Video maker online

Can you have a Videomaker online and would it be any good? Well, one company has taken this to the next step in easily presenting a professional video.

Are videos any good for marketing?

First of all, YouTube is searched nearly as often as Google as people want more information.

A lot of your target audience want the convenience of a quick video rather than pore over pages of fine reading.

This certainly applies in the case of how to do things where the video is a lot quicker to explain How to do it.
In fact, I just had a problem with the split-screen on my I.pad and I could not remove it. I know a bit dumb but I have Googled several times without a lot of success. So what to do? Watch a video of course and a whole new set of learning and my split screen is gone LOL

Videos and your web page

image Youtube
a most searched

One of your critical SEO factors for a website or Blog is the time on the site. This is measured by Google because it indicates that your content is good and people hang around.

Most visitors glimpse a headline of the picture and move on to greener pastures so the objective is to have them hang around.

Video does this either embedded in the site or linked to YouTube. It adds value to your work in time spent in content.

With more than 500 million hours of video watched every day yours could well be one of them.

Combine Video with text for a better outcome

There are readers and lookers, stayers and players and all sorts of individuals trolling your work.
One very popular way to entice action on your site is to write about the problem, talk about the conflict and what others have experienced and given the answer in the Video. They want a solution so they must watch the video before they have the answer.

This all relates to the time spent on site which comes back to the money part.

Will a video make you money?

Hands changing money
It sure will if done properly

Like anything on the internet, we have a yes/no answer. It depends on what you want from the effort.
Say you do a video on how to repair a product. In this case, you may well be branding your business so that people search you in the future as an expert. They then visit your website a place designed to sell.

You may have advertising on your site that they click with interest or links to other products that you can make money with.
A bit like Facebook where the purpose is to deliver people to a sales point, video can do the same.

Having a link below the video

You will often watch a video with the call that below is a link to a wonderful world of success, or whatever. They are directing you to a sales point where you can spend money.
A lot of Videos, of course, are non-commercial. Or would appear to be so.
A clip of Taylor Swift belting out a new tune is pretty much along the entertainment mode but is it really? There is no call to action, no links and no selling so how could it be commercial?

First of all, it helps to sell albums and that is where a lot of the money comes from. You like the short clip and demand more so off to the store you go.

The loverly Taylor Swift just happens to have over 110 million Instagram followers. Many of these have come from Video clips and these followers are bombarded with paid advertising that Taylor gets a cut of the profits.

Taylor Swift is a marketing package that uses Video clips to the best advantage. There a lot of Taylor’s out there doing the same thing.

Are there different types of videos

There are various types of videos that may suit your business

  • A Basic video that is done with an I.pad or
  • Videos that are done with professional equipment, cameras, and sound.
  • Talking head video
  • Animated videos
  • Whiteboard videos
  • Sound Videos with still pictures
  • Scripted videos background atmosphere
  • Videos with music or sound effects

Videos can take many forms and use a lot of effects to suit your presentation requirement.

The one advantage you have in the current climate is that anyone can make a great video and for very little money.

You could knock out a great product in about half an hour using today’s technology and have it on YouTube being seen by the masses.

Will your video be seen?

Video topics are searched just like Google topics with the use of Keywords. They are also included in your website or blog for the world to see.
So when you search Google for a keyword you will more than likely be presented with a Youtube answer as well as many written answers.

Caution watching youtube is dangerous

I just went for a bit of research and have wasted a half-hour looking at stupid videos of people doing stupid things and closing down Advertising that was targeting me.
There is just so much to see and they know what you like.

However, if it was your Stupid video with 80 million views you would be happy as you pick up advertising money.
I just went to “how to fix brakes on a pushbike” as a google search. Half the first page were videos and the second one had 2.5 million views for a 1.5-minute video.
I had to watch a couple of interest because I was there.

Don’t post inappropriate material

YouTube is pretty big on this and has no hesitation of deleting any material that is offensive including nudity and that which is unsuitable for children.

Voice searching is important

Voice searching is now used in over 20% of all searches with all engines. This means that your Keyword needs to be longtail and conversational to be found.
When you use Google Home, Sri or Amazon Echo you will patiently explain what you want to search in a long fashion.
Knowing this there are some steps to take on your sites. This includes Video.

  • Longtail keywords
  • Mobile-friendly site
  • Using https security
  • Choose schema HTML
  • have understandable answers

What is Youtube Reels?

YouTube is currently beta testing new communication tools called Reels.
Reels is a series of short video stories along the lines of Instagram. The Reels will be up to 30 seconds long and remain on the site and not deleted.

Is it there for you? not yet and you need to have over 10,000 subscribers to be considered so watch this space.

