Best long term SEO strategy to win the war

Best long term SEO strategy to win the war against Google. Plus lock in your future on the internet by employing simple rules

Chasing Google is both an Art and a career

This subject can not be taken lightly because it is the difference between success and failure.

SEO strategies meaning: Setting up long term plans to meet Google search parameters in the best possible way

What Google wants is important simply because they make the rules.

Therefore let's run through nine of the top considerations that you must consider in every post or page.

They are not all hard and some are taken from Yoast SEO a plugin for WordPress we should all use.

UI or in simple terms User Interaction

SEO image

Having a well-made website, quality content and a suitable keyword strategy are probably all you need to worry about for long term SEO. Why are these things enough? It’s simple: if your users love your site and your content, chances are high that Google will love it too.
Therefore write for your readers and enjoy long term credibility.Remember that mobile sites are rated first

This means making sure that your work has a good experience when being viewed on the average Mobile Phone screen. You really need to consider content which includes pictures so that being read in the small world is not a problem.
This has been around for a while now however you should consider site speed in your calculations.

Check your site now at a Google test page

Core web vitals is fancy speak for keeping it simple

Again page experience is critical and this can really be thrown out by image selection.
There are many page speed tools and these will find the problems that Google list as:

  • Big pictures
  • Opening images
  • Total page graphics

Any one of these can effect the page speed, The problem is if your page is slow to open a large percentage of readers will move on before it shows.

Maintain research and evaluation cycle

If you have followed any of my work you will understand I am long on Keyword research.
If you have keywords that are either not searched or have too much competition you will not be read. Pretty simple really.
Before you write a single word list out all your keywords and make sure they have value to the readers.
Certainly use a free checker available at Wealthy Affiliate or the Jaaxy solution that provides you with advanced solutions. Try the free trial for more in-depth solutions

Competitor benchmarks to assist your growth

You are not the only kid on the block. There will be others doing similar things with probably some better and a lot worse than you.
Have a look at the good ones and see what keywords are working or areas that you can expand. Take the best and use it for your growth. I don't mean plagiarise however a subject that is briefly covered by others may well be expanded by you.
A simple google search will discover many opportunities to take this to another level.

For example I searched SEO strategy and these are the terms that are being searched.

Best long term SEO strategy

Therefore I know that some of these should be included on this page. In fact I even went back and provided a meaning in the early section of the blog and will continue with our SEO content strategy to meet or surpass the basic Google requirements.

Cut the Jargon and keep it clear

Some of you will write to impress and use new and exciting phrases that will skip over many a readers head. I was following a broadcast yesterday from a well know scientist on technology changes.
Her presentation may have been accepted in a final year university lecture however for the average person it was way to embellished with unnecessary words and phrases.

I even considered this when introducing Core Web Vitals however it is one you need to consider, maybe I should have said minimize your images.

Write for others not for yourself

It is important that you write for your readers and keep it clear and attractive. This will include short sentences, short paragraphs, a few images and lots of headings

Your readers are generally attention deficit, they want to be entertained and informed or they flit to the next blooming flower.

We often say write to provide the answer to a question or to solve a problem. This should appear early in the piece however they still need a reason to pursue your writing further.

If you are adding affiliate links or page advertising you want them to hang around for a while.

Pictures, graphs and lists grab attention so don't be shy and use as many as you can.

Your H2 and H3 headings should do the same thing. This can capture the skim readers that browse your product looking for points of interest.

Make sure your site is https compliant

Yes it is probable an old issue that will be in your SEO strategies for 2021.

However many still don't comply and it is detrimental to the future of your site.

Https should be included with any carrier so make sure all your work is current

10 Tips to improve your SEO

Best long term SEO strategy

Stop writing to please Google

It might surprise you but Google does not actually read your stuff, it all ready knows enough.
However they do take notice of what your readers do.

They like the number of clicks, time on site, drop outs, internal and external linking, spelling mistakes and the general set up.

People also like personal examples and related experience because we all like a bit of gossip.

He messed up so I guess it is ok for me as well. She had a good experience with an SEO strategy template so maybe I should try it as well. We love personal experiences so don't be shy in using yours.

Writing for the reader experience is the total summary of your inputs.

Using the guidelines implied by Yoast SEO

This is an example of many of the issues that are considered SEO important. Actually

taken from this page just before I pushed the publish button. It is a lot to consider.

My SEO strategy conclusion

It is a constant battle to remember everything you need to do. I use Yoast SEO as my basic reminder on writing techniques and SEO input.

I then go through a list of things that may make a difference to my readers and to achieving a high SEO score.

Yes we all miss some of them and this will tell in the number of readers.

I did not include analytics in this list however it is important to understand what you have achieved over time.

Your post won't soar through the clouds on day one however as you build a following the numbers will start to increase.

We are doing all this for results, not for play so if you are not getting the runs then change something to move the marks.

This includes going back to old content and rejigging it to achieve better readership.

Having your SEO process steps clearing documented will become easier over time.

Best long term SEO strategy to win the war by Peter Hanley

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  1. Hello, 

    I enjoyed your best SEO strategy article. It provides in conciseness many of the things I need to remember when writing for my blog. I especially liked how you say don’t write for google but the readers. Your tips list looks interesting. I will take a deeper look as soon as possible.

    Thank you for such an enlightening article and all the great tips.

    Best wishes, Nyny

  2. Hey. Thanks for reminding us what we should consider every time. I really liked your article and list. It did help me figure things to think about when writing. 

    I need to think more more before I write, but I am glad for doing almost everything you wrote. Writing things people search for and keeping it simple, yet entertainining.

    It’s always good to read about SEO, improvement is needed even for those who have been in it for a while. 

    • Thanks for your views.

      However write before you think that way it gets done. LOL

      It is an important subject so I hope it helped.


      Peter H


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