Google search (7 easy changes for beating the odds)

Google search (7 easy changes for beating the odds). When 62 % of all searches are not clicked you need to get smarter and start now

Why has Google searching changed

Unfortunately Google is not there for you the marketer. They want to answer a question and move on.

They try to have a direct result for your search that answers the question for you so you read and move on.

The above is a typical example where no click is required. If you are currently in The Northern part of the world we are at the end of Autumn here down under and perfect weather. Just saying.

As you can see weather request have a big volume and impact the results.

YouTube take a bundle of traffic from you

In fact YouTube is directly searched nearly as often as Google. Plus the YouTube videos are mostly in the top search spots so they also take the traffic away from you.

Google searching
Compliments Neil Patel Uber Suggest

So things are getting worse and not better.

Paid adds also burn your traffic away

Now it may be true that we avoid the paid adds in most cases however they still get a lot of traffic, if not people would not pay the premium price for them.

Therefore we really are in a battle for readership.

  • We can pay for advertising remembering a click is not a sale.
  • Do our own YouTube videos and try to get them rated
  • Be ranked on page one
  • Give up on the game or get smarter, it is your call.

My seven ways to better results

1: First of all it is understanding keywords and how they apply in a search.

Furthermore if you are not on page one no one sees you anyway.

If my keyword for this blog was Google there are about 480,000 searches a month for that term therefore impossible to rank on page one.

However “What is Google search engine” has little competition and good traffic

Finally for this section it is using your keyword in your URL. This can increase your chances by a massive 45%

2; Answering a question or solving a problem

Most searches are seeking an answer to a question or a solution to a problem that they have.
This is a fact . Thus using this format can increase your chance of success by 14%
Yes 14% makes a big difference

3: Power words, emotional words and common words help

A mix of all of these really help with your headline. I used Easy as my emotional word and Beating as my power word. Sometimes it is difficult to come up with good headlines so I use a headline tool by Monster Insights. This is a basic WordPress plug-in that analyses your headline and gives you ideas for improvement.

1: Google Search (why It Doesn't Work Anymore)

2:Google Search (why It Doesn't Work Anymore And The Way To Overcome It)

3: Google Search (why It Doesn't Work And 7 Positive Changes For Instant Success)

These are ideas I worked from. The first was a low 48% so I needed to improve.
The middle one was still 48% so back to the drawing board.
The third one bounced right up to 50% but still not suitable.

Google search (7 easy changes for beating the odds) actually got a pass mark at 75%

That is what I used.

4:Try using a year for effect, example ” best Google search in 2021

This is done quite a lot now and Patel states a 9% increase in searches when using a year. However make a note to change in the new year.

5: Curiosity works really well

I particularly like this one for a very good reason. When someone searches a term they like then you have a vey short period of time to get their interest.
Who let the search term of of the bag, why Trump was really banned from Twitter,
If you can grab a reader by curiosity it is a great starting point.

6: Creating your own Meta description, a must do or Google will mess it up

This is not number six in order it probable should be up the top so take good note.

If you don't write your own 160 character Meta ( what your article is about) then Google will take a few words out of the first paragraph and use that. OK, they should know what they are doing because they do run the show however you need more control than that.

The Keyword comes first, and the description should entice a reader to take action.

Google search (7 easy changes for beating the odds). When 62 % of all searches are not clicked you need to get smarter and start now

Peter H

In this case I identify a problem and give you ways to better internet searching.

Have a look at the paid ads on the first page and look at their meta description, Can you do better by one of the many ways here.

7: Putting it all together for more clicks

You may have noticed that copy has not been mentioned, the setup , links nor anything else.
If they don't click they don't read so it don't matter.

I Use Neil Patel for many things mainly because he really knows his stuff.
In this he is promoting Neil Patel . His name is in the URL, the title and the meta description .
He wants you to know more and screams look at me.

You need to be as good as Neil in writing your material. Practice and learn until you get the results you want.
Remember if you are not searched you are not read.

My search conclusion

Finally my wrap up and advice.
Having your material searched and read is the total ballgame.
Therefore do it properly every time and give yourself a chance of success.
Furthermore take as much training on this one subject as you can
Finally If you mess this up there is nothing to follow.

Google search (7 easy changes for beating the odds) by Peter Hanley

Free Traffic to Affiliate Links (How to avoid the mistakes I made)

Free Traffic to Affiliate Links

Free Traffic to Affiliate Links and how to avoid the mistakes I made. Every click should be money so understanding the rules is essential.

No, not really, except that you need to get a payback from either one to enjoy the benefits. Free ones may take you longer and a lot more work however the return is all yours. When you pay for a click you certainly need some sales to justify the expenditure.

Money in less money out equals a return. if it is negative it is time to think about it.
The term Affiliate Marketing would cost you $5.30 for every click. (Uber suggest). That is not sales that is clicks. So if one in say eight subscribe you have a cost of over $40 a subscriber.

However if your return over a period is more than this then it is worthwhile.
If you are new to this leave it well alone for awhile however for the more experienced it is simply mathematics

Off course some Affiliates pay better than others. Amazon may now pay you a paltry 2% on most products which makes it pretty hard unless you are selling big ticket items.
I like commissions that are paid monthly on a recurring basis like Wealthy Affiliate where you may get $24 a month for the life of a client.
However many don't stay in any product for long so it is only experience that can guide you.
There are literally millions of affiliate opportunities in just about any product you can think of.
However choose one that has market acceptance, demand and a good return as your number one choice.

One is never enough and that saying really fits in here. You can have as many affiliate links as you want on the proviso that you can do them justice. I limit myself to about eight products that are closely associated with My small business marketing niche. That way I can get a good balance and a reasonable volume of clicks.

Choosing your time to offer a product

Timing is essential and that can apply with your affiliate products when you go to market.

