How to blog with WordPress in 7 easy lessons

How to blog with WordPress in 7 easy lessons starts with a desire to achieve as a writer with a good understanding of the procedures needed.

Lesson number one

Know where you are going by selecting your niche grabbing a Domain and putting it on a host site.
I recommend Wealthy Affiliate because they are a premium provider and will not let you down. Support is there and you have a wonderful group that can help with any question along the way. Not only web site problems but anything you can't solve yourself.

Next is to understand your journey. Make a plan of what you want to achieve, how you will get there and the time it is going to take you. Include the cost in time and money. Then work out a return from your production.

It is important to write about what you love not what you know. You can tire writing mundane subjects but not about your love interest it will flow naturally.

Creating a blog with WordPress

Lesson number two Keywords

This is an important part of your writing because it is the difference between being read and ignored. The best content in the world is wasted if it is not found with an easy search on Google, YouTube and a Mobile Devise.

There are several really important factors when selecting a Keyword. The first is traffic, you need at least a 100 searches a month to be viable. the next is competition, the number of blogs ahead of yours.

Just to clear this up if I search for example “Food” you will get a whole bundle of traffic but you will start on page fifty of the search term. Note that 80% of people never go past page one in a search so on page fifty you have no chance of rising to the top.

So we add a bit of a tail to your word, now called a phrase to better define what your offer is.
Maybe Food in Taiwan suitable for vegetarians. A lot less traffic however that is compensated by less competition.

Fortunately we now have tools to achieve a great Keyword and no better place to start than at Jaaxy. A tool that tells you everything you need to know. Fortunately I have a free entry for you to learn a bit more.

Wikipedia and the art of blogging

Lesson number three Content

OK, you are all fired up and ready to go but hold the horses and take a few suggestions that will help. Other than your Keyword Google also favors great content to improve your search engine optimization (SEO).
Internet readers are a very fickle lot, they have a low attention span and want to be entertained.
Writing a very technical paper will have few readers because it is too dry for the majority. However add some pictures and break it up.

Yoast SEO, one of the most followed SEO experts tells it like this.

How to blog with WordPress in 7 easy lessons
From this site

A post should be about 1500 words long in general. Sometimes less but often many more. The absolute minimum is 300 for starters.
A paragraph no more than 300 words and a sentence tops at 25 words. Fortunately there is a great plug in by Yoast for WordPress that holds your hand over this part of the trip.

All these are parameters you must understand when writing a blog.

Images maketh the blog

I throw this in as an extra because it really does make your readers take notice. You definitely should include some images that relate to what you are writing about. This pulls the readers attention quicker than a headline. No not a tree image when you are talking about an Indian dish of curry. It must relate to the content.

Similarly lists and graphs are also important because they are just like a picture, attention grabbers.

Lesson number four SEO

This bit of the puzzle takes a bit more thinking about but no less important to achieve a result of being read. This is how you are found for free on the internet and requires you to follow specific rules to be found by your readers. Now don't blame me, Google is the main search engine and they make the rules. What's more they change the rules without telling anyone, everyday they make minor alterations that can affect your work.
Even worse is that YouTube is now searched nearly as often as Google that's what readers want.
So in reality you need to tie the two together.

Lesson number five marketing

Internet affiliate marketing

There are basically two types of marketing and they are

  • Organic, free traffic from SEO activities
  • Paid traffic, advertising in all its disguises

I always recommend getting your organic traffic in order before shelling out money. If you are getting good traffic then paying for a result can get a return quicker.

Organic traffic starts with your SEO platform and structure being set up and working well. Your position in the market will bring its own volume of subscribers.
This may be supported by all social media channels pointing to your pages.
Family friends and followers can all add to the volume and refer new business to you.
Certainly a web page link will do it as well.
Email marketing can include links to pages to further increase the audience.

Paid traffic can come from many areas including social media to further build your followers.

Always have a sign box on a blog site, Make them an offer to get their names and email addresses. It may be an eBook a secret recipe from great nanna or any form of inducement. In the olden days we used join my newsletter however that does not work as well anymore.

Amazon have done very well with another option, you bought my deep fryer maybe some long tongs to go with it. Or You read my post on Indian curry may be you would like my Thai curry recipes as well. Be inventive and work the numbers.

How to blog with WordPress in 7 easy lessons by knowing your numbers.

Lesson number 6 Analytics

This is a very important part of your daily life, knowing where you are in the journey. Google analytics will tell you many things including;

Daily and monthly trafficYou must know your numbers and see growth
Then the number of pages readThe greater the number the better
The time onsiteIncrease this with videos
Your bounce rateBetter referrals
What country the readers come fromYour target market
Male /Female/ and age bracketSometimes really important
Most read pagesSuccess stories

I recently wrote a lot more on google analytics in a recent blog so you can better understand the concept

Lesson Number seven perseverance

If you post one blog you have one chance of being read. if you write one hundred posts and connect them all, you have 100 times the chance of capturing and audience. The average adult book includes about 90,000 words where as the average blog site will need nearly 400,000 to get any traction. It is not an overnight success story but a dedicated plan achieving an objective that you want to achieve. The results will vary however there are bloggers making a Million dollars or more a year so you build your own empire. It takes time but we are blogging because we want to not because we have to.

How to blog with WordPress in 7 easy lessons and make money.

Making money with a blog

HIs affiliate marketing still lucrative

Is this the interesting part or just a conclusion to the journey. If you are writing for the sake of creating maybe money is not in the goals at all. However you should be paid for your time and compensated for the effort . But how do you make money.

First of all you can sell your own stuff, it may be physical or virtual as long as it has value. We talked about food so recipes and eBooks or a link to Amazon store can create value.
That crosses to selling other people things as an affiliate or reseller. it could be slow cookers or
fry pans, cooking tools or books.

When you have traffic you may get others to advertise on your site and get a return from clicks or sales, there are many choices and they will be easy when the time comes. You just need traffic.


I write because I want to share my knowledge and just maybe help someone starting out or in business and not succeeding. We understand it is a journey but I write what I love the most and that is small business marketing.
Your journey should be similar, one of passion and love of the time it takes to share with others a side of you that can be kept for all time.

Blogging is like any other business. It has rules and laws and you need to go to school to learn the basics or you will fail and give up. We need small wins along the way to keep our enthusiasm at the top.

Blogging is a career for the dedicated.

How to blog with WordPress in 7 easy lessons by Peter Hanley

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Peter Hanley

I have been in business for many years and the internet to find ways to grow your business faster

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