How to email newsletters ( and why do it every two weeks)

How to email newsletters ( and why do it every two weeks). This is the most important marketing blog you will ever read if you want success

What is this two week nonsense

First of all think about the purpose of your newsletter. No it is not to sell product and in fact very far away from that. Or close, so let me explain.

Consistent touch is the backbone of all marketing. It is a front off mind thing that says the more often you see something the greater the chance you will buy.

That is why you often see the same adds repeated over and over on TV. They want to knock it into your thick skull so when it is time to buy you will have instant recall.

It is about know , like and trust

There is a formula for sales that goes along the lines of;

KnowBuyers must know who you are or you are only in a Google search
LikeThey must like you or what they see
TrustCustomers must see you as a preferred vendor, dependable

If they are not reading your content they are reading someone else's.

A Pretty obvious statement however it happens to be true. That is why all the big Chain Groups plunder you nearly every day with material.
They want your life time business, that of your family as well as your friends and not just a single sale. They are looking long term and bigger returns.

You may opt for a month at the most however the optimal period as the results will show is every two weeks.

How to email newsletters on a regular basis

What goes into a good Newsletter that makes them read the content on a regular basis?

You have many choices to make except for one

  • You may entertain them
  • Perhaps humour them
  • Provide pictures to explain things
  • Answer general questions
  • Provide the latest related information

But never (or rarely) straight out hard hitting sales program

My one line disclaimer

You must always have a call to action.

The simple reason for this is that you never know where in the buying cycle your readers are. When they are on Heat you want to make it as easy as possible. A contact button, a free trial or maybe even a discount option. However this is generally stuck away at the bottom of the post and not the main attraction.

We future or maybe just potential buyers don't want to be hit on the head with hard core sales stuff all the time, however we are interested in your product and importantly what it can do for us.

How to email newsletters to best effect

How to email newsletters to best effect

First up is branding, you need instant recognition so that the delete button is not hit before you are.
This means a standard format, logo and colour.
Secondly who the email is from being You, and finally a headline that makes them open the mail.
I use Constant Contact as my carrier of choice because they are easy to use. Having tried them all I have finally settled at just one. Their is a cost however we are looking at getting the best return possible.
Your templates are all saved and your data base stored in a manner that will help you get better clicks.
Plus a bundle of free training is always a great option.

Your content is important however it depends on your audience

A car parts group posts about Drag Racing, Speedway, Hot Rods anything relating to fast cars and all the needs of the Petrol Heads. It is easy to Google a bundle of information and package it for display to a mostly mail audience aged from 17 through to about 60.

A Security Screen company posts about safety and burglaries and ways to prevent unwanted guests. They talk about pet doors and children locks and the latest trends and styles. Target is Married couples and single women aged from about 45 to 75 years of age.
They can combine with Pinterest very well and in fact Facebook.

The local hairdresser users overseas images in trends and styles. Pictures of models and different cuts and colours. They throw in some local images and comments by the customers.
Combined with Instagram an ideal partnership for females 21-55> This is the big spending age group in Hairstyles. You girls will understand and guys don't even ask because you don't want to know.

A Tyre store chain addresses the new and vintage car market as well as all things mechanical when related to tyres. Balancing , Wheel alignment, repairs etc. All the things the average bloke wants to read. They use Facebook and Instagram.

How much content should you include in a Newsletter

The answer is enough to get a message across. I generally like short and sweet however my tyre store example runs out at about a thousand words or more. And it works.

How to create an email newsletter explained

A sign writer has a picture of a plastic rap. It may be a work Van or a shopfront as an example of what can be done. It takes very few words to get the idea across to the reader. This is one of my favourites because I always put myself in the picture imaging what we could do.
Target is business owners 25-60 and somewhere between Facebook and Instagram.

Finally the answer is as many as you need, it may be the more the merrier or few and less.
Your business and target audience will provide the answers as will trial and error.

The newsletter conclusion

The cheapest and most effective form of paid advertising available on the internet. The cost relates to your data base number and not to emails sent so you need not be shy about using it.
Your analytic numbers will tell you what is going on and sales will result because of frequency and consistency.

Every business should include news letters, the results are too good to ignore and the time involved only minimal.

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