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Vidnami is video success

The creative platform behind building professional videos in a super quick time and at a great price is where Vidnami is video success.

Who and what is Vidnami

Let me be the first to tell you that Vidnami is really just a name change for the excellent program called Content Samurai.

Content Samurai was a product from the Noble Samurai group that thought a change of name was in order.

They wanted a name that really represented what they do and after a lot or tries found Vidnami

What does the name Vidnami mean?

The name Vidnami comes from combining the word “Video” and the Japanese word for wave “Nami” and it relates to the idea of using video to create a positive wave of influence in the world.

Dr Anthony
Vidnami is video success

Your free video experience

Vidnami free experience

Before you look away give this a try, it is lots of fun and you have a whole bunch of options.

You don't need talking heads, you do get music and voice works to complete a professional product.

Why use Video in your business

More salesThat's why were here
Customer retentionKeep them faithful
Superior brandingNumber 1 strategy
Increased site SEOMore time on site =
greater SEO return
Product launchGive them pictures
How to do thingsHow to fix a tyre, Unpack a box etc
A store promotionPlaying in a TV in-house
TrainingShare it around

In fact I even have a free book that will give you lots more options.

The book is still branded by Content Samurai however they will soon change all this to the new name of Vidnami. The book is free and will give you lots of exciting ideas to add to your business.

Vidnami is video success and you should bother.

Should you bother with video?

YouTube is a search engine that is used nearly as often as Google and more that all the rest combined.
That is a lot of views you are missing out on if you are not participating.

Videos stand the test of time. With the correct use of Keywords your video will be viewed for years to come. This is unlike general social media where you must post daily to stay in front of the audience.

My try with video.

Videos are multi use

Your completed video is not just housed on YouTube waiting for people to click it.
You can use your link in a lot of places.

  • Naturally on your web site as a link
  • Furthermore embed the picture into the site.
  • Include them in your email
  • link on hard flyers
  • On your signature
  • In social media

Will videos make you money

Done properly a video will create sales opportunities for you business and add all the other advantages we have described.

When you get enough traffic you can also achieve advertising income that can be in the tens of thousands of dollars. on top of your own business. quite a bonus.

Vidnami is video success and it really is easy.

Online affiliate marketing

Why is Vidnami so easy?

In the olden days a couple of years back you needed a whole bunch of equipment to achieve the most modest of productions. The top end still spend millions on this but you don't have to.

First of all you write a script. Generally this will follow a format that goes along the lines of the old AIDA principle.

AAttentionGreat opening headline
IInterestwhat it can do for them
DDesire How others have achieved big goals
AActionWhat can they do about it
CloseInclude your links and numbers

Next is to download your pictures

First of all Vidnami will do it for you then if you are not happy you can slide in your own images or change the stock ones to something you like.

You can download videos from your iPad or computer and include these as well.

The Vidnami pictures flow with what you say so the often represent a finished product.

Vidnami is video success with free music

The music track is done for you.

A video without background sound is pretty boring so they have a whole bunch of music to choose from.Or, let then do it for you the choice is yours.

In fact you can have a video without words. The script shows on the screen with all the background effects but no voice dub.

Vidnami is video success
example slide

These are so easy to make and really very effective. They can be as long or short as you wish so long as the convey the correct message.

Remember; most people that search just want answers.

This is where your keywords come in to the puzzle and should be used where you can to get great results. How to sharpen an axe, Installing batteries into a day shaver, braiding hair to dreadlocks, things a bride should carry and Healthy eating the tough way are all examples.

Doing your voice over just go easy

First of all you have three choices;

  • Choose from a canned lady voice
  • or a nice manly voice
  • Do your own
Screen shot

Using your own microphone or computer based one you click the green record button and start taking. Press stop to end.
Listen to the recording and edit or accept it and move on.

The site canned voices do it all automatically.

Where to save your video

Vidnami all ways keep a copy on your file if you are a paid subscriber.

YouTube is free and always accessible.

Embed into your web page.

Save on a hard disk or thumb drive.

You can share products done by others when they are public. I dropped in this stay at home video as an example. 2500 views and 67 likes.

Using analytics with YouTube

When you have your own free and easy to access YouTube channel it comes with all the stats.

You can edit keywords. opening statements or pages to get a better result.

However as Neil Patel states concentrate on conversions not on traffic.

How to start with a Video

This is the simple part.

However you need to make a plan and know what you are trying to achieve. IS it selling or branding. Have a direction and understand where you want to end up.

Where are you going to post your material, should it be long or short. A two minute video may be as effective as a 30 minute video. .

My advise is to head over to Vidnami and have a play. do a few Videos and work out what suits you. This will help you in many ways including doing them on your computer.

How to video ideas


I had a recent experience where someone rang for a new service, he commented he had watched my video and was happy with the explanation. It took me back as it was an old video I had forgotten about.

Video marketing works. however you can spend a packet of money or just a few dollars for the same result, it is your call.

Finally It will increase your SEO and visibility and help with your sales targets.

Best wishes

Image of Peter Hanley
Peter Hanley

Vidnami is video success by Peter Hanley

Video maker on line

How to increase business sales

4 thoughts on “Vidnami is video success”

  1. Hello Peter, this is a wonderful post and I loved the way you presented all the information that you have about this platform called vidami. I have to confess to you that I didn’t know about it until now when I read it on your website. I needed a way to make my business videos but didn’t know where to turn. I think this will provide me with a great offer to make professional business videos. I’ll give it a swipe.

    • Thank you Henderson for your kind remarks.

      My point in the post is to get people to try video and see if it works for them. Do your own and even some for others and save them to YouTube. If you can make money or justify the cost then continue on. If you made a Video for every blog that’s a bout a hundred a year or $6.00 a video.

      Using the Vidnami format you can use an ipad or computer for free.

      There are always discounts available so use my link and it will be there.

      Peter H

  2. Peter, a very informative article. Thank you very much! I am interested in online marketing and I am starting to get my feet wet with blogs, websites, and producing online content. This article was really helpful… 

    I know that at some point I am going to need to start creating videos. The prospect is scary but tools like Vidnami I think will really help the process. One question though: $50 a month seems like a lot, in the article you made this sound like a steal, what other prices/products are even out there?

    • Hi Charles thanks for your comments.

      The free trial is a steal and make as many as you can in the seven days and save the\m to YouTube  or a web page.
      First of all this is a great training exercise in making a product a bit better than an iPad product however the test is always on the return you can get.

      You can also use random months and pack them in to a short period until they start to pay.

      Finally join the affiliate program and get your referrals to pay your way.

      Kind regards

      Peter H


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You cant let an offer like this go by.