Review of the best tool for keyword research

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Review of the best tool for keyword research and why it is so important. Plus, getting a score on your effort to radically increase clicks.

What does a Keyword tool achieve anyway?

First of all a Keyword is a Keyphrase or even long tail Keyword which are all the same thing. Over time words need to be phrases so that Google search can better identify a landing spot.

Certainly the advent of Voice search using mobile devices has had an impact however the growth of the internet has required a clear description of need.
It is no longer reasonable to search Nike because that covers so many categories however Nike marathon running shoes for men in Brooklyn takes a whole new meaning,

A good tool will look at many elements of a search so that you have a chance of being found.

  • Traffic is naturally important
  • However competition also ranks alongside
  • Over all volume and
  • First page volume are different
  • SEO
  • Competition / Traffic

First of all to have a bulls chance of being read you need to make first page of a search term.
On every page there are paid adverts and free ones, over 80% of people never go past page one so if you are on page 20 you have no chance of being read.

Review of the best tool for keyword research
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Therefore this keyword thing is a monster. However we do have some answers for you.

Great content is important but?

Google now rates content over anything else. Therefore not writing really good stuff will damage your brand, it may be a post or page even an Ebook or Video however content is KING.

On the other hand if your content is not read because no one can find it in the massive leaking Sandpit of the internet you are Dead In The Water.

Marketing will help the promotion but is it enough?

If you promote your products using a multi channel approach you will have more subscribers than without promotion. Off course that is a given and you have both free and paid opportunities to really push your product to the masses.
Most importantly the promotion must provide enough incentive to have the readers carry through on your request. That comes back to a Keyword and a description.
You could push Famous Knitting Patterns and Ways to increase your speed in three easy lessons at me all day and i won't budge. Nothing wrong with Knitting and it has a big audience but I am not one of them and just don't have a big care factor.

Social Media offers many platforms of opportunity however you must choose wisely or you will miss the target audience.
Posting Knitting opportunities on Pinterest may well get you success but using TikTok as your vehicle will surely fail.

Guest posting on places like quora or Media have lost a lot of attraction with Google algorithm changes.

SEO plays a very big role in being found.

Mess with SEO and you mess with your results without an escape clause. This includes a lot more than just your keyword and description.

Now to start a search for keyword GOLD

Review of the best tool for keyword research

Stay with me a moment before you wander away.

The above pic is taken in a Jaaxy tool using three different phrases around Keywords.

The first word “Keyword Research tools” has good traffic at 727 a month .However that drops to 124 a month that will hit you if you are on page one of the search term.
Most importantly is competition. There are 246 other sites using the exact same keyword and all are ahead of you. That means you will start on about page 30 of a search.
The second entry has a lot fewer searches per month however you will start on about page 3 with a far greater chance of success.

This takes time to find the right words and we look for about 100 traffic a month and a QSR well under a hundred.

Review of the best tool for keyword research is a necessity.

Is all this research really necessary

Keyword research is not only necessary it is essential if you want to rank your site . Off course you can pay for advertising but remember nearly 80% of viewers will not look a paid advertisement and those that do are usually not thinking.
That is not to say they don't work, off course they do however do they provide a valuable Return on investment?

Another good place to get information is Ubersuggest a site by Neil Patel. I do use this site when I am looking for words that make a difference.

If you are using a WordPress blog then Yoast SEO is a key plugin to obtain a faster growth through the pages. This is nearly as important as the Key Words because structure matters.

Your headline analyser

Writing a great headline that includes your Keyword must also be taken into account. There is some conflicting information on this and many old attitudes have come forward.
Because Google have changed the rules you must change with them.

Your headline should be near 55 characters but no more. This length will display fully in a search result.
Next is word choice and it is recommended about six or more words. A mix of power words and both common and uncommon words.

Interestingly most people only read the first and last three words of a string.

In addition list words get more engagements than other types of headlines. Example 7 ways to find a KeyWord.

I use an excellent product from Monster Insights. Firstly it rates every part of a Keyword and gives you a score out of 100

We also know that a review product has a draw card and that is why I used that word in this Post.

Understanding your traffic

This is the second part of Monster Insights that looks at your traffic and what pages are being read.

With MonsterInsights, you can see useful information about your visitors right inside your WordPress dashboard.

Our Audience Report shows you which country your visitors are from, what are they most interested in, which device are they using, their age, gender, and a whole lot more.

This product along with a Keyword tool has helped me in Keyword selection.

Your Black Friday special offer


You need these tools to get the words correct.

Simply, you will not be read if you don't get this part right, it is that important.

I spend a lot of time on word selection and still I wonder at times why won't they rank.

My traffic insights tell me what is happening and Jaaxy tells me on what page I am ranking for.
It is quite a buzz when you get a ( 1) on Google, Bing and Yahoo.

When you are ranking then it is time to look at the contents and page clicks to sharpen things up a bit.

Keyword research is your first objective.