First of all we have four seasons that have very different needs. You will never sell Snow Shovels at the beginning of summer nor thin jogging shirts at the peak of winter.

What's more we have festive seasons where great opportunities are available.

then there is Black Friday an internet dream when products move faster than any other time.

So Pick your product and match your timing to achieve greater success.

Good SEO is the starting point

Nothing in the internet world works without good Search engine Optimisation. Being an affiliate is no different because you need to be seen to sell. Keywords, Headlines, offers, and structure all count in being found. The most important is keyword use and that is why I wrote a lot more on this issue.
SEO is about many things however it starts with a Keyword and your headline. Without having these correct you simply won't be read.

Consistency is the first objective

If you do a promotion once and it does not work then try again. Building a brand takes time and your brand is carried in everything you do. Overtime you will gain a following and traffic will not be a problem. A brand may just be your name (as I do) or a pseudonym that you choose, it matters not. What matters is consistency

Using forums to advance your opportunities

Some will excel at this and some will hate it however it does get results. Posting on Quora is easy and you will get lots of requests however too many links and you will get banned, don't say I didn't warn you.
i included this because it is heavily promoted but it is not my favourite way. I have and still occasionally post on Quora so I cant knock it.
Parlar is another among many you can use

Having a data base of followers

If you read nothing else on this page read these couple of paragraphs.
First of all a data base of contacts is like gold. You can use it often and it still retains a real value a value that you can bank.
These are picked up from everything you do and kept in a manner that can be used to contact them.
However not every contact is real or of use particularly when gained in ways that should not be used. Black lists may hold little or any real value however those real names cultivated over time by the many ways to market are invaluable.

Off course Social Media is always a winner

You can advertise, gather followers, post articles do lots of stuff on all the advertising mediums named as Social Media. The first was Facebook that is still growing after all these years right through to TiK Tok the latest trend in instant media. It is interesting that each of these has generally a age based following. look at Facebook that started out as University students, went to the younger set and ended with an older demographic of followers.
This is a long subject however an important one for you to be placed in front of your demographic.

Free Traffic to Affiliate Links by writing blogs.

Blogging is an easy way to results

What is a blog? Well buddy you are reading one right now and somewhere on this page will be a contact form to give me your email address and name so I can add you to my data base. However the purpose is to educate you like a book would only in a lot less words,
There are literally millions of bloggers and for those that like to write a great place to be. However it takes time to grow a following but once there a powerful form of affiliate marketing.

If it was too easy everyone would be doing it

Affiliate marketing may be the best job in town however it takes some time to gather an audience.
Many will jump in and out believing it is not worth while whilst those that stay the distance will reap the results.
There are many roads that lead to success. You can choose several at the same time to ply your wares on the market.
Success comes to those that apply the rules and training is the answer.
Trust in your self and your future will be filled with financial rewards.

My final words

Using multi media will assist your promotion in different ways and then ramp up those links that provide the best results.
In fact if the analytics are favourable this could be the time to look at paid advertising to complete the package.
A positive return on investment is the basis for extended marketing and much higher income.

Cleaning up old content and coming forward

Your content

Cleaning up old content and coming forward to let Search Engines know you care about your blog . The best ways to go shown here

A chore or a new start, it's your call

The first action is to tour your old pages and posts finding those that are obsolete.

You may have posted on Donald Trump being president however that is is the past, or maybe the future, but not in the next four years.

That is the sort of post that you need to make a decision on.

  • Delete the post and forget it
  • use a 301 redirect to The Joe Biden page
  • Then a 401 to tell Google page deleted
  • Or 410 to say page gone forever

Deleting obsolete posts is good house keeping.

We all have these and they affect your results. I use a Brocken link plugin that tells me how many I have at any one time and where they are.

One way around this is using a product like Pretty Links. Here you store all your links on the dashboard so when you want to change a link it changes every page or post.

Not only that it also records all traffic so you can understand how well the link is working.

Yoast SEO also has a great link checker on their service.

The meta description is also important

The meta tells people what your article is and is the first introduction to your page .

You can write your own Meta or have Google make one up for you taking a part of the first paragraph.

The better this short description is the more readers you will get and hence more sales.

Again if your Meta went praising Donald Trump it is old material and needs to be up dated.
You have about ,

meta description (sometimes called a meta description attribute or tag) is an HTML element that describes and summarizes the contents of your page for the benefit of users and search engines. … Your meta descriptions are important to you and to your SEO rankings.


You have about 160 characters, spaces and words to make your point.

Cleaning up old content

This is an example of a good Meta description. You can see it has attracted a lot of visitors because it explains exactly what the reader wants.

Therefore it is important to keep these up to date.

Cleaning up old content and adding Video

Adding pictures, graphs and lists

One easy way to bring old material up to date is to make it look pretty,
By adding relevant pictures, graphs or lists really helps a page jump out.

Then off course you have colour to brighten up the day.
These are easy additions however they have a big impact.

Readers scan your writing looking for things of interest so a picture brings them to a stop
or pause to read more.

Your content is important

You can not ignore outdated content or even badly scripted work. Yes we all have days when we are not quite up to the grade particularly in our early work.

Sentences too long, paragraphs extended beyond three hundred words all make a difference.

Furthermore the use of headings and subheadings should be checked.

That is not to mention spelling and grammatical mistakes. You can use a product like Grammarly to make sure you are on track

Video is now king, consider adding one

A Video does several things.
First of all you can link to a video or embed one on your site to get a better click ratio.

Secondly time on site is a relevant SEO objective, when we go to a video this will increase the visitor time.

Thirdly YouTube is searched nearly as often as Google so you can make a radical difference to your traffic having readers from more than one source.

If you are not sure how to do this try Vidnami free for a week and see how it all works. Within an hour you can have a professional video completed and loaded to your site.


