Fast writing techniques for the internet

Fast writing techniques for the internet and generating quantity over quality. It is all about volume or is it really

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Can you learn to write faster

Of course, you can learn to type faster and employ methods to produce a bigger volume of work.
You can take a typing course at and hope to build up your speed. However, we two-finger typists can churn out a good volume of work if we put our heads down.

The biggest problem with quantity is concentration. If you are checking emails and answering messages whilst trying to write you will not produce the required level of achievement.

How fast do you write?

The answer is to set a timer for 10 minutes and give it your all. Concentration is everything and you will be surprised at the result. Two hundred words is equivalent to 1200 an hour.

As a two-finger plodder, I can hit three hundred words so it is possible.

Website writing techniques

Some of us are born lazy or want better ways to achieve the results the easy way. In fact, I have tried them all and came back to typing but let's have a look at what is available.

AI writing

Fast writing techniques for the internet

Using Robotic intelligence to construct a post is actually very easy. I tried with to do quite a few posts and it does fill in a lot of words for you. However, you do need to ask it the right questions to get the written answer. Doing a few headings makes it easy. Because Jasper pulls material from the web I do wonder about plagiarism because it is a common material.

Plagiarism is a no go

It is often tempting to copy the work of others and simply change it around and use it as your own. However, Google knows and will give you a black mark and move your work to the back of the class. It is simply taboo so don't try it.
You can take an article and rewrite it but it will take a lot longer than constructing your own material. The odd quote is fine but more than that is not allowed.

Using speech to text

In some cases, this is a necessary way to construct your work. It takes a degree of skill to master speech to text but you can come up with a good result.

I tried it but my mind is not that quick thinking to the next sentence and did not get great results

Quality can be better than quantity but not all the time

First of all, It is often better to get the words on the page rather than worrying about the format.
Few of us are perfect and we will make mistakes and that is why we use spell checkers and other tools to help us with the end product.

However, you do need reader attention so constructing your work in an appropriate way is important.

Certainly, Google has a dislike for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors so avoiding them is essential. Furthermore, your work must satisfy what the reader is looking for. Have you made it abundantly clear and justified your position?
These are simple techniques that help our volume increase whilst retaining a resemblance of quality

What are 5 writing techniques you can use?

Fast writing techniques for the internet
  1. There is no doubt that concentration is at the top of the list. Write in bursts of time where all interference is removed. Focus on the job at hand and give it everything in the time you allocate.
  2. Use good tools like or Spell check to monitor your work. This will eliminate many errors along the way
  3. There is a product called Hemmingway where you write your material and it rates you all the way. This is a very good product that quickly highlites your problem areas and you can apply corrections along the way. When you have a suitable product simply cut and paste.
  4. Set up a structure. I like to plan my headings before I start to write so that filling in a couple of hundred words is easy street.
    Unless you are writing a novel this method will help you generate a lot more words on the page.
  5. Positive writing is answering a question, backing it with facts, and providing a solution.
    Your readers want an opinion and one they can rely on so give it to them in the easiest possible way. No beating around the bush, be positive and assertive to capture the readers.


As a blogger, I generally produce a couple of thousand words a day so I have had to really hone my skills to maintain a steady stream of work.

I have tried all the shortcuts but nothing beats head down and full concentration for a set period of time.

I trust that I will contribute to increasing your speed by a good margin. Best of luck.

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