So let’s look at an Online Videomaker

A great online video maker does it all for you. Well nearly all because you need to tell them what you want, basically write a script.

Your script should describe the problem that you are talking about.
Then go to their desire to fix the problem
Describe the conflicts they will have
present your solution
and add a conclusion.

Making the video, a review.

Your online video maker does the rest

Automatically download some images that suit the words,
Add some music, Voice the script and ready to download.

How good would that be?

Let’s get you some free ideas to start

Noble Samurai offers a free book on how to get great traction with Video marketing.

This is a great resource and it will lead to a heavily discounted service offer. OK, nothing this good is free except for the free trial. Here you can make as many videos as you can and save them to youTube without paying a penny.

I certainly started here to see if I was capable of producing videos that would help people.

Noble samurai banner

I’ve got a special surprise for you today…

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The only problem is virtually no one actually tells you what you need to do to get RESULTS…


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If you want to drive traffic with video, this YouTube SEO Cheat Sheet can really help you out…

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Specifically, it reveals:

– This is a proven formula for writing VIDEO TITLES THAT GET CLICKS.
– The 3 TAGS YOUR VIDEO MUST HAVE to maximize video traffic potential.
– The single BIGGEST FACTOR THAT IMPACTS VIDEO RANKINGS, and how to nail it by “opening a loop” at the start of each video.
– 7 simple tricks for generating NATURAL INBOUND LINKS.
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DOWNLOAD your Video SEO Cheat Sheet Here (For FREE)

Whether you are using a Mobile phone as your camera and sound or upgraded equipment the result really needs to look the part. Video follows many of the rules of writing in that you must have a heading and fulfil the basic SEO requirements of anything on the internet.

It will make the difference between a few followers and a viral heap of lookers at your site.


Video is the product of our time, long thought to be too hard or only for the wealthy and big business. That has all changed, anyone can do a video but the question remains will anyone see it.

I recently did a review on Content Samurai that may be of interest.

Videomakeronline by Peter Hanley

Peter Hanly

Content Samurai review

Here is my content samurai review on the video maker for every business.
I have been with the samurai for 5 years and bring you a perspective of reality.

PRODUCT Noble Samurai  Videomaker
Name: Noble Samurai

Noble Samurai Login


YouTube SEO cheat sheet e-book free

Question Samurai $3.00

Videomaker 7-day trial and $35 a month
Eugene Ware                The head Samurai
 Dr Anthony Fernando  Training Samurai    
Andrew Harris                Development  
Overall Rank: 95 out of 100
Noble Samurai content creator for
Product Overview
In days past creating videos was a very
expensive past time.
Expensive cameras, upmarket audio and
studio lighting was just the start of the story.

Then came script writing, editing, producing and filming before finding somewhere to
store the
The new range  I. Phone style products
made a leap in technology and allowed a
basic Video to be made using your daily
use a mobile phone.
These are pretty basic videos and generally
not the sort of quality you would recommend or watch.

Noble Samurai has filled the gap with a
great middle of the road product that
provides excellent quality for very few

Naturally, you need to script it and throw a few photos in but they can do everything

They add photos and or Videos that match your script to provide a very professional
quality material.

Music always adds to the performance so
pick your free music track or even add your own.

You can then voice the recording following easy prompts that allow for all your

As an added extra you can use their voices by simply choosing the one you want and pressing record.
Basically, all you have to do is write a script and the rest can be done for you.

To help you start the process they offer a
free cheat sheet e-book and a smart guide at just $3.00.

The free trial lasts for seven days and you
get to keep the videos for life.

The Good & the Bad
The Good:
PRO #1.   The template is really easy to
follow and everything flows nicely to a
PRO #2     I really like the added music because of the finished presentation.

PRO #3     It is really easy to submit your
own photos and videos  whilst mixing
with theirs
The Bad:
CON #1   The added Voice production is a
little bit canned and I am not totally happy with it. I don’t mind my own Voice but those with accents or language differences might
really benefit from it

CON #2    Sitting here trying to think up a bad point is difficult so we will leave it
like this.
Who is Noble Samurai Videomaker
Review For?
Let’s face it any business owner or anyone that has a website can use this.

YouTube videos keep people on your
website for longer and that is great for SEO.

How to do things videos are great for your business.
Company branding Videos work
Selling a product or service Your fatal
attempt at humour

Noble Samurai  Videomaker
Tools & Training
As mentioned there is a free book titled
YouTube SEO cheat sheet e-book free

Then a questions book for $3.00.

This is to get you primed for the monthly
agreement but really worth the money.

Noble Samurai  Videomaker Review
Support comes in many levels so that you
get self-help and support help.

