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Here we look at the best methods for making the video and look at rules and tips that will create success for you in your experience in motion.

Do videos work for business?

Video informs and entertains people both good and bad. Today most people prefer to watch a video rather than read a page of text.


It has become a fact that Video is taking over from all the media in its market acceptance. It is used as a search term nearly as often as Google and far more than Yahoo, Bing or other search engines.

Admittedly, all the greatest search terms are around music and Pop idols but the growth of other searches adds to the volume.
The other point is that readers stay longer on Youtube because marketing in interest is very well done. There is always another video to view and time to be spent wandering the maze.
Name it and there is probably a video close to what you want.

The rise in How-To Videos is a great example of businesses breaking into the followers in this great product.

In the past Videos were expensive and hard to produce so many businesses stayed well away because of production costs over returns. That has all changed in the new world of smartphones.

Your free trial of Content Samurai May 2020 update Content Samurai is now called Vidnami

What are the best videos?

Well, the best videos as rated by others are all entertainment, interestingly all telling a story. This is a similar situation with social media, where sports stars and the Glams all hold the best spots. Videos are no different in the audience's capture.
How videos form a big part of the viewing audience. In fact, I just went to check on a How-To Video and have learned how to upgrade to Windows 10 in 15 minutes for free. Saw an Interesting addition to buy some software I needed and watched an Americas got talent video. Boy can you get lost

Video v Audio

Audio blogs have come and gone and personally I find them a drag but many swear by them. If you follow a particular person they do have some value. they are easy to do and cost-effective but you need some skills to keep the listeners' attention. A video with Voice and background will win hands down every time.

Video v Google

The only real comparison is in their ability as a search engine as both have complementary searches.

It is a fact that YouTube is now searched nearly as often as Google and more than Bing and Yahoo combined.

Profile shot Videos

The talking head is great for training and entertaining, but mix it with some site shots, or product to make it more interesting. However, people do want to see you so get your lighting in order, the sound just right and the storytelling exciting to carry your viewers along with you.

Music Videos

Just about every artist is featured on the video with some of the biggest searches for current trending singers like Taylor Swift, Katie Perry or the Beiber.
Nothing stopping you doing your own on your iPad or phone.

Videos for your business

85% of people are more likely to buy your product when they see an accompanying Explainer video.

Video Raskal

Business videos are the current fast-growing trend and you really need to be among them

image of business video traffic sheet

You need to start with a chance of success because it is new and different and there are rules to follow. However, content Samurai has a lot of the answers before you go off half-cocked.

No matter what you do, your job is to tell your story

Gary Vaynerchek

The art of film making starts as a story and like all stories you need a star of the story, a character that will take you to a problem that needs to be solved.
When people search the internet they mostly want an answer to a query, a problem to be solved so you need to be the solution.

You need to show a desire to the search and just why your answer is the correct one. Then the opportunities that will come from the solution.

However, everything is not perfect and there may be problems and traps in the way before the solution is finally revealed and all live happily ever after.

Michael Hauge

How to do things Videos

In the olden days a couple of years back this was a big deal, we had cameras and sound equipment and Light rooms all to make a video. Now you can run a basic product on an Ipad or iPhone with reasonable quality and have it on YouTube within a few minutes.

You can do it with Content Samura or many other programs as well.

Importantly you also need to structure your SEO to be found on the Net.

Get your Free Version of the Samurai SEO cheat sheet downloaded now.
This will also lead to more exciting opportunities.

Scripting videos

We talked about storytelling and the journey from a problem to a solution that can be done in a couple of minutes or a couple of hours.

When I want a blank canvas I use the age-old formula call AIDA.

This is short for Attention, Interest, Desire and action.

So you have a problem with the frying pan that you can not fix.
Even good brands like Smeg have a similar issue.
They have come up with a great solution that makes life less complicated
and people like Chef Main have managed to use it
Spray with Olive Oil and bake to really hot and then into cold water.

Thank me later.

A conversation like that can be extended greatly with more words and examples but the same basic format.

My third way is with a product called Vidsy by The Samurai group. There is a lifetime cost of $98 but you can script videos all day long as you follow the process to put the right words into place. If you take the free guide below you will get offered Vidsy with a huge discount after viewing just a couple of products although don't tell the Samurai I told you.

Editing Videos

Video fosters the mindset that lets creativity grow


This is a whole new world and One guy has shared the top 5 free video editing products with us to make it easy. Tech Gumbo has a quick video on editing here.
When you use a product like Content Samurai it comes with complete editing facilities that can be used at any time. Try this with a 7-day free trial and make as many Videos as you can and keep them forever

Time to do a Video

The best time to do a Video is now. The time it takes to do a Video is very little to a long time depending on the production. Start Basic and grow your skills as you venture into this new world of Wide Screen

Making Video easy

The content at The Samurai makes it so easy to build a video from start to finish in a short time. It comes with hosted pictures and Videos as well as adding your own.
Add free background music and a special voice if you are a bit shy for a very professional result.

Trying it for 7 days is a great way to see if this is for you.

I wrote more on this at a review on Samurai I did recently

SEO and Video

This is one of the more important sections in the Blog. Search Engine Optimisation is as important in videos as it is in posts and pages with your webpage and all your marketing. It is how people find your masterpiece and link from there to buying a product. Those of us in business are going to build products that lead to a sale. We are not Katy Perry or Ronaldo but your average Joe wanting to sell something or transport a viewer to a sales page. You can learn more about SEO at the Samurai free offer

Signing into youTube

I would think that most of you have been to YouTube and had a look around but setting up your channel may be new.

  • Sign in to YouTube
  • select Channel list
  • Create a new Channel
  • Enter details and verify
  • If in doubt YouTube questions


I never went to school film I went to films

Quenten Tarantino

It is great personal satisfaction to see a Video come to life. One that you have created from scratch and stored forever on YouTube or embedded in your webpage. You can link between Social Media, Webpages posts and pages to spread the word widely.

My Video on Noble Samurai hosted on YouTube

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I have entered this market to improve my business skills and to help others with Internet and marketing Know-how. Youtube is one of those experiences that need to be studied and learned along the journey.
It can be used for branding your self or business or it can sell a product, explain how to do things or just deliver viewers to your business or website. YouTube can be anything you want it to be. Enjoy your journey.

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