Industry leaders put this first on your daily task list. Your post has age and maturity, relevance and position therefore you can only add to this and improve the results.

What is the most important thing to do? It will depend on what you originally did and what mistakes you made to easily update the site.

Finally Neil Patel, for one example, has a team working exclusively on old blog posts believing it will make a big enough difference to justify the expense,

Cleaning up old content and coming forward by Peter Hanley

How to start a business with no money

What is digital marketing

How to start a business with no money and expect to be successful. I did it and I want to show you 8 great ways to the top.

I lie, you do need a computer or smart phone and internet access

It is unrealistic to make money out of thin air with no experience, nothing to sell or no problem to solve. However we will look for some starting opportunities.

You start by trading your time.

It is no good moaning or dreaming it is all too hard because it's not.

What is hard is the first step, making a decision and starting a journey. We all had to do it and now it is your time to grow up, muscle up and make some decisions to go forward.

Anyone can make money on line, it does not matter who you are or where you live, if you are male or Female, young or old the internet makes you invisible.
However it also provides an opportunity to empower yourself and project your image to garner a following among like minded people.

First of all let's look at a real business

There are endless businesses you can build from scratch and they will include;

I think of a good business as one that provides a growing customer base and income the longer you are in business.
More importantly one that provides a recurring income

How do you learn to create a business with no experience?

You are going to trade your time for a period to learn the basics.

If you wanted to play good tennis you can't just pick up a racket and hit like a pro, you will need some lessons and a lot of practice to be just average. Then over time you will become better and maybe reach your goal.
Starting a business is no different except that you need the right coach or you will be taken on a wild ride of despair.

The very best place to start is with the free training at Wealthy Affiliate,. Here you can complete a basic course and find what is suitable for you.

I did this to start my journey a few years back, I skipped through because I new it all only to find that cheating never works.
I then went back and started again and did it properly to gather a full working knowledge.

However there are other places as well depending on what you want to do.

Is blogging a career option?

As a blogger I will be biased however I love writing and talking about business so it suits me.
All you need is a website , some affiliate links and traffic and you are in the money. Furthermore the opportunity to make extreme income is possible, however, the time taken will be a lot longer that many other options to establish your following.
You will get income from selling advertising, from referrals and even flogging products that you have made or recommended.
When you have a following the repeat income starts and slowly builds to a viable business.

Affiliate marketing the best business in town

Where else can you sell a product you don't have, not do any billing or customer support and get paid handsomely along the way. Plus have the opportunity for recurring income that builds a monthly return for years to come.
There are millions of affiliate opportunities however you must find the one that suits you.
You have to love what you are doing or you will simply get bored and give up.
It is no good selling Tennis Rackets if you play basketball, maybe they are both sports but quite different.
First of all you will need a website, marketing and SEO knowledge and a product.

When you know nothing about websites it is time to learn the basics and gather a general understanding of what is required.
If you have the website basics covered then it is gathering products to sell and finding the buyers.
Finally you need to understand the ability to gather customers and induce them to part with their money.

As stated the best place to start is Wealthy Affiliate however the training at Amazon will also give you a good grounding. In Days past Amazon was a great starting block but they have reduced commissions so far in is now a volume business.

How to start a business with no money with an online shop

Your own online shop

This is a product that has really boomed in 2020-21 with Covid lockdowns promoting online shopping. The industry offers really cheap entry establishment.
You need a free or cheap website on WordPress with a WooCommerce plugin and some products, how easy is that.

Sell your own products or those from somewhere else and have them drop shipped.
An example;
My wife just bought a Cheese board as a wedding gift. It was from a good looking webpage that had a good discount and free shipping.
However the product was faulty so she took a photo and sent it back to them. They replied that we should go to the manufacturer who would cover the claim. The manufacturer said no worry new one on the way. My point is that the shop that had made the sale had the manufacturer supply the product direct in what is called Drop Shipping.
Sort of affiliate marketing with a difference.

Marketing by Social media

Social media is responsible for many sales of product from companies across the board.
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest all represent selling opportunities.

Understanding these ideas can provide you an opportunity to do this for local clients. It is
simply getting a basic understanding and then going to clients and selling the idea.

The big growth area is in Retargeting and remarketing both hard to understand for businesses but easy to get the basics. Online learning is bountiful and it is an easy journey to successful business.
I have a client that focussed on Facebook and was offered a career position within 6 month of starting the journey because she represented value in the offer she had.

How to start a business with no money by writing for a career

Writing as a career

No not best selling novels and maybe not even eBooks however there are countless other opportunities.
One off course is Blog writing for others, simply get a direction and post to a clients website or simply become a freelance writer on Fiverr or similar.

In the next heading we will look at emails and newsletter that also require writing input.
Grammar and spelling are easily covered by using a free version of Grammarly to correct your work.

eBook writing for others can be quite good and a lot of commercial templates are available to construct a nice readable product for your clients.

Email and newsletters

Every business should produce a Newsletter, it is a two week or monthly product talking about what they do as a business or offering advise on how to achieve certain ambitions.
However it is one of those annoying jobs that is put on the back burner for a later time.
That however is not good enough, consistency is required to keep the readers focused on your content .
I recently wrote a piece that headlined:
“If your customers are not reading your Newsletter they are reading someone else's”
marketing is a front of mind opportunity and this is a perfect vehicle.

I know it sounds hard but using a service like Constant Contact that is all built on templates so very easy to do and you charge the service fee to the client plus your time.

You then have regular work and income that can be projected well ahead.

You don't need a website however it is all internet access. Constant Contact have great training manuals so there is no reason to not be successful.

Akin to this is programming email flow to the future using an Auto Responder. This is simply a set of emails that will be dispatched over time.
A client makes a Tennis racket inquiry but does not buy. They are put in a series that will induce a buying decision over time. Today might not be the correct time but next week, next month or even six months time they may well act on impulse.
management of this role can be your work from home occupation.

