What are you gonna do with your website visitors?

What are you gonna do with your website visitors? Vanity clicks look great but earn nothing so work your visitors in simple free ways

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Who are your website visitors

  • Random visitors
  • Engine produced links
  • Content inquiries
  • Competition
  • referrals
  • Links from other sites

The only one that really matters is content inquiries. These are the people that are interested in what you offer and are seeking solutions to a problem.

However, they may come from other sites or referrals or links as well.

When you want traffic it is available.

Companies like Spark Traffic do an excellent job with this. They can send as much traffic as you want for just a small fee that will spend time on your site. This is great if you want the volume to justify ad expenditure but will get you no new business.

What does your website offer?

Google now looks at websites with different eyes.

If your site is Navigational or commercial you are offering specific information.

However transactional sites set up for selling goods, product reviews, or comparisons are easy to understand and the last category is informational where most blogs reside.

Therefore be sure of what your site is offering because Google will treat you differently

Your analytics will give you a guide

Knowing your visitors helps you make decisions on how to capture the ones that matter and get them to a buying position.

It is no good fretting over large numbers if they are not really the target demographic for your post or page.

Even advertising won't work if they are computer-generated calls.

What are you gonna do with your website visitors? Try a widget.

Use your Widgets to get attention

Placing affiliate ads on the sides of your page will attract clicks. However, they must have a clear call to action. Furthermore, they don't have an effect on the page opening rate.

A bottom ad can work quite well for those that get to the end of the page. You can use a link Cloaker like Pretty links or bitly to track the clicks and access the success rate.

Of course, these picture ads have links built-in and a clear call to action. You will find one at the bottom of this page. My stats influence me to keep this going because it achieves its goal of getting affiliate clicks.

When it is about attention-getting, use a button

These can be colored and loaded with character to grab the passing speed reader.

Again you must have a call to action that works or they will not perform as well as they should.

your button will stand out in a sea of words and offer that extra opportunity to get a click.

What are you gonna do with your website visitors?

In the olden days, this was the most used option however it is now viewed as very spammy, And like the showground salesman pushing too hard for a sale.

If you let your content sell the action the readers will look for a link to push so as long as there is one your job is done.

How can I do affiliate marketing the right way?

The idea is to make money so don't be shy about it

When you have identified your market.
Provided great content on which to act
Installed sufficient calls to action
Link between your sites to increase your chances
Most of the job is done.

Then it is all about trust and change.
It is important to remember that no post gets truly recognized by Google for a few months. Furthermore, until you have built up a bank of work you are just a lone voice in a sea of opinion. Google needs to know it can trust your opinions and that you will continue to develop that trust over time.

So don't get overly concerned in the early days until you have been established as a reliable and authentic choice of content delivery.

Make your followers special

When you are writing to a friend and telling them how to do something it is different to writing to the masses. Or is it?

The more personal your content is and the better it is clearly focused on your chosen demographic the greater the results you will achieve.

Your content is clearly focused on potential customers that will stay the distance on your site and even return for a second or further read.

Having a link to another site that you have written where something is further explained gives you two shots at the tiger. It creates longer reading time and doubles up on the click opportunities

Pages of testimonials grabbed from out of the air just don't work. We know most of them are rubbish, friends or paid for so limit them in your content.


This is all about results. you are writing with a purpose and demanding that your work is better presented than all the others and that you can be trusted.

When you make a recommendation it is a reliable source and not just a money-making referral. There are millions of sites I would never refer to and only those that I have tried or really suit the occasion will be used.
It takes a long time to get trust however it can be lost with the click of a mouse.

What are you gonna do with your website visitors? by Peter Hanley

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