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Make a Video online and get lots of traffic. This is easier than you think. In fact, every business should have many videos for customer viewing. Here's how.

Why make videos anyway?

I was fixing the brakes on my bike recently and could not get the right adjustment, in dispair I googled a YouTube video to learn how to do it properly. A Bike shop trip would have cost me $50 however the Video did it for free and consequently the brakes now work.

In addition, YouTube is now searched nearly as often as Google and more times than Bing and Yahoo combined.

Therefore with so much traffic, you would have to wonder what you could be missing.

In these modern times, technology has taken over and made difficult tasks very easy.

Video technology has changed

Your production house, writers, editors, cameramen etc have all been replaced by household items.

With basic items like a mobile phone and the internet you can produce a professional video that will suit the most discriminatory audience.

Furthermore it can be done in just hours and not months, cost just peanuts and not buckets of money.

Finally you will be able to store your video forever on YouTube for free and available to the world at any time.

Make a video online free

Importantly, we will provide you the opportunity to make as many videos as you like, keep them for ever for a full 7 days.

After that you may subscribe for a low monthly fee to keep your videos stored and available at all times plus make as many new ones as you wish.

You can be producing videos with professional voices, background music and your pictures or movies in just a short time.

You will have a ready to go service that will last forever and drive traffic to your business.

Furthemore, Google will appreciate the time spent on your site, watching your videos and returning you with superior SEO service.

Finally, using this superior technology will elevate you ahead of your competitors with likes and shares that will produce traffic to your website and front door.

Create a video online with pictures and music

In addition to video images, we will add a selection of royalty free music to provide that exclusive touch to your artwork.

What's more, our image library can include your pictures and videos along with the onboard selection to have a real superior product.

Finally, the addition of our male and female voice services can be used.
Along with your own material to provide an unforgettable product that achieves the highest standard.

Watermark your products

You will understand that piracy is a common problem and we go even further to protect your products.

Each and every elite video produced by you can have its own ready to go watermark.

A non-erasable image marks your ownership and is discreetly placed to claim your ownership.

Keywords are important with videos

You will find that keywords are the search term used everywhere on the internet.

Furthermore, these keywords are as important with Video as a page or post on a website.

” How to repair front brakes on your pushbike made easy”

You will find out how to use headlines and keywords to attract a high ranking in SEO.

5 billion videos, facts and Numbers

The total number of people who use YouTube – 1,300,000,000. 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute! Almost 5 billion videos are watched on Youtube every single day. In an average month, 8 out of 10 18-49 year-olds watch YouTube.

( Merchdope facts)

My free video maker book

By now I have you on the edge of your seat with excitement and have a done for you manual that goes much deeper into this subject.

Importantly, the video builder must have cutting edge features and a price advantage.

You can pay a lot of money for unneccesary feature when all you want are a few benefits.

Content Samurai is a side product of Noble Samurai, a leading professional SEO product.

Available for you is the e Book on using Video

– A Proven formula for writing VIDEO TITLES THAT GET CLICKS.

– The 3 TAGS YOUR VIDEO MUST HAVE to maximize video traffic potential.

– The single BIGGEST FACTOR THAT IMPACTS VIDEO RANKINGS, and how to nail it by “opening a loop” at the start of each video.

– 7 simple tricks for generating NATURAL INBOUND LINKS.

– 3 “psychological video triggers” that PUT PEOPLE IN A TRANCE-LIKE STATE glued to your video till the very end – and why this is essential for earning STABLE rankings…

– And Heaps More…

Content Samurai

This journal will explain a lot of the insights you need to understand. It is written for everyone and very easy to follow.

Furthermore, it will lead to your free trial, a concept I shall explain.

Quick online video maker

make a video online

Before you make your first video you should learn some of the skills and methods to give you the best result.
Content Samurai has a great littke book that takes you through the issues to consider.

While making a video is easy being seen is a bit harder so do a bit of ground work first.

The eBook on Video will lead to a couple of offers but are not dependant on accepting them, however, you will get a great discount to consider should you want to go ahead.

What is involved in making a video

The process is really quite easy.

Your headerThe wording that draws in readers
Writing a scriptIntro, story, content
Transition and sales
Adding pictures or
use stock photos
Glam it up
Include video footageYour own video on line
Voice the product or
use supplied voices
If you hate your voice, choose from male/female talent
Edit and reviewCheck and recheck
Send it to YouTube

Are you ready to start your video journey

To get you going and excited I have a special offer for a seven-day trial to test out your abilities. This will determine your skill levels and to see if we can deliver a product that meets your high expectations.
Furthermore, you will get hand-holding in every step that you take.

Content Samurai Have a look at it and see if it is for you.
Above all, get those creative juices really going and find your unforgettable efforts on the big screen

You are bought into the new age of marketing on a short journey of skill upgrades that will blow you away.

Moreover, you will enjoy the journey of discovery as you provide an irresistible product.

Store your videos on YouTube
or imbed them in your post

Where your videos live is a choice you can make and there are lots of options.

First of all is the home of Videos called YouTube. You set up your own space and have all your videos ready for instant recall. You can go to them with a simple link on any webpage, blog post or website.

Secondly, they can be embedded directly to your page or post.

Furthermore, they can be stored in Content Samurai as you build and finalise your project.

In addition, download them to a thumb drive or any online storage unit.

Will your video enhance your SEO

You should call it the online vortex because of the amount of time people spend on YouTube.
They search for a title and then find lots of interesting subjects that keep their attention for long periods.

Your SEO is partly based on the time people spend on your site and is an important element in getting traffic.

In addition with the correct Keywords, you will gather traffic from the Vortex and subsequently bring you closer to page one.

Your free video maker

There are many products on the market and perhaps it is good to compare. It will depend on the cost and what you wish to achieve. Finally, it is about finding your place in the video market.

Content Samurai is a product for small to medium business particularly in how to make a Video online


Your success depends on you. Using video has many upsides and importantly takes you to a higher grade in image building.

Similarly, your Keywords will become more popular thus increasing your site's visibility an important aspect in today's marketing.

An example is the viral aspects of viewing activities when your videos are shared around. This should not be underestimated.

Video maker online
Peter Hanley

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  1. Hello Peter, thank you for this very timely post because I am thinking of starting my own online business and for a little while now I have been looking for ways with which I would be able to make my own videos. I hear that YouTube could be a good place to get marketing. I am happy you have facts about the video bank. I would try this online video maker out.


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