How to start a business with no money by making videos

Providing company videos

Believe it or not this is by far the easiest task of them all, Why make such a bold statement when it takes Cameras and Sound and script writing to make a simple video.

First of all does anyone need to make business videos and put them on YouTube or on their website.
YouTube is searched nearly as often as Google so it is a formidable business, Ok a lot is kids and music are searched however business videos really work.
Have you ever looked up a “How to Video” Try it now search, How to string a tennis racket, so we stay on a theme and you will see several Videos that rank above the Google searches.

Secondly If it was too hard we would not even suggest it but with technology anyone can make a great video.

Finally look at Vidnami a free writers book and an opportunity to try the product and keep all your videos. I use it and you can to.

What's more you can either do this for others or simply become an affiliate and recommend the product. Off course it has an ongoing fee but not until you have a customer you can bill for the service.

This is probably the fastest growing area of the internet and the easiest to learn and sell.

Other ideas that will give an instant return

The list is endless and only as good as your imagination.

Collecting road side Junk and selling on eBay
Growing and selling plants
Making costume jewellery and selling on Etsy
Hiring out clothes or other items of common use
Set up a training course on something you know well.

On and on the list could go so no one needs to sit and do nothing.

Finally my scam warning

I need to throw this in because many will be enticed by promises of great wealth and instant fortune, often accompanied by a Fast Cars and glamour. Working from the Beach at a holiday resort without a worry in the world. Money coming in for doing nothing.

The only money to be made is in selling this junk to amateurs who are unaware that they will need to keep paying out to achieve anything. Don't be sucked in, stay with main stream offers that have been around for sometimes and don't tempt you with instant fortunes

Finally How to start a business with no money and my conclusion

My conclusion

We could never cover off every thing available for you. My point has been to learn a trade and work it as hard as you can. Choose just one idea and learn everything you can and then monetise it before moving on. Somethings will merge like writing and Newsletters however they are separate skills that first need to be mastered.
Learning to play tennis is a sport like Basketball however the skill sets are very different. Master one before moving on.
If I had to make just one choice what would it be? The one that grabs your heart and fills you with some excitement. It may be a long time career so do something you love and it will never be a just a JOB

How to start a business with no money by Peter Hanley

7 great ways to keep your readers onsite

7 great ways to keep your readers onsite. Your bounce rate is a vital factor in SEO so doing these few extras will keep them reading

Estimated reading time monitor

Estimated reading time: 8 minutes

This is an area many of us neglect or simply ignore because we are not aware of how to use it or where it is available. I use one with the Yoast SEO plugin on my WordPress site.

I went away from this for awhile however I have recently noticed that I take an interest in this when reading an article. If it is too short, i-2 minutes I lose interest and similarly to long at 10 plus makes me think.

The important point, that is often forgotten, is that it is an attention grabber. It is important to get their interest very early in the search or they quickly drop away.

The importance of a Meta to grab that one second of interest

When someone hits a search page nearly 80% will only look at the first three items in the search and that does not include the paid advertising.

We search to find a solution to our problem and the most clear pathway is the proffered option.
Interestingly I typed into Google best SEO option and it returned pages for my local area.
These are professional companies that know what to do, or do they?

7 great ways to keep your readers onsite

You can make your own mind up on these however I am not concerned with price at this time in #1 nor someone that talks about themselves and has no reviews in #3.
I would pick the middle term because it also holds an unanswered question about the change in SEO.

Make your 160 word Meta really stand out by fulfilling a promise or promising to deliver the answer to which you search.

A Table of contents so they can speed read

My confession here is that I have not used a contents list all that often. however I do understand that when one is displayed it is another attention getter.
That attention in the first pass is critical to holding the reader.
It may be that one headline will answer the question they seek thus sending them to the article and keeping them on the page.

An additional benefit for beginners is that it makes you lay out your content headers before you start writing. This makes writing a whole lot easier and more focussed on answering the question.

The Opening introduction to excite them

It may be a headline or even a featured image that will entice them into the web. Most people searching are attention deficit and simple want an answer therefore put it in front of them, early in the process.
Importantly you don't have to use all seven of these options in every post however if you want to improve your chances of being read then take little one percent gains to accumulate into a much bigger number and grab those readers by the eyes early in the piece.

7 great ways to keep your readers onsite remembering that content counts

Good clear content in the best SEO fashion

It is well recognised that your writing must follow acceptable form to keep them entertained over the course of the article.

This will include short sentences of less than twenty five words and Indeed paragraphs in under three hundred words.

Your headlines and subheads should start large and then decrease through the page. Never ever go back up to a H1 title in the article.

Positive writing is necessary and the use of transition words to link your sentences.

The use of an appropriate Alt description with any image is a must do. In many cases it may be your Keyword however an over emphasis is not recommended.

Keyword stuffing went out of fashion many moons ago and is now frowned on as a negative input to content. However, your keyword should be seen occasionally though out the article, used in a proper and inclusive way so it reads well within the article.

A vital question all ways remains on the number of words in a post. The general answer is that as long as it answers the question it is sufficient however more than three hundred words is a minimum.
My recent research by leading analysts state that 1500 words is an ideal target for any blog post extending out to 3000 when necessary.

As an example this post contains just on 1400 words with an eight minute reading time.

Add some relevant pictures tables and lists

It is a fact that Google search engines love lists and tables nearly as much as your readers.
Using a list in your Keyword title like I have in this post gives you a search engine advantage.
It speaks of authority and a knowledge of the subject.

Off course all of these must be relevant to the content and not simply thrown in for effect.
Furthermore an Alt description is an absolute. Using WordPress this shows under your post title in the RH block. It is acceptable to use your Keyword in many of these.

What is the difference in lists and tables and when should they be used?

