Keyword planner free just like the experts use

Keyword planner free just like the experts use. This is the most important lesson you can ever learn on Keyword planning

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A bit about Keywords

They should be called Search terms because that is the role they play.

This has changed with the introduction of mobile search using Voice search with Siri or Cardana.

Users tend to be more specific with the result they want by giving a much fuller description.

” Hey Siri how can I get a keyword planner free that is like the experts use”

What is the best Keyword planner free?

He who makes the rules also maketh the way. Google provides an easy path to understanding the first important issue, traffic.

The first step in planning is to search your keyword with google search by putting the selected phrase in brackets “Keyword Planner free”

Keyword planner free just like the experts use

This is a fairly competitive word with considerable traffic however you have used it for this example. I would normally look for something between a hundred and five hundred as a target word.

Using a good Keyword tool for free

My first go-to tool is Jaaxy. This is a professional standard tool that is available and here I provide a link to the tool.

Jaaxy basic also comes free with the Wealthy affiliate training and I will use this with every search. It gives you more information on which to work.

I look for an average traffic figure of over 100 and a QSR figure of less than 100.

A QSR is the number of websites competing for an exact match search. SO 75 means I will start on about page seven and need to work up from there

Keyword planner free just like the experts use

However, my keyword is an extension of keyword planner free so I hope to pick up a bit more traffic.

Your search can go a lot deeper than this to solicit words that people look for.

Using google again put in your Keyword space and a letter like c.
This can give you a search like “choosing the right Keyword tool”

Going in-depth on this can bring out some great target words.

Using forums for keyword research

This is your free starter pack and a sneaky way to see what questions people ask.

If I go to Quora, as an example, and type in my keyword I can use what people are asking for.

Keyword planner free just like the experts use

I now have some more ideas to search for and find the correct keyword.

Keywords are important because

The internet is a very competitive world with Billions of blogs and funnels all competing for a page one position.
This is imperative because a large majority of searchers never go past page one. It is true that the first three free entries on page one account for over 80% of all traffic.

Therefore understanding Keywords is fundamental to your success online.


You need some traffic however too much generally means there is a lot of competition.
A good rule is about 100 monthly searches for your selected phrase.


Heavy competition means that getting to page one is going to be difficult.
If you have hundreds of competitors with an exact match Keyword you will go to the back of the class and take years to rise through the ranks and get to page one.

The rule is less than 50 if you can.

Adding numbers to a keyword helps Google

The idea is that adding a number to a keyword simplifies the reason for the term.

“3 best Keyword tools that are free”

“5 ways to search keywords free”

“101 great keywords to use”

Using a simple search

Many times people want to shop local so they need to understand exactly where you are.
Certainly in Restaurants. mechanical repairs Shopping Centres etc.

However, it can apply to almost any subject.

“Personal training in keyword selection Perth Western Australia”

The more training you have the greater the results you will get

I know that sounds like an oversimplification however never a truer statement made.

Understanding Keywords will put you ahead of the pack. With little or no knowledge your chance of success is almost zero unless you are very lucky and jag a phrase that works.

I have done all my training at Wealthy affiliate where you get a free Keyword tool. In fact, with the Pro version, you get the full pro version that breaks it all down line by line.

This one feature is worth the cost of joining and can return that money many times over.
However, you can start for free and make your mind up as you go along.

My conclusion

There is no greater topic than Keywords for the internet.

The best articles in the world may never get read if they are not found.

Use Google to track the words you want.

Back it up with a Keyword tool like Jaaxy.

Get a balance between traffic and competition.

Analyse your results.

Keyword planner free just like the experts use by Peter Hanley

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