What is blogging about?

What is blogging about? Here we call it blogging Ga Ga and exploring some myths and lies about an easy journey to instant wealth while under pressure.

Blogging Ga Ga

We all want to be a famous blogger and have the crowds clamouring for our next post and repeating all the contents like the words from a songbook

You just want to break free and spend a bit of time at the keyboard spewing out the trash that people will love.

I want to break your heart and tell you that overnight sensations just don't happen. It takes time, dedication and thinking to apply great stuff.

Did you know that the great band Queen with Freddie Mercury toiled for over eight years before getting any real recognition? One of the greatest singers ever, doing roadshows for little money to gain a following.

That my friends are on the road to stardom. Raw talent meets the axle grease of reality.

Keyword Goo Goo

To grab another famous line that cuts some crap and gets us started in the right place.
I wanted to use a Keyword, Blogging ga ga, but do you know what? No one searches for blogging Ga Ga. It is not a good or even half reasonable attempt at starting a blog correctly.

So I went to a Keyword that might make page one of a Google search and searched the stats for a random possibility that someone might read this.

A Keyword tool

I used a Keyword tool and found out that the term ” what is blogging about” is searched over ten thousand times a month. More importantly, there are only 29 positions above me to get to page one. If I get to page one and number one then I have a chance of 1852 people clicking on my content and buying stuff from me or clicking on all the advertising thus generating overnight income.

Your Keyword is everything. It is what people type into Google to find you.
Let's face it, if you were to patter away at, say, King hoping to find Mercury, it ain't going to happen.
So find a nice keyword tool like Noble Samurai and learn all about keywords before you cut a tune.

Description or I'm having a good time

You have but a quick Riff before lookers become passers-by. They search the keyword and they see what the site is about. The description or Meta title for a more classical word is what makes them want to read.

You want to solve a problem, add some urgency, answer a question or grab the intrigue. Just like a musical Riff, it will make them want more.

I guess my meta description worked because you are still here reading.

Another blog bites the dust

Image of band Queen

They respond to the Keyword, like the Riff and start to have a quick browse over the page.

However, there are no pictures or headings and it is written in technical jargon or really bad writing. Man, this is just not entertaining me I am out of here.

You stand wringing your hands saying what did I do wrong, I answered the question for them, what more can I do?

Is it all about entertainment?

Pictures and headings make life easy for the reader as long as they relate to the subject.

Fat bottom posts

Writing content for a blog or post requires several important inputs.

  • Interesting headings that cascade down in size.
  • Short sentences no longer than about 20 words
  • Then short paragraphs and subheadings
  • Use transition words and positive approach.
  • Never the same word at the start of a sentence
  • Explaining the costs of web hosting

“You’re not dumbing down, you’re opening up.”

Sarah lewis Yoast

Readers generally have a really bad attention span. You know that you're one of them.

Like butterflies flitting from article to article trying to be amused they need to be kept inline

That is why we write short sentences.

It is also why songs repeat the same words over and over again. So you get the message.

Don't stop me now!

I want to keep you reading to discover how to become a great blogger.
We all have a great blog in us.
then I suppose a lot of good blogs
Plus a couple of OK ones

It is like a Number one hit song, it made it above all the others. It is not easy and not often.
However, the key is you wrote it, you sat down and did the work, you tried and succeeded.

Perhaps think of them as a music album. Probably a hit song, a few very good ones and a lot you listen to because they are there.

Your writing will be the same, some great and some depending on your mood on the day.

As long as you are solving a problem, attending an issue or a fixing a pain you will be read and enjoyed.
Write for others not for you.

I just want to break free

It takes time. Blogging is a business and you don't build a business on day one.
There are 500 million blogs to be read and yours is just one of them. A trillion readers are looking for you and they don't know your address or phone number.
Google is your post office. They help you by boosting your post if you suck up to them.

First of all, you need to be ranked on Google

Image of Google ranking
This one is ok

Ranking takes from a day to a month depending on their mood at the time and without ranking, no one listens to your song (or reads it)

To make life even more difficult, Google needs to trust you. This is harder than being ranked because he is sort of lazy about this and only increases trust by about 10% every month.
That my friends are why we say this whole blogging business tale time.