  • This is a list of items
  • They must be relevant to your topic
  • You may use some colour as well.
  • Unlimited items can be included

However a table is somewhat different and can be really big or small in as many rows and columns as you desire.

Start with the objectExplain what it will doAdd what needs to be done
Yoast SEOPremium WordPress plug inFree and pro versions
A simple table

This can be as many columns and rows as you wish plus you can add, delete or change as you go along, a really strong and useful addition to your page.

7 great ways to keep your readers onsite with mobile friendly site speed

Check your site speed and Mobile ready material

First of all Google search currently looks at Mobile first and then on a fixed location.
However this is coming to an end sometime early this year (2021). Only mobile search will be done by Google. This is a very important development because there are many differences between the two.

Secondly you can check if your site is mobile friendly by using a log in at Google
Whilst most will generally comply with this using modern interfaces however there are still things that you must do.

First of all you can not have links close together because they may clash when selected on a mobile device.
Secondly your font size must not be too small as it will will disappear on a portable device.

Finally picture size also becomes important because of load speed.

At Wealthy Affiliate we have a program that looks at these issues and reports on the status.

7 great ways to keep your readers onsite

But that is just my individual pages, Using the Google analyser on my home page page it returned;

7 great ways to keep your readers onsite

Therefore and finally site speed is radically important so make sure you comply by testing every page you do. Furthermore write with a mobile device in mind and check it on your phone when publishing.

My Conclusion on keeping them reading

If you have got this far you will begin to realise that posting to the internet is the easy part. Getting to page one is also hard but capturing readers is a special process that you must consider every time you post to the internet.

Perhaps you will not use every point detailed and maybe find others however they all add something to the occasion and should be considered.

In this post I have achieved them all as in most that I do because I recognise the absolute importance of being read.
We spend a lot of time as writers and deserve some payback. Therefore it is up to us to make that possible .

7 great ways to keep your readers onsite by Peter Hanley

Writing the correct way.

Website comments make the difference to your success

Self-motivation, how to set goals

Website comments make the difference to your success and the continued recognition of your page ranking among its peers. An important lesson

A forgotten art

We all like to be praised for our great work and that is basically what your comments are doing. However they also tell you what you are doing wrong or not doing should they be honest in their response.

I decided to write this post because it is a task that most web masters forget and it is important in several ways.

  • All comments add to your word count and the higher the count the more Mr Google likes you. For instance I received a comment on my recent post that included 140 words


February 3, 2021 at 12:47 pm Edit

A well-informed article which I appreciate! I can’t say enough about having good training to show you the proper way and support from experts to critique and give feedback on your progress. I for one am still very grateful to the Wealthy Affiliate platform, Kyle and Carson, and the other trainers who without them I would not have the success I am having! I also want to throw a word of caution to those just starting out to do thorough research to ensure you are not wasting your time with platforms that are short on delivering what you need! You can waste a lot of time and money if you are not careful. I hope this encourages your readers to take the plunge into online business as you and I know just how life-changing it can be.

What you, nor anyone else, will know is that I paid for the comment. Is it legal or even moral to admit such a breach of the rules. let me explain.

First of all every comment demands a response and the longer the response the better the result. I cut this short to about 60 words

Website comments make the difference to your success and my response

My response

Thanks Rina, and yes I agree that Wealthy Affiliate is more than just a pit stop but a long term location to provide a whole range of products that we can use and to market.

They are an extremely fair and honest approach to the internet world filled with scammers wanting to take your money.

Peter H

Nearly every post I do I seek comments, occasionally I might not agree with them buy hey that is part of the game.

* You build credibility and Authority

Now both of these are viewed highly by Google and really help your ranking. Authority internal , external and back links provide great SEO juice that will do wonders for your page position.

* Credible Feedback to help self improvement

As I said, not every comment is complementary however that is not what I am looking for. I want feedback on my content, my set out and the views I present. All of us like a pat on the back but a kick in the rear also tells us something. It goes toward self improvement.

Website comments make the difference to your success taken further

As a business owner I have a business listing on Google. This shows your name and Address, web page , opening hours etc.
Importantly it lists customer comments and a 5 star listing gives you credence in the market.
They show the top five comments and this works to bring you on page one of a search term.

Wo is me, I had no comments so I needed to lift my game.
My customer base is several hundred customers in this business so I sent them a message.

Give me a five star rating and I shall return the compliment.

Within a few minutes the job was done, I had my comments posted and I had returned the favour to those that supported me. A simple task neglected by so many.

Getting back to your website or blog posts

The old story is ask and you shall receive however it is not that simple, many are reluctant to take the time and do their bit.
AT Wealthy Affiliate webhosting they have the answer. A channel contacts all members on request that are in your area of interest and seeks comments .
This means you are generally assured that you will get at least one and maybe more comments.

However there is a cost.

Give two comments and earn a free one.

Therefore it is a give and receive program with a benefit to both people.

Furthermore you can pay money for comments if you really want to work the system.

They actually have two programmes going. One is commenting on a post the other on your website so the choice is yours.

I am careful about posts that have a lot of outside affiliate links because that is not the reason behind the scheme. Therefore I am selective in what I use.

Well yes, it is working the system but in a good way, anyone can post what they want however you are in control with a delete and spam button. You are not obliged to accept rubbish.

This system really builds your empire

On this blog site I have about 270 individual post and over 370 valid comments helping every part of my work. We all forget to ask for comments as often as we do request that they give feed back.

Now I can ask for your feedback as there is a section at the bottom for you to vent all your pent up emotions. Tell me what you think and I would love to reply. I will even share the favour so don't be shy.

My conclusion on comments

This is not just part of the game it is a real force in SEO improvement.
We sometimes talk about the 10x effect. That is make a 1% change to ten different things to get a far greater result.
Comments are just part of your overall growth strategy that really deserves your respect.
That 1% can make a difference.

