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How to write a blog for money

Yes, blogging is all about money; however, the best results come from how you ask. How to write a blog for money will answer the questions for you.

The finer points of blogging

There is a whole bundle of information on writing a blog; however, the writer will miss some of the finer points.

I was asked today about soft and hard closing techniques and how they affect your product.

The discussion on closing got me thinking about the old rules of selling and how they now apply to the internet.

The Barbeque meeting

Meeting at a barbque
A place to meet

We often use the old Barbque example.

You wander in and meet an attractive person, you swap names and say hi. During the party, you may talk about your business and what you do but never a mention of promotion.

At the end of the party, you may get enough courage to ask for a date and hope for acceptance. It may be sooner or later, depending on circumstances.

Perhaps a couple of emails before the final meeting but not much more. 

If the date goes well, perhaps a peck on the cheek will be achieved before you move to a big close.

Is marketing any different?

Don't try and close the deal too early.

You can build some value and ask for some feedback as you bond 

with the client.

Only then can you apply some pressure.

Know Like and Trust

People will only buy when the above is complete.

The introduction will be accepted; there is a mutual appeal and 

you are not a serial killer.


What type of closing should you be attempting?

Let me say that every post or blog should have a trial close.

It could be just a contact number or a simple contact button because if they are ready, you want them to come.

 Please don't be shy about this; it is perfectly normal and non-invasive and should be part of anything you write.

Harder closing techniques

as you get into a journey with someone, it becomes time to test the water and apply a bit of pressure.


Using testimonials sometimes works as you tell how Joe saved a thousand dollars using this.

You wouldn't believe how well this worked.

They saved a grand a day.

The product was amazing

Now we are getting harder

20% off weekend special

Not many left at this price

We will include a personal gift with

 your purchase.

Delete the contact

Requesting deletion is a great trick

 if you lack a response.

” I notice my mails are not being

read, and I hate to annoy you, however,

There is a big disconnect button below 

to click.

You won't always get a response, but it does wake some people up.

If you don't ask, you don't get

This old saying is as true today as it was 

hundreds of years ago.







These are the triggers to closing, and one of them will suit your buyer. 

It all depends on the timing and the offer, so choose one to suit your offer.

Writing for profit

Your writing must answer a question or solve a problem. That is what most searches relate to. However, we must also use mystery because if we address the issue in the first sentence, that is the end of the reading. 

How to write a blog for money addresses this concern.


How to write a blog for money

We start the page by grabbing the readers' attention.

7 out of 10 woodchoppers use a hickory handle but is that the answer?

What sort of axe stays sharp the longest?


In a recent test in the forests of Sherwood, they tried different axes to get a clear winner.

The top seven guys used the Smax light axe


To be one of the top woodcutters, you need the best equipment, or you will be left chopping long after the trees fall. That is why we chose the Smax brand axe as a clear winner


For today we have just ten axes that were proven winners. They have a 20% discount and are available now if you act immediately.

Don't get left behind when your friends all arrive at the meeting with a Smax.

Click Checkout now to get your deal.

Now that is a pretty ordinary example, but you will see the passage we have taken.

We have used quite a few tools to encourage buying and those with the money will jump at the chance.

Learning more about internet marketing

I like free training at Wealthy Affiliate. It takes you through all the steps in dozens of courses all aimed at lifting your skills.

Many of us searched for years to find a home with everything in one place.

It has to be where people can prove their results and show massive income from blogging.

That is what spurs you to be at the top of the pile, and we will show you how.

Imagine joining an elite group of high-income earners. 

All this without spending any money if you do it now.


Making money on the internet is not impossible. If you follow a few rules, it is hard not to join the winners.

However, it is not an instant income or a get rich quick scheme they only reside in the head of the promotors.

We are talking about a long-term business that will return high incomes if you are prepared to invest some time in learning and doing.

How to write a blog for money by Peter Hanley

How to write a blog for money
Peter Hanley

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You cant let an offer like this go by.

You cant let an offer like this go by.