Escalation and call out support done for you

Escalation and call out support done for you. When the contact is critical a fail safe method is required, we have done it all for you.

How we achieved a service that met the most demanding requirements

The cost of implementing a system that meets the high requirements of an escalation service can be prohibitive.

There are several considerations that are essential to a professional service and we look at a few of them.

Fail safe close enough is not good enough
Personal interactionGood communications through out the process
Head office statisticsManagement have visual on all processes
No call on-hold problemsOften associated with live services
Reasonable cost basisCost is not as important as delivery
Duplicate processesBundling services
Tier one providersNot back yard services
The needs list

This was not a one solution situation

Having operated a 24/7 messaging service with added escalation for some years we understood the demands of support clients.
However our SMS carrier deleted the service we had used due to a system change leaving us with just half a product.
We had to find a solution that would provide what our customers needed and get it to market in a timely manner.

Using a message service

This is often the start of the solution. A good message service can be accessed directly to a local telephone number or using simple call diversion from your in-house systems.

The service then provides a support message and takes the caller details and message to email out. The email may be sent to one or many depending on need.

With this service we can SMS a single user however we can also message our escalation portal.

The Escalation portal

Here we use special software to really customise the solution.

The first on the roster gets an opportunity to accept or pass on the call.

If they accept end of problem. Should they want to pass the SMS goes to the next in line

and repeated until it is actioned

Sent at: 9:02pm Wed 1 May 2021
To: 614348xxxx
From: 61481xxxxx

Hi Bryan , an emergency is underway. Please action.
Verdi SMS for business from 0392xxxx1 at 23:01 May 19, 2021 to review call 038xxxxx The caller did not leave a message
Service alert reply ACK to stop
Reply NO to push to next person
If you do not reply in 5 minutes, will be pushed to next person automatically.

Users can dial in and get messages if they have missed them or control the sms flow as they wish.

When you are up to your armpits in work and need support

It's a well known problem that service requests come in batches. This is when the escalation process can really help. The plumber knee deep in a burst pipe problem does not want to be taking more calls, they want to finish the job. The Computer guy trying to sort out an issue that is urgent wants support.
The Doctor On a house call with an unwell patient does not want consistent calls coming in.
Your situations will all vary and be central to the service you provide however you will recognise the issue.
We have the solution with our Escalation and call out support service

The service needs to be robust

With our carrier support we searched far and wide for software that would allow for the needs of anyone using the system. We understand that it may be just a few calls a month or many in a day however the requirements for success are the same.

You must also have the opportunity for change because circumstances demand access. People are sick or too busy and roster changes are always a revolving door and we understand.

We managed to develop in house a unique system that achieve the objectives we wanted.
It was not an easy journey and we spent considerable time developing a product that would not break. The result is now being used by a large organisation following their successful trial period.

Escalation and call out support uses automation

The benefits of automation

There are a couple of ways to do this escalation thing, automation or good old voice traffic.
I know we are in the twenties but some of you just love a phone call.
Sometimes there may be no choice however what we want is certainty in a timely manner.
If we say escalate in 3 minutes when not answered we escalate in three minutes. We don't spend time chatting, we action the process, plus telephone tag does not happen nor does call waiting or unanswered calls occur

Cost v benefits of an escalation service

This is an interesting point that only you can ascertain. We have people that get one or two calls a month and say it is well worthwhile.
A sale may mean tens of thousands of dollars in income to them and that's a lot to miss out on.

Others may have people running all hours so it is a volume thing however one mess up can cost your brand a lot of time and expense that should be avoided.

With hourly charge rates that can be $100 or more then a service worth that a month must be easy to justify.

In conclusion

Establishing a service like our Escalation and call out support service certainly had the computers and programmers working long hours. We had provided a dead line forced upon us by others so really had to think outside the square.

Most carriers shied away from committing to a program that could provide a solution so we really were on our own.

Therefore I am proud to offer a solution built around three completely separate entities that came together to provide a product that the market can use and trust.

Pricing and solutions can be gathered by calling Peter on 1800116116 or we can contact you by registering at our contact Link.

Verdi business messaging , Verdi SMS services and Online business marketing are all components of Select Consulting Pty Ltd an Australian company based in Perth WA and operating Nationally. Overseas enquiries are also welcomed.

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