Thank you for reading and now just ask and you shall receive.

Website comments make the difference to your success by Peter Hanley

Internet training for beginners

How to fail at marketing without trying

how to market

How to fail at marketing without trying. A light hearted look at the mistakes we all make in getting to the sale and how to avoid them

Using real dumb keywords

I have just committed a mortal sin using a Keyword that no one will search. Everyone tells you not to do this. you must have traffic and competition to generate results. However I may get on page one of the search term and get randomly trolled by someone just like you.
For this I use the Jaaxy Keyword tool which is a market leader and tells me what I should do.
But would I listen, no went ahead anyway so let's see what happens.

Click on the image to see more on Jaaxy.

How to fail at marketing without trying

Including a headline.

What I have done is written a great headline that will make people stop and look therefore I am not breaking all the rules. I use the Monster Insights product that has helped me to go from dumb to having a reasonable chance of success. If you want to learn more click on the image below and be transferred to the monster cave

Selling instead of problem solving

I have been in the selling game for many decades starting with insurance (now that's a hard start) to now at affiliate marketing a hard finish.
First of all you don't sell insurance.
Hey buddie want to give me $100 a month and get nothing in return, that's unless you die of course then you are rich.
Buyers lined up begging for this it sounds so great. Not likely.
The great intangibles of a market.

You might exaggerate peace of mind, security, Family welfare all the benefits that keep your conscience a bit cleaner. Intimidation can be used here or bringing fear into the current situation and maybe embarrassment but never selling. The returns in this business are large however it takes a special soul to weave the magic. It is not for everyone.

But I digress.

The foot in the door salesman has long passed his use by date.
We now solve problems and weave dreams and the buyers come.

So what problem are you pedalling today,

Blowing your own trumpet to loud

I have a mate of mine that tells his life story within the first minutes of meeting someone new. Ok he has done a few good things over the years however he immediately turns people away with the I AM So Great Talkfest. No one cares we are only concerned with SELF.

I find it interesting to ask new people their story, they love to tell you and and in so doing a bond is created and the selling begins LOL

Others that I know delight in telling you how much money they have, maybe this is because we are all near retirement age but I want to scream I DON'T Care.
I knock about with some well heeled guys that don't need to brag, they have got to the I don't need to impress you I am comfortable in my own skin stage.

Not answering the question

This often comes about by concentrating on what you want to say that will prove you are the important and knowledgeable part of the discussion. You are so keen to talk that their questions fly past like a mosquito on a power trip.
Therefore concentrate on what they want and not what you will say.

How to fail at marketing without trying by over talking

Not listening to the buyer

Sometimes, and for a change, you might try listening to the question and letting the answer form the result. You should remember it is not all about you!

There are many times where you can never change a customers mind and babbling on will get you no where. I might try to sell you on a Chevy when you are a died in the wool Ford man, it is not going to happen. A more modern example is Apple v Android, you are in one camp or the other, rarely both.

A friend of mine worked in a Telephone retail outlet, the commissions on selling a Samsung phone are in the hundreds of dollars yet Apple only in tens of dollars. The salespeople are beaten into promoting the higher margin product simply because they get a better return. This is not unfair as the phones are really pretty equal except that us Apple people wont change to the dark side, we are prepared to pay more for brand recognition.
Apple still outsell all the others.
My point is trying to sell someone something they don't want is a waste of time.

The mistake of Tangent selling

I often see this where the salesperson finds the going tough so they try a new direction. You want to buy a family sedan however the young sales guy can see you in the latest off road SUV. So when the process hits a stumbling block they take off in a whole new direction which is a way you never wanted to go and won't end up doing.

How to fail at marketing without trying by not talking

When to shut the cake hole

This is arguably the most important piece of advice I can give anyone. Failure can cause a lifetime of self recrimination.

The mistake many make is continuing to sell after you get a YES. Everyone has red flags and if you fly one after the sale it all disappears.
At one stage. many years ago, I was selling Real Estate. I sold a nice property to a lovely couple
and in my excitement continued to sell all the benefits that I had not given them. One benefit was a no go signal and in the middle of signing documents they hesitated and announced they would like to think about it. This is no mans land, the sale is gone and there is nothing you can do about it. One simple word changed the world.

Therefore If I had just shut up I was home and hosed. That mistake cost me several thousand dollars in commission and a life time of anxiety.

Therefore when you have made the sale talk about anything else but not the deal until you have it all signed up.

How to fail at marketing without trying by overselling

Going back for seconds

This is really prevalent with online selling, you pay your $9.99 to get an article and then they go for an upgrade to $19.99 and then $29.99 and to really make it work $199.99 or figures like that.
first of all they have made the sale, received the money and have commitment before going into another sale.
If you have ever purchased a new car you will understand the extra sale experience. Do you want extended warranty with that, Window Tinting or any money dragging upsell they can find. Again they hold the Ammo until the signing has been done.

After making the huge commitment the small bits are just easy yes (or No) answers. There is often more income from the second and subsequent sales than the original one.

In my early online days I bought a cheap promise that was more a scam than a product as they tried repeated upsells on me.
Furthermore when I complained I was told you should have known that's what we do bugger off if you don't like it. My loss was small my experience large.

How to fail at marketing without trying by underselling

Under whelming a sale

We don't always buy a product we most often buy an experience. A Holiday cruise ship has pictures of fun filled nights and great meals and never long gangplank queues and customs form filling.

A new car will see you driving down quiet roads at speeds you are not allowed with a big grin on your face. Unlike the Police road blocks you will encounter and the door chips at shopping centres.

You are a marketer, a deliverer of dreams, great times and experiences. You are not a box seller flogging an uninspiring product.

It may be more truthful however we act on emotion so cater to the basics needs and stay away from the long list of problems.