Image of site trust
A site that is 12 months old
Image of site trust
New site being established 4 months old

So you can see the road to the top has a time element as much as a content profile.

So to break free trust that time is on your side

So you have paid your dues

What happens next? Actually you can really understand the journey by doing two things.
Get a Google Analytics account to track your progress. It is not hard and Google has all the instructions for you.
Plus you need a Google content account to see where you rank in the world and to be really smart, a good keyword program that lists you on sites.

You will be frustrated that it is not an overnight thing but you are working your way into a worldwide address book that allows people to find you.

A Google search

A google search is like a top ten record album list. They call it the top ten because that is what people are listening to.
A Google search is no different. Unless you are on page one (the top ten) you have very little chance of being found.

Fortunately, there are other search engines that help out. Bing and Yahoo are two of the main ones. They have less traffic and hence an easier road to the top.

Plus YouTube. Searched nearly as many times as Google and more than Yahoo and Bing together. If you have a song or music this would be the only place to be so why not do a video about your blog. It is not hard and can be free if you know someone in the business.

Try Noble Samurai free trial

Social media is someone to love

Social media is still at the forefront of all activity. Your audience is on social media, they are reading all sorts of stuff about other people and neglecting you. So start posting to at least one channel immediately to build your following.
Facebook is a more mature product, Instagram 18-35 women, Pinterest a bit older group so target wisely and often.
Social media demands attention, the more attention you give it the better your result will be.

Feeling under pressure

I just want to show you how, and why an overnight success is not possible unless by magic.
We are controlled by the elements however you can manage the elements to align your way
if you just do a few of the simple tasks.
The first one is being realistic, you must do something or you are wasting your valuable time.

You will probably cite some overnight success stories and that is true, but it is like lottery winners, the one in a million chance that got lucky and had a Viral effect.

You will be frustrated and believe nothing is working and that is when you need a support group. People that are encountering the same roadblocks and are finding ways around them.

Everyone needs a pat on the back or share someone else's excitement at achieving a role.

I use the one at Wealthy affiliate and you can also and for free.

I want it all

No niche is too big or small, it is only what you do with it that counts. Everything can be broken down into bite-sized chunks that have readers.
The difference between a good and a bad niche is only you.

They are all good, they all have followers and they all are capable of delivering to you what you want.
The most common question I read is what Niche is best?
The only answer is the one that interests you.

My storyline inspiration

I have been following the story of the English band Queen and it's lead singer Freddie Mercury.

It occurred to me that the journey they had is not unlike the one you take as a writer.

First of all, it was not just one man, it was a quartet that made the sound real and they were great because of it.
Your Quartet could be a keyword Tool, Wealthy affiliate and a mentor to guide you.

Next was the time to become great. While they produced a great product, success was some eight years away. On the road, there was just hard work.

Freddie refused Dental work on his pronounced Teeth because it may have affected his voice with a range beyond mere mortals.
He dressed as he wanted and chose a lifestyle that suited him and did not conform to perceived expectations

They were adventurists, the music was out of the square and different to anything else. Bohemian Rhapsody was a 6-minute track they were told would never be played on the radio.
It was based on Classical music that none of the younger buyers would like.
Yet it was a huge success because they believed.

Preparation is everything

One of the less told stories is about their preparation.
They did not just do a Gig, they insisted on doing a great one.
Songs and effects were all a masterpiece of preparation.
They did not leave things to chance.

The market expanded. England was not enough they wanted more.
The population of the UK is around 66 million whilst the US is 320 million.
a hugely better market.

They did it for South Africa when they were told not to and achieved it.

Finally, after they had given up, they regrouped to do Live Aid at Wembley Stadium and gave the performance of a lifetime.
Freddie was dying of Aides related illnesses and continued singing until his final days.

My conclusion and thanks to Freddie Mercury and Queen

The story got to me after seeing the movie Bohemian Rhapsody. I did more research because I saw the journey as a whole and related it to our simple lives.

It is one of success by hard work and believing.

Every element can be related to our journey as writers.

Great work not recognised, the long hours and constant striving and finally the success they all dreamed of.

They did not conform to expectations but went beyond delivering greatness.

So can you.

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Peter Hanley
picture of the band Queen
Queen And Freddie RIP

What is blogging about by Peter Hanley

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