Review of the best tool for keyword research by Peter Hanley

The most important part of your website

The most important part of your website and why is it so? building your websites comes with much input so where to concentrate your effort.

With a quest for answers we dig deep on websites

I have just written a post on starting a website from scratch and this got me thinking of all the important parts that are combined to make the whole.

Before I answer the question let's explore the components that make up the whole.

It all starts with a Key phrase

Without your keyword properly interrogated for volume and competition you will never be read, that is to say no one will find your product with a Google search.

Keyword, key phrase, Longtail Keyword all mean the exact same thing your site address.

Having come across conflicting evidence on the best word structure for creating these important elements I shall share a little with you.

First of all I am a Yoast plugin convert after trying opposition Ideas. The reason I like Yoast is it hand hold ne in the journey and tells me how good my words are. However He insists on no more that five words in a phrase or he gives you a bad mark.

I also use Monster Insights headline tool where they look for at least six words or more.

So I settle for a balance believing more is better.

Voice search has made a difference

The increasing use of Voice search has made the search term more exact. You would never ask Siri or similar for Nike. Far to broad for her to deal with. however “Nike Basketball shoes for men in a store near me ” would really get results. One word or ten, which is better?

Therefore I believe Monster in sites has the correct answer in the new world of Voice search.

Certainly this is not the end of the story.

The Meta phrase drags them in for more

Your Meta phrase is the words below your Google listing. I might see you on page one of a search but there are a dozen other I can choose from.
A recent link above and the meta below

A beginners guide to the best affiliate marketing. Making money and building a business that will continue for years to come.
My meta description. It is positive, chooses the readers and has an outcome to a question.

The meta is important because they are the words that induce the searcher to read on. Will you answer their question and help with their problem. Up to 160 characters to attract them.

Interestingly if you don't write a meta Google will do it for you pulling words from your content.

Being on page one of a search term

This is the hard bit however we can make it easy for you. First of all nearly 80% of all readers never go past page one of a search term, and 50% of them wont go past the first three headings and furthermore the page is full of paid advertising.

It is easy to get on page one using an obscure Keyword however you won't have any traffic so it matters not.
Your job is to find that balance between traffic and competition and you do that using a Keyword tool.

On the other hand being on page one does not guarantee you success.

Your name and following

This is super important if you are well recognised and trusted but that is for very few of us.
Likewise age, sex and experience also come into it. For us old blokes talking about TikTok won't have the same impact as a hip 20 years old that understands such nonsense. ( not really I have used TikTok because it is here and now.)
Again an old bloke talking women's issues won't have the same interest to someone that has experienced them. Twenty something and talking retirement homes will not be read so choose your subjects relating to who you are and to whom you are writing.

It must be good content that gets the readers

Probably wrong again. First of all if it does not get read your content matters not. However content does matter in how it is written and structured.

Next you need lots of headlines, pictures, charts, lists and most of all short sentences.

Remember you are not wring a book, a white paper or an instruction manual. You are writing to answer a question and to entertain readers during the exercise.

Readers are a fickle lot, extremely low attention span and importantly subject to instant acts of extreme boredom. That is whey pictures and graphs move the eyes to attractive headings and increase the reading ability and longevity

The most important part of your website

Trying for a perfect score in Yoast writing results

Therefore content is not the answer.

The most important part of your website maybe SEO

Is SEO an answer?

Again we ask Is SEO an answer? certainly Mr. Google and Mr, Yahoo and even Brother Bing spend most of their time utilising SEO

The most important part of your website

This is a selection of inputs that Yoast SEO considers important. This is an actual report taken on this page part way through the journey. I always try for 100% because it makes a difference. Yes I will add a few outbound links before I finish.

This will help you get a page one position and maintain your readers over time.

The picture show

Should you include a Video on your page? First of all YouTube is used as a search vehicle almost as often as Google. So not having a video would indicate you are missing nearly half of your potential traffic.
Secondly Time spent on your page is also a huge ranking item with the search engines. YouTube is like a big Vortex where once you enter you get hooked on watching all sorts of content. This all contributes to time on site.

Finally some people just don't like to read and find a picture show far more stimulating so a Video either imbedded or linked is a great answer

Your Social Media effect

Using Social Media to channel readers to your long form article is a great way of marketing. It can be free or paid but most importantly it is collecting readers. Always link to at least one Social post and even more if you have them.

Conclusion on ranking

Ok, so now you have all the material at hand have you discovered the most important part?

To be truthful when I started this post I did not know the answer nor what to tell you but just thought roll it out and see what happens. It even crossed my mind to search many articles and see what was important or what was the principal ingredient.

It was not until very near the end that I realised what I was looking for and that result was simply “You the reader” You are the important part, we use Keywords to answer your search and Meta invitation to get your interest. The content is written around your desire and the result answers the question. It importantly satisfies and delivers a solution.

If all this is successful you will click our links, read other articles and put us in the hero box.

We want nothing more.

The most important part of a website by Peter Hanley

The most important part of a website
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A very important discovery.

More training on this at Wealth Affiliate

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