Get your training the right way

First of all at Wealthy Affiliate they set out to avoid all the pitfalls you will find as you grow into an internet entrepreneur. The goal is enough income to satisfy the demands of you and your family working from home.

Secondly there are right and wrong ways to master the art of online marketing.

Finally it is a lifestyle dream, no boss, no 9-5 job working from anywhere when and how you desire.
There are many just like you that are making five and six digit incomes working part time.
This is where they share their experiences to transport you quickly to the top with some basic lessons undertaken for free and at leisure.

Success is your goal .

How to fail at marketing without trying by Peter Hanley

7 easy ways to validate your blog post ideas

Self-motivation, how to set goals

7 easy ways to validate your blog post ideas before you experience failure. Is there a market place for your idea and people wanting to pay.

Why validate why not just write

A good question and many times this will be the option when you have a hot off the press idea that really has the legs to fly.

Validate, confirm, corroborate, substantiate, verify, and authenticate all mean to attest to the truth or validity of something.


We are talking about the ability of a blog post to be read and accepted as value for many customers over a period of time.

As you build your brand readers will follow however you need to give them what they want. If you are selling meat you don't offer vegetarian menus because the interest is naturally low.

If you are selling Vegan a post on the best cuts of Beef won't make the grade.

Therefor never ask a vegan to comment on a Animal product.

Are you answering a question or solving a problem

Most searches on the internet or YouTube are seeking an answer to a problem.

How, why, when and where are common ways to put a response together.

If your searches know the answer they simply don't search so you need to solve a problem or issue that has an interest to a wider audience.

There is an audience for you among the several billion searches every day so it is putting together a package that is best equipped to draw them in.

This will include Keywords, headlines and meta descriptions to whip up an interest

How do you know if anyone is interested

All keywords have traffic and competition. Both of these are available with any good Keyword tool so that your decision is a lot more informed.

However too much of either traffic or competition will block you from getting to page one of a search term, thus being read.

The one thing that you must master in 2021 is the use of Keywords by using the appropriate support and understanding the results

Who else is offering a similar answer on the subject that would outrank you. Forgetting the paid adds for a moment have a look at the answers supplied and see just how you can fit in.

Look at the first three line items and see what they are doing right an adjust your work to be better than them.

One way is using a list, this always helps so finding a number of ways of doing something will get you in favour with Google, and that is a good thing. I always find a list comes early in every search term so that validates my reasoning.

7 easy ways to validate your blog post ideas using associates ( and a list)

Using friends, family and associates

This is not as silly as you may think. I find many in this group can be hyper critical of my efforts and apply answers that can get you thinking. However, I find they are not always right in what they say but it does add to the dialogue and decision making.

Using other media to see what is being asked

Many will recommend Quora as a bible to the questions that are being searched. As a member I often answer questions so gather a good idea of what people want. Off course you have to weed out the rubbish off those with no knowledge and high ambitions.

However many ask great questions and you can see by the upvotes the level of interest in any search query.

Craig's list is similar but I don't use it very often so wont put forward a recommendation whilst others will.

Google search, Threads and other website tools

These all add to your knowledge base and can help your decision. However don't get too deep in the water and waste valuable time .
You will find other tools listed however you are looking for a simple answer not an in-depth solution.

Are you solving an issue and is it important

Social media as a guide

Again a whole field of viewers that may indicate a need to have a problem solved. Be it Face Book, Instagram or Twitter using a post to ask the question will deliver results. Twitter also gets up a great comment flow for you.

Finding forums and posing a question or simply searching what others want

Creating cornerstone sites and linking to it

When everything else fits however traffic is slow consider creating a cornerstone post and linking other posts to it. This way you will build your own traffic and develop a following for that query or word.

Rome was not built in a day, nor a flow of traffic to any website. It takes time to establish a like and trust bonding over many articles. Therefore if the odd one does not rate as well as you hoped it still adds to the portfolio.

Internal linking will also contribute to the traffic over time with searchers seeking more information.

Putting it all together

The keyword on this page started as “validating a blog”. Not a lot of traffic and some big names in the search term yet I wanted to include this term in my work as it is important.

I added a list to the issue with 7 ways and included a power word to enforce my meaning thus making the headline stronger. I use the headline program at Monster Insights and achieved a 90/ 100 rating which will increases my chances of being read.

Then I tightened up my Meta and made sure I added some character to the page.

Conclusion to validation

With the above list of ideas you can obtain a rough idea of the success chances. However don't get too hung-up on the problem and let Keyword generation be your best friend.

We never really know until we try unless we try to be too smart.

If there is too much traffic and competition to have a chance of rating then modify the Keyword slightly. A small change can make a big difference to the results.
How to tie a tie can be come how to tie a tie the Windsor way or looking in a mirror etc.

A similar word selection yet narrowed down for better results.

Many people believe traffic is everything however this is not true. Results are what count and if you got one click on small traffic it is better than none on volume.

7 easy ways to validate your blog post ideas by Peter Hanley

Validation may save you time and money

The body beneath the heading and how to entice readers

The boddy beneath the heading

The body beneath the heading and how to entice readers is a set skill that follows a traditional formula for your success

Your content is important so do it properly

We have talked at length about your heading and how important that is to attract readers.
It really is a necessary part of building a blog that will be found in a search term.
Nothing comes near to being number one than your keywords and including them in a manner that will get you seen.

Next we looked at the Meta description and how that contributed to the whole concept.
When your search term pulls them in then the Meta makes them want to read.
You only have a very few chances of achieving this so it must be done properly.
You can read more on a well balanced Meta here.

And now to content

It is an interesting experience writing for attention deficit readers that want answers and not prose.

They want short sentences that are to the point and enclosed in short paragraphs with great headings, photos. lists and tables that display you have a knowledge of this subject.

The first thing to consider is writing to solve a problem. find the problem and you will find the readers. Then the easy part is to solve the problem.

