Is it possible to make money with an online program

Is it possible to make money with an online program or are they just scam products? Well I found one that guarantees you will make money

What are online programs?

Online programs may include coaching, blogging, writing, selling or any other activity that generates an Income. Earnings can be from sales, affiliate income, advertising revenue or any sort of commission.

Generally, products are safe although there are many scam products waiting to take your money.
Words like no experience needed, Instant results, and simple to do are the telltale signs of a warning.
Nothing happens overnight, quick money is a pipe dream so be in it for the long haul.

Can an online program qualify as passive income?

Certainly online programs can turn into passive income after you have built a credible base and a good income stream.
This may include a recurring billing product or advertising income.

However, these have taken time to build and need constant treatment to maintain the level.

Instant income is rare and income without effort is not possible.
Passive income generally takes a substantial capital investment. having a house to rent out, investing in a share portfolio, and Putting funds under management are all high-capital methods that still require effort.
Generally the higher the management fee the less involvement.

This can apply to online products.

An online product is built on effort or money

For any product you need customers and those customers are gathered from free resources like SEO or paid resources like advertising.
Therefore the more money you throw at a product the faster the growth will be. However, those that like slow and steady can still attain lofty heights without spending a poultice of money.

A plethora of online products

Sorry to use a big word but you will see opportunities every day crossing your desk that should not be considered.
The things that I look for are the history of the creator and their results over time. Have a look at the reports and see what others think about them.

I did this with Michael Cheney. A 22-year exponent that has made a bundle of money and won many awards on JVZoo and Warrior Forum.
He backs up his promises with guarantees but that is not always good enough.
With his current adventure, his guarantee is that you will earn money no matter what. Now that is a big call but one that is in fact true. He shares the incoming funds between players

Some of these programs (not this one, by the way), are recurring
programs where people pay us every single month.
When you join the Accelerator Program, I will give you the money from
some of the clients that are paying us every month.
So rather than you having to learn how to get traffic, learn how to write
sales letters, learn how to get customers and learn how to deliver
I will just give you the money that we are already getting from clients
that we have worked hard to attract.
And this is why everybody who joins this Program makes money within
24 hours – because these clients exist right now.

Michael Cheney

That is a big start for any online entrepreneur.

Is it possible to make money with an online program

This is a done-for-you program that really does qualify in the passive income description. Your contribution is required but the level depends on investment in buying traffic. However, there is a very high chance of success.

Yes, I started receiving money in the first few days and it has continued every week since. First, it was $15 and then $72 which grew to $173 with an input every week without fail. Along with recurring income, you can earn US$600 for a single sale so that will soon add up.


I searched for a long time for a program in which I could show a level of confidence, in fact, I was always hesitant to take the leap of faith based on a smart funnel promising the world. I am glad I did and I am sure you will be as well.

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