A knowledgebase to draw on

Video tutorials  (who would have guessed)

Submit a ticket with a Video showing you
how to do it.

A bundle of posts heaps of training.


Facebook Group I use on net Samurai

Noble Samurai  Videomaker

Price   Retail monthly price is $35
a month or $297 per annum

Link for a free trial
There is a scriptwriter help program
called Vidsey at $97 one time.

I started with this product to better understand the process.

Generally, there are no upsells.

My Final Opinion of

Noble Samurai Videomaker

I like this because it is easy to do and
delivers a very professional product
  I have been a member since 2015

Noble Samurai  Videomaker at a Glance…
This cutting edge tool provides a clear picture to marketers about the profit potential of keywords inside niche markets. No longer do you have to put up with big
‘gaps’ in data and make educated guesses
with indirect statistics. You can find your
copy of this tool at
Content Samurai free trial
Website: Noble Samurai  Videomaker
Owners:       Eugene Ware and Dr Anthony Fernando
Price:     $35 a month
Overall Scam Rank: 00 out of 100   I have been an active member since 2015
They started in 2008

YouTube Video of this product

google com youtube

Google com Youtube which is best and what do you need to know to get the greatest results out of both and win the search war on the Internet

Image of Google
Where you want to be

The race is not yet over between Google and YouTube

First of all, in the world, there are over 1.5 billion Youtube subscribers yet only 9% of USA businesses are using it.

Compare this to Facebook with about 2.32 Billion current subscribers and small business users of over 81%

Can you see a YouTube opportunity here?

  • How to do or fix things
  • Company branding and flag-waving
  • Selling product the easy way
  • Creating comedy to influence users

It is important to position your Video

Just like any media setting up a Video is really important or you will never get noticed.

Yes, you will use Keywords.
Then advertising Intent
Conclude with perfect content.

I use a product called Content Samurai for this and they explain it well at Content Samurai

Like all Keywords, you must delve into intent and add the words that bring it to attention.

Their example was the Keyword, Fishing Lures.

This is a pretty broad range keyword and I just pulled up a list of 187 million possible users.

Yes, it will show some in your local area but you still need to be seen on page one of the term
What about “the best fishing lures for trout in the Derwent river”

Searches come well down and you have a chance of being seen.

Like any media Keywords are the ultimate goal

Videos on your WebPage

One of the dominant SEO factors is time spent on a website by visitors. Many hit and pass while others just delete.

Having a Video grabs attention and gives you extra page ratings.

It also increases the momentum with that potential buyer having a better understanding of what you have.

image of a girl
Weather girl video was a winner

There are people that won’t read pages of information

It is just a fact that we are not all avid readers and that some want to be entertained. That is the reason Netflix is so successful. They produce Videos and people watch them.

Nothing startling in this except to show that your visitors want to be entertained and a Video can do it and do it well.

In Days past producing a video was a major effort.
You needed cameras and recording equipment. A sound Studio a professional writer, editor and throw in a few others.
It was very expensive, time-consuming and still not guaranteed to work unless you got it all right.

Things have changed in Video production. You can use an I.Phone or similar and be on air in minutes.
What has not changed is that the success of the video needs to be managed early

Your Free video cheat sheet

I use the Noble Samurai product for several reasons.
It is easy to do
You have lots of options
A guided tour promotes success
Do it easy or hard, your call
Videos are hosted for future use.

It does have a cost but amortised over results it is quite minimal.

I started out using their Vidsy product which is a programme to help you construct your dialogue.

We all understand that common features lure users to a buying point and these can be seen on any sales page.

I understand it as the AIDA principle.
And I try and use this in a lot of my writing.

How to do a video for your business

There are many Video builders for business. These range from the I.Phone right through to professional builders.

I have always had problems with editing and changing complex materials on pages I had little understanding off.

This simple fact kept me away from them until I found Noble Samurai Content builder.

I am no expert but it really does make video building easy and quick. It Adds to your page and explains the situation quickly and with photos and Voice. What more could you want?

Google over YouTube

We started here so let’s look at some facts.

The Facebook family gets 2.7 billion hits a day

Google is bigger than YouTube we understand that is true but by how much?
There are 5.6 billion Google searches a day.

On Youtube only 5 billion searches a day.

Time spent on a search with YouTube is far greater than other media.

So while Google wins the race at this stage it is a competitive area each searching foe a winning position

Can you see a need here?

Can you see a need here?

Your little Youtube Video could be seen by a billion people in one day. Unlikely off course but it could be a thousand quite easily.

So get into making a few trial sites and build to a truly professional approach

Google com youtube by Peter Hanley

Google com Youtube, author
Peter Hanley