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Are nurses the right people for affiliate marketing

Are nurses the right people for affiliate marketing or are they better off sleeping after a 12-hour shift? However, looking at the future

Who is best suited to affiliate marketing?

Firstly it is people that have some spare time that they can put to good use. Affiliate marketing is really about building a business that can generate funds over a long period therefore it is not going to be built overnight.

Therefore shift workers like nurses have time to kill that others don't. They also possess the skill to work extra shifts and still be at the top of their game

Furthermore, you need to be able to relate to readers in a friendly yet knowledgeable way even if you are not the top person in your trade.

Finally, you must know that you can't win them all. some get well and others do not so well.
Dada enter nurses

Do you need special skills to be an affiliate marketer

Affiliate marketing is really just selling ideas, you don't own any products or even have customers to the bill but you get paid just the same.

This is the ideal world when you can gather a recurring business that can sustain a good income over a long period.

Therefore taking the time to craft your skills by doing some basic training and building a platform that will promote your given products may be a way out of the pressure of Health Care and importantly shift work that destroys a lot of social life.

Care, compassion, and the ability to learn and adapt are the ideal basics for the enterprising entrepreneur.

What is the most important thing an affiliate marketer must do to be successful

Are nurses the right people for affiliate marketing

This is a very simple answer and one that will survive your time growing your business to what you dream.

Having a realistic plan and knowing what you want and where it will take you is critical to success.
Wandering aimlessly through internet marketing will take you up so many dead ends and pure frustration will dissolve
your dream long before you find the success you want.

Plans are not etched in stone and they can be altered or adjusted to suit circumstances however the basics remain.
You know where you want to go and how you will get there.

With a solid goal in place you don't need to think every day of a direction your concern is how you are going to meet that goal and what can you do to speed up the process.

Are nurses the right people for affiliate marketing

Nurses have all the attributes required, time to fill when away from work, and the compassion to educate readers about a new way of life.
They can handle long shifts and stay focused right throughout the journey.

Thinking about the big affiliate issues and putting them into place

Affiliate marketing does take up a lot of thought space as you implement your work in the many ways available.
However, think first of the ways that will make you money because that is the business you are in. If an Affiliate association is not working and you have given it everything you have then change it. There is little room for sentiment there are only winners and losers.
As a Nurse, if you are using an antibiotic and it does not work what do you do? You make a change that will set a new path to recovery.

Therefore think at the start of your shift about what will get you the best result in the short and long term and implement it.

I knew that I needed 100 blogs before I would have sufficient traffic to monetize my site so my one single aim was to meet that objective.
I learned to create faster and find better keywords but generally, I put my head down and aimed for 100,000 words on my chosen subject.
That is part of the planning and part of the route you must take to achieve a goal.

Having more than a single affiliate partner

Are nurses the right people for affiliate marketing

This is the beauty of affiliate marketing. You can have multiple avenues of revenue all working at the same time. In some cases, you may compare two products and have links to both. You let the consumer make their own decision.
However, you can have too many affiliate links in one plan. This makes you look spammy and will lose your readers forever.
Furthermore, your partners must be closely related to your story being told or you will confuse them and again lose them.
If you were promoting sporting equipment and linked to the latest in Suits for the up-and-coming it could be a reach too far. I want skis and snow shoes, not sports jackets.

Always have a visual on the number of links you are sending a partner. You can use Pretty links, Bitly, or other commercial products so you can analyze your traffic and make changes when necessary.

Understanding Google and YouTube

These are the search engines most used by affiliate marketers. However, they do change their minds more often than we would like about how to present your products. Over the years Google has gone from short keywords to long tail keywords, back to mid-way keywords, and now to user intent. A heady journey for even the best marketers.

Following writers in your area will keep you up with many of the changes. A good forum will also do that job. The one at Wealthy Affiliate is an ideal partner for all marketers.

You need to keep up with training because the internet is a fast-changing market and you can be left behind very quickly


While internet marketing is available for most people it is suited to the talents owned by the Nursing profession.
You understand that things take time, they need the right components and a degree of common sense is required. Things may well be different from what the chart states.

Take your spare time and put it to good use. Build a future for after nursing when you want to put the uniform away.

Are nurses the right people for affiliate marketing by Peter Hanley

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