Is the Covid crisis an online opportunity?

Is the Covid crisis an online opportunity? Not many times will present an opportunity like this stay at home period. Let's look at what to do about it.

What is an online opportunity

Making the most of an opportunity to make money or further your ambitions.

Affiliate marketingKiller ways to great income
BloggingThe writing dream
Doing a videoWork or play
Online shoppingSet up online sales
TrainingDo a training package
Social mediaTime to catch up
Email marketingYour must do
A few ideas

Online business ideas

First of all the above list does apply to your business.

They are all things you should be doing and creating marketing opportunities to grow your business..

A time for reflection

When you have a bit of space in your life it is a great time for reflection.

I see many people playing computer games in lock down or doing silly challenges that just take a way a bit of time.

Time is a non replaceable event of limited quantity.

We are all different and I can fill in time in other ways of leisure and exercise with the best of you.

However I do dedicate time to either learning something new or building a platform for the future.
The do it tomorrow attitude is just non productive waste.

I watched Netflix in lock down because it was family time and you must have balance however I chose those hours when it did not conflict with advancing my self.

Time is scarce so it must be used widely

Hell at 75 years old I can count the hours left so they have become more precious to me than ever before. The old saying time passes quickly is more than true as it breaks the speed limit as you age.

Should I be sitting back in a deck chair doing a crossword to fill in a day or being concerned that I did not achieve enough with my activities.

I still run a small business, blog regularly, coach and consult to help others because my contribution may benefit someone else.

Yes We still do courses on the internet and In fact I allow certain periods every week for training or self development. But life is not about me it is about you and what you can do.

Is this a period of change

Going to medical school and becoming a doctor is generally something that one would “fall back on” if a career in the arts or letters doesn’t work out. Michael Crichton did it backwards—he left behind his career as a doctor to be an author. But he sure made it count. He sold an estimated 200 million books, and he virtually invented a new genre of fiction

  • Mark Twain
  • Charles Dickens
  • Ernest Hemingway
  • Truman Capote
  • Geoffrey Chaucer

These are writers that left behind unfinished books and manuscripts as they tried to cram in more time. They did not retire but continued to create until the very end.

Your life should be one of balance

It is true that busy people have more time, yes often infuriating to the under achievers however there is still only 24 hours in a day.You just have to use it wisely

Have you ever noted that the top college students also play great sport, play a musical instrument probably have a part time job and still get top marks?
The bottom level hang round the streets complaining how tough life is and how lucky the other guys are.

Good food, exercise and family are important in the day but your personal pursuits are also to be accomplished for you to achieve.

Things get done if you do them

Suppose you are learning to play a Guitar, you have a nice wooden stringed instrument that does nothing unless it is played.
You can not play without lessons therefore it will take say 200 lessons to strum a good tune.

If those lessons are going to take two years but you miss half then it is three years to get a good tune.

Do you think the top guitarists or musicians might practice every day, they sure do because they want to get better.

Music is just a model that can apply to any occupation, hobby or career.

If you do nothing what do you get?

Can you change your future

Absolutely. I don't care the circumstances you are in and the excuses you will throw at me because I have heard them all before. Poor kids get rich, Women smash the glass ceiling, people from disadvantage rise above it and seniors kill it.They do it because they do something about it. No one else can help you if you won't help yourself.

In fact I started to write this post talking about Online opportunities off which there are millions but without one important ingredient. The all important you.

Make a decision and stick to it.

Make a decision, write out a plan that includes a commitment and get your backside into gear.

With half the world on time out and reduced income when could be a better moment.

Throw the PlayStation in the corner, ditch the crossword, exercise in peak moments and put all that wasted hours into a new adventure. Learn a new skill and make it work for you.

This could be your savings plan for old age, a work from home business, even a get rich quick scheme. ( well not quick but you know what I mean).

Is the Covid crisis an online opportunity? Look before you leap.

Don't throw money at quick income schemes

The internet is a scammers paradise all ready to take your money and time on paths of glory. No they are not all bad but you should have a very good idea of your commitment and the return before paying out any money.

A great starting place is the training at Wealthy Affiliate. This allows an easy start at no cost to you so you can understand where you are being taken. Knowledge is your partner.

Nothing hidden here and no mystery up-sells or cross sells that are the robbers of the forrest.

Just invest $29 today then a $100 tomorrow , a thousand next week to get rich quick. Don't laugh they are everywhere looking for gullible punters. They get rich quick and not you.


I have written extensively on internet skills and ways to make money. How to blog, send emails , do Social media etc but they are just words without you.

You can start this journey with no money, using borrowed internet and building a personal knowledge bank worth thousands. Your investment to start is time, a precious commodity that can add value to your existence and build your confidence in your abilities.

If JK Rowing can write a book using coffee shop internet on a cheap computer and manage to get rejected by the publishers what can you do.

Is the Covid crisis an online opportunity? By Peter Hanley

Is the Covid crisis an online opportunity?
Peter Hanley

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