Why use repetition in marketing

Why use repetition in marketing. Most do not understand the power of repetition. Here we shine some light on results

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Repetition is an advertising technique

Let me repeat that. repetition is an advertising technique
I thought about this post when I went to the letterbox this morning and cleared the Real Estate flyers that were there. It struck me that one individual had a place in my memory because of consistent mail. He was gradually working his way into my conscience and not in an annoying way. The mail was doing its job.

The Rule of seven in marketing

the rule of seven in image

This is an old rule that is based on early TV coverage. You need to show an advert at least seven times before viewers will take notice.

This has since expanded into all marketing where your clients need to be exposed to content at least seven times before they will act.

Good examples are still TV where adverts are running ad nauseous until you are all but sick of them. You can sit back and name them and repeat what they say. We could guess that is because they have got their point across.

Billboards and street signs have the same effect. You drive past them every day and they subtly invade your inner conscience.
This is all based on the benefits of repetition.

Repetition, advertising, and the consumer

One form of marketing can be sufficient if it is targeted correctly and repeated often enough.

A close friend has a high-end ladies' hairdressing salon. Target market Girls between twenty and forty-five with good disposable income and a need to follow trends.

She chose Instagram as her vehicle of choice. The strategy is three posts every day with hairstyle examples from the customers in that week.

There was no need to expand on this because it ticked all the boxes. It has worked for several years as the salon has continued to increase in size.

Another owns a Ladies' dress shop. target market twenty-five to sixty-five so she needs a bit more. Her pictures of current stock being modeled by staff are shown on Facebook and Instagrdailyaily basis. That covered both age groups however an Online shop was also needed to back this up.
Furthermore consistent local promotions are used to draw in your new clients..

The power of repetition

As a buying group, we get so many signals on a given day that most just pass to the bin.

We require consistent reminders that your promotion is what we need. It might not be today it could be a month's time but we need to be able to bring your name, or brand, immediately to the front of mind.

Car compares really well at this but what do they sell? Cars? Never!
They market a lifestyle associated with owning their precious metal.

A lifestyle choice in repetition marketing

It may be the convertible or a Four wheel drive bashing the bush they are suggesting a lifestyle that is associated with their brand.

They have jingles and pictures that associate with the brand and they hammer you with them.
Pretty young girl in a smaller model, a metrosexual in the next range through to Hunting jackets for the four-wheel nuts.

They are on TV every night plugging away at getting brand recognition for when the day comes. They know you might be several years away from a buying decision but they are warming you up. When the day comes they will be on your shopping list.

My car dealer keeps in contact with emails, SMS messages, Letters, surveys, phone calls, and special offers just to keep me warm. I feel some obligation to remain loyal due to all the work they do even if I am only a buyer every six or so years.

Social media opens an active communications channel

The first rule is that repetition beats all other methods of communication. You are better off choosing a single channel rather than spreading yourself too wide.

Posting every day is time-consuming but essential. However, it is done to attract business. You are better off with a hundred loyal customers on Facebook that buy from you than ten thousand on TikTok that ignore the message.

That comes down to choosing a suitable demographic.

All social media covers a certain following although that can change somewhat with products.

A fast sports can is generally for younger men however we old blokes don't Mind one either. A lady friend of mine also owned one so a very wide field.

Baby prams are for young families or so you would think. However, the biggest buying group in the demographic is the grandparents.

Why use repetition in marketing when it costs money

Repetitive marketing ideas that won't send you broke

First of all, consider your demographic and your products to market because their needs change. However, the plan is a consistent and active activity that can be sustained over time


These are sent at least weekly, maybe fortnightly or monthly but no greater than quarterly.
It is important to remember these are not sales channels. Newsletters are to inform or entertain and to maintain a position in a future buying cycle.

A customer markets high-end photocopiers. Not an everyday purchase but a big-ticket item. We learn all about new methods and what is on the market. When the time comes he knows he has developed enough brand awareness to be included in the buying list.

Newsletters are really easy to do and can be sent to your entire customer base because they carry generic material.

Should you have a call to action on the page? The answer is a definite yes because you will never know where in the buying cycle they are. However, subtle rules on the page.

Newsletters are a must-do in product marketing because of the repetitious touch over a long period of time.

Are emails still worthwhile?

I get about a hundred a day so someone thinks they work. The skill is in the subject line and using a personal touch.

When you don't know the sender you are more likely to hit delete. When the subject line is weak you are less likely to click and if it is an uncommon time frame you will lose interest.

That being said, Emails are an amazing communication source however consistency still rules.
An email every day will eventually get actioned, a quarterly email will get binned. It is your choice.

Using an Autoresponder to help with repetition

An Autoresponder simply sends out prewritten mail over a period of time. Therefore you can use the same series for an interested group of customers.

Everyone wanting baby carriages gets one batch and those wanting bicycles with child seats get another.

Both get the standardized Newsletter.

A very easy formula

Why use repetition in marketing

A key point is that if the acceptance of your marketing channel fails, for whatever reason, you are out on a limb.

Secondly, you do not have a comparison tool to gauge what works the best. For example, Is Instagram the best you can do, or are their other ways?

Next, you may be missing whole market segments by targeting in the right direction.

Finally, all the eggs in one basket have never been a successful formula. You need to mix things up a bit.

Why use repetition in marketing by making a plan of action

Good planning is essential in target marketing

You can have a guess at any market and throw a bucket load of opportunities at it. However, there is a formula titled ” Getting a return on your investment.”

Your investment is both time and money both of which are valuable inputs.

It is a waste committing to a project that shows either no current or long-term returns.
We are not just gambling here, these are solid business decisions that need to be exercised in a manner that tracks costs and returns.

There are many ways of tracking returns and one is asking people for the answer. “How did you hear about us?” Where did you see our marketing?” type questions.

Another is a survey and even one with a simple question, “where did you hear about us?”

For online activities, there is Google Analytics, Bing Webmaster Tools, and many others to provide an indication of media source.

After you develop a road map make sure you don't veer off course.

What five forms of marketing will suit you?

I use Five here as a starting point. It could be seven or ten but you need to start somewhere.

  • Webpage
  • Funnel
  • Blog posts
  • YouTube
  • Online store
  • Email.
  • Newsletters
  • Brochures
  • All sorts of Social media and that means about six different ones
  • SMS
  • Telephone canvassing
  • Hard sources, flags, bunting, signs, cards,
  • Forums, displays, meetings, Audio and video, etc

However, remember that you want a return on investment. Some will work better than others however they all need to pay their way.

Advertising, repetition, and effectiveness

Each method must stand on its own and be seen often to develop memory retention. Each source will find a customer sub-set that you want to attract. Buyers are spread across a wide demographic area so the wider you broaden your touch the better you will be.


No matter what your business the marketing you do will make a difference to results. Somewhere between nothing and everything.

Use a shot gum approach because a single shot may well miss your mark and leave you wondering what went wrong.

Remember this is a business, no matter what stage of development you are in so treat it with due respect and give it every opportunity to succeed.

The results are with you.

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