Should you pay money to learn internet marketing

Should you pay money to earn internet marketing or plug along and build at your own pace to reach a level of success

Is internet marketing hard to learn?

Internet marketing is very easy to learn but it is hard to do it properly.

I have wasted countless hours and dollars building my credentials the cheap way when a few lessons can often leapfrog you ahead of the pack.
Having few funds to spare I relied on SEO and blogging to do the work but the landscape keeps moving.

Blogging takes forever and you soon run out of family and friends so where do you Turn?

I, like thousands of others subscribed to a company called MOBE. It cost just $49 to join but then the upsells started to come and they did not stop.
No money, no worries we have organised a credit card for you just hit it with $10, 000 and all is good. The upsells went right through to one hundred grand as you sought a place in the pack. Holiday resorts and fast cars were thrown around and mixing with the high achievers was a place to be>
Fairy stories don't all have happy endings and this one had the worst. The US Feds closed it down and sent the leading promoter to jail. Everyone lost their money and many were left with outstanding debt they could not meet. I was fortunate because I bailed at just $49 and learned a great lesson.

Should you pay money to learn internet marketing and is it a good investment?

A place to learn internet marketing

Image of Wealthy Affiliate training site

There are no better starting blocks than at Wealthy Affiliate. This is a site with so much training that anyone can achieve their goal.

But you need to do it properly.
I started the basic course and skipped through missing a few videos and lessons because I knew it all. Then came a recall lesson and I understood how much I did not know. I went back and did the whole thing properly because the fundamentals are important. I continued on through all the courses and am now a graduate and a top 100 achiever.

Paying a small amount of money for excellent training has paid off.

Can you earn from internet marketing

Of course, you can, many millionaires started here and many have quit jobs to get a full-time income. Internet marketing has no restrictions on earnings, It can be done from anywhere and by anyone, it is the ultimate level playground.

However,, You don't jump into a plane and learn to fly without instructions, nor become a Doctor without a bundle of years learning the skills so It would be inappropriate to think you can walk into Internet marketing without a skill set. It is a business that has rules and challenges that you must know before you go to the battlefield.

The fast-money phenomenon is marketing hype for paying for crap and receiving less.

How can you fast-track success on the internet?

A pathway to success explained

The use of mentors or properly structured help programs can hasten your journey. OK, you may pay out money but you will get a quicker return and access to income in a reasonable time.
It would be stupid to say everyone will achieve great fame because it depends a lot on you. No one can guarantee your success, they can only guide you along a pathway that will help the majority.

I searched for a long time to find someone I could trust and had to do a lot of background before I took a step forward. I looked for a time in the business, genuine results and high-profile followers before I would even consider investing money.

You can find products to buy every day of the week, Clickbank and Warrior Forum are full of them and they all have very enticing offers but few will give you the success you crave.

This is an interesting choice because Michael is not your New York fashion plate driving a Ferrari and having Good looking women draped over the bonnet.
He is a fast-talking Scotsman that has been around for over 20 years and confesses to making Millions. Countless courses have been sold as he has honed his skills to the best offers on the market. There is no Bull sh*t with Michael and he tells it how it is often offending sensitive souls.
That is what got me in. I want direction and not pampering, I want results and not promises and I want to see a clear pathway forward to high income.

Have more than one pathway to your destination

If the road is closed you have nowhere to go. That is why I have given you two of the best options on the market. You may find more along the way but this is an ideal starting point for anyone wanting to make it big.
The beauty of internet marketing is multiple sources of income, when one is slow the other can be fast.
However, start with a clear understanding that you only have so many hours in a day and spreading yourself too thin is detrimental. Get one working and then move on.


The answer to whether should you pay money is that it makes the whole procedure faster to a good result. You can plod on your own steam or Jog with some help. The end result may be the same the time aspect may be very different.

Should you pay money to learn internet marketing by Peter Hanley

Blogging is a way of life; but is it for you?

A pathway to success explained

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