Project passion and never giving up

Project passion and never giving up. Important stories from those that have been there and those wanting to go to the end

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Why is a passion necessary

It is evident that those with a consuming passion are the ones that come out on top.

My first entrant in the competition is Steve Jobs. The creator of the iPhone, Pixar studios, and the Apple computer. Not a bad accomplishment.

It is true that Steve did not do all the work and in fact, he was sacked as an unruly influence on the company. However, as the company went down the slide to insolvency they bought him back to fix the problems. The rest is history.

Steve would never settle for second place. He had to have the best and he drove those around him to create history. The road was not easy, the task was demanding but the end goal was always in sight. Jobs created history and transformational technology that touched all our lives.

Was Jobs a nutter or just more advanced than the rest of us? Neither is true. Steve Jobs took a project to final results riding out every bump until he had a result that was perfect.
Did everyone follow Steve? No, many fell by the wayside and only the most dedicated made it to the end.
His name will live in History his products are enjoyed by everyone.

Passion does not always bring success in the first place

Project passion and never give up

My next entrant is a guy called Andrew (Twiggy) Forrest. The richest man in Australia and now trying to save the world.

Twiggy as he is known, entered the mining arena in Western Australia. His first effort was a four billion dollar Nickel mine and production plant in the remote Goldfields of Western Australia. He saw a vision and tried to make it come true however financial problems saw him dumped from the company before it was finished. His dream did become a reality and the mine still exists today after nearly 40 years of production.

Twiggy was a loser, seen by the community as a failure and one never to reappear. But they were wrong.

After he licked his wounds he went on an Iron Ore discovery and decided to take on two of the world's biggest miners, Rio Tinto and BHP.

Everything you can imagine was thrown at Twiggy but he refused to give in. He went to extraordinary lengths to finance a mine that could compete in international markets.

Twiggy went from being the town joke to the richest man in Australia and well up on world listings.

Did he ever give up, no, he went from failure to absolute success by sheer willpower and work energy that only a few possess?

Greatness does not always bring gratitude

The first two men on my list finished their projects and were able to bask in their results.
But no so Elon Musk. He has not yet finished and despite bringing about a massive shift in many areas he is still not getting the praise he deserves.

They said electric cars would never make it. The difficulties were too great and the task impossible. One man said No. This project is important to mankind and we will make it happen. Elon suffered enough criticism and financial worries to stop most people but it did not deter him from the project.
Now the largest producer of Electric Cars in the world and followed by every traditional car company the EV decade is upon us. Like Elon or not it is true that his vision bought about radical change and transformational technology not seen before. However, the story continues.

A second run at Technology breakthrough

With the EV well on the way, Elon turned to spaceships with a company called SpaceX a privately held business that does not get the kind of compliments to which it is entitled.
The Space industry was dominated by NASA, the Russians, and a few smaller players.
Elon went to Russia to buy his first rockets believing he could make them better. They laughed at him and sent him packing with his tail between his legs. Well almost anyway. On the flight home, he announced he could build a better rocket at a cheaper price. Which he did.
He now has the cheapest rockets available, they are now multi-use rockets being bought back to earth for second use. A broadband network of satellites covering every nation to deliver internet access to everyone regardless of where they live. Remember the first world had a monopoly on broadband and the rest had nothing, that is until now.

Project passion and never giving up is not boring

I don't want to get Boring

Project passion and never giving up

Tunnel building is expensive, time-consuming, and dangerous, well before Elon entered with the Boring Company.
It may be a play on names but it has turned an industry upside down with low cost highly effective Tunnel building equipment. Watch this space because there is a lot more to come on this.

What made these men special

They have an all-costs attitude to completion in the best time and with the highest quality products that make a difference in your life.
We could include Jeff Bezos the founder of Amazon, The Google guys, Facebook, and many others however the three chosen above have achieved against enormous opposition and doubt that they could ever survive.
They are different because it was a dream turned into a passion and they refused to accept defeat even when they looked it in the eyes.

The thought of giving up never entered their heads.

How does this all pertain to you

We all have a project, dream, or vision that lays ahead of us. However only a very few will give up the luxuries to produce the effort required for success.

No one said it was easy. In fact, quite the opposite is true as you battle so many issues that will shake your faith in the project. However when you look at the end, even when you are in the middle of the battle, you can appreciate the war will be worth the effort.
It is not a question of if you will win it is really a matter of when.

A clear goal, no matter how preposterous, is the answer

Project passion and never giving up

Certainly, all the high achievers looked at the goal as a challenge and not the money it would bring. Yes, they all got really wealthy as a side benefit but if you asked them today it was never in the planning. They wanted to change the world and set out on a course of action to achieve that.

Hard work, difficult decisions, success, and failure are all part of the journey.

Jobs did not live to enjoy the fame, Twiggy is trying to green the world and end slavery by using his fame and Elon is still hard at the wheel trying to bring more change.


I have followed the life story of all three men as examples of project passion and never giving up. They all got sacked from their own companies on the journey. They all suffered major setbacks that would daunt even the strongest of us but they saw the end result clearly in their own mind.

When you get bogged down and think it is all far too hard look at what you want to achieve and relive the roadmap and celebrate the end because you know you will get there.

The fear of rejection

Project passion and never giving up by Peter Hanley

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