Well the easy part of the problem not about your ability to monetise the effort and make it all worth while .

If you are looking for ………………….
the best method is to ……………..
.look for something that lets you
If it doesn't then…
These people did it
Call to action….

Therefore the answer is to sell the problem.
Many people writing blogs fail to entice readers. It is a problem because unless someone reads your stuff you have just killed several hours of sweat.

The best method to achieve this is to follow a simple set of rules.

My simple set of blogging rules with 12 ways to success

This simple structure may just elevate you above the many others that wander in your Niche.

Write more than 1000 wordsYes it can be 300 or 3000 but 1500 rocks
Use short paragraphs Less than 250 words
Also short sentencesLess than 25 words
Write great sub headings That align with your Keywords
Write positively Set the subject first
Use transition words to connectTherefore, because, however
Use a tool that check your attempt Yoast SEO
Add pictures and colourA picture is a painting
Plus use a featured imagesomething that depicts the subject
Insert your categoriesand off course tags
Finally use your brandkeep it consistent
Use lists 12 ideas that work
A bunch of ideas

Who writes this way?

I have not made this up just to show you that the rules must be followed. The experts took me here, Monster insights that track everything you do on the internet and make sure you understand about analytics .

Add to that is the WordPress plugin Yoast SEO and a whole heap of training available to you to make sure you follow the rules.

The most important part of your website

This is an example of an unfinished page, not enough words and no external links however I had time to make my corrections . The example is from a post checked by Yoast SEO

The body beneath the heading is a validation tool

When you have a problem and an answer lets validate it

Any good page should let you see the writing structure. This is important because you show that others have gone before you and used a system that works.

The Wealthy Affiliate training has shown that the successful people in affiliate marketing all use a similar layout.

We love reading about successful people and when Grant May used this system he attracted thousand of readers.

Optin Monster, Wordstream, Neil Patel and others all give good out lines however they fall short on the structure. They are long on headlines and pictures however they miss the mark.

AttentionDrag your readers in
InterestGive them something to think about
Desire Build up some incentive
Action Tell them what you want
CloseA great summary
The AIDA principle

The body beneath the heading needs structure

Building a blog writing structure

I want you to write great articles right from day one however using a structure that works.

Furthermore many of you will have no knowledge of webpages and domains and where to host your product so you will be seen.

For this I use the training at Wealthy Affiliate and a free hosting to get you up and running with the bulls.

I have written about head lines and that this is the most important part of the process.
If you are not found you are not read and the whole episode is wasted.

I have also gone on about your meta and how this follows a great headline and again drives visitors to your blog.

Among this I have shown how SEO is important and that you need a combination of skills
and not just good writing techniques

Your blogging has purpose

The body beneath the heading

I started this journey to entice people to use the internet with purpose and at a low or Zero cost.
I searched blog on Google pages and found five paid adds that are there to take your money>
In most cases spend should be minimal and the returns great.

Finally making money with a blog

A very important part of the process, when you have written a 100 or so Blogs and typed more words than an adult novel you are going to entertain a return.

  • Selling your product
  • Marketing a product for someone else
  • Doing training courses
  • Or gathering coaching clients
  • Using affiliate income
  • selling advertising on the site

You will have something in mind so lock that in and include a link in your writing.

My blog conclusion

Finally we get to the end of a sermon that was built in a way described that may help your ambitions to become real blogger.

Furthermore I have included tools and methods to fast track your success however it won't be overnight. Blogging is a career and most certainly not an overnight fling because you need to build a like and trust relationship.

This is a third article for the process so I trust by combining all three you will develop a real understanding that goes into creation.

The body beneath the heading by peter Hanley

Your headline page

A meta page

How to write headlines that will really increase readers

blogging for beginners

How to write a headline that will really increase readers. The headline is a critical element in getting read, so do it right from the start.

Why is a headline so important?

Your headline should tell the readers what your article is about and in fact it poses a question that needs an answer.

The use of How questions or Why questions opens a readers mind.

Many people search by Mobile devises so they are seeking an answer to a question.

How do I write a better headline;

Why is your headline so important?

Maybe you could use “Where do I learn to write a headline”

However this is just the start of the journey,

A list explains the journey

How often do you see a list starting a question?

5 ways to writing a better headline.
The best headlines in 7 simple steps
Use these 3 simple tools to writing a successful headline

What are the best words a headline should include

The experts all differ on many parts of this so only Google can provide a definitive answer.

However it will be generally acknowledged that some parts are critical.

Uncommon words.
It is generally acknowledged that the use of uncommon words will attract clicks.

Emotionally triggered headlines.
The fear of writing headlines
I nearly die when asked to create a headline

However Power words can also make a difference
This will really make your headline stand out.

Sentiment is also important.

Is it a positive sentiment, negative or neutral

Headlines that swing either very positive or very negative also have more effect.

I failed badly at Math

How I scored 100% in math

What about the number of words in a headline

This is a contentious issue however longtail Keywords certainly work better.

The maximum characters will be up to 55 in a heading and about eight words. However we should note that most people only read the first 2-3 words and also the last 2-3 so your structure should build around this concept.

How do you check a headline

The above represents a score that should attract readers but how did i get that?

I use a simple plugin by Monster Insights that does many things for you. It does come in a free version to use on any WordPress site as well as a pro version.

This tool provides a score on every part of your headline.

Why not 100% well I made a couple of mistakes.

First of all I needed to cut back on a word and I considered dismissing the word ” will” and making the next to ” increases” however I like will because it is positive.

Secondly my tone is considered neutral , that is not really positive or negative.

Finally getting 100% is pretty damn hard so I shall be happy with my score for this attempt.

How to write a headline that will really increase readers by Peter Hanley

Did you know that if your headline is 6 – 8 words, it can increase your click-through-rate (CTR) by 21%? Amazing, isn’t it?

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