much local information. Your keyword will rank.

Site authority is an essential part of searching success

Site authority has gathered a lot more relevance than in past times as Google Robots twist your search term into intent.
Travel to Texas will host a bundle of high authority sites with a track record and high search numbers. These will include all the bigger travel associations. Therefore the underqualified you will not get a look in.
Establishing authority takes time and some recognized qualifications behind you.
A Doctor on medical issues will outrank you, A lawyer on legal issues will outrank you and the list goes on.
With these handicaps in mind, your articles need to be on the fringe of common search.
You don't go head to head you bite at their heels in areas they don't want to play.

My brother cured his shingles with Cold tea compresses.
Why raincoats are not necessary for Texas
You can't be sued for adultery in Las Vegas

These are just random examples of getting around the mainstream questions and having a better chance to rank.

Building your brand and getting authority

If you work on your branding you may establish a following that recognizes you as a relevant expert in the field.
IT may be a personal brand or site brand depending on which way you push the barrow.

The most outspoken brand is a guy called Neil Patel He is found in every search by name, not by the company which is Uber Suggest. This is actually a great search tool.

We follow Neil because he contributes knowledge to the industry because of his ever-present video productions.

This is the top of the tree however you may find a place among your peers. Their traffic tells Google you are one of the good guys so you get more love from the search terms

Where questions are asked Keywords answer them

When you see Quora or Reddit questions on a subject it means that there is traffic but no good answers. This is great grounds for finding relevant keywords to rank.

You can also search these forums to find high-traffic questions begging for a good blog.

Nearly every subject has a strong center of authority figures that dominate the main pages.
Chain saws will have a host of distributors and retailers advertising every saw available. There will be several pages of them creating a first-page roadblock.

How to do a Keyword search for traffic

However, you can join the action by sneaking in from the sidelines.
What is the best oil for a Stihl saw doing heavy work?

When you have the reader you may even recommend another product with a great review and affiliate link. You beat the best.

Fill your site with good keywords

You are ranked not just by your title word but by those in your work as well.
Therefore consider your headings and turn them into relevant search terms to attract readers.
Readers looking for a Stihl saw would also be interested in Bosche saws who both use the same cutting oil

Expand your words to cover as many opportunities as you can


This is an ongoing area of learning that makes a difference to your results.
Being on page one of a search term is essential if you want to be in the traffic results.

Never just write a page or post without due reference to the keywords you choose.
It is all about ranking that has competition and traffic as a balancing act.

Maintain your training because it is a fast-changing world.

How to do a Keyword search for traffic by Peter Hanley

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