Is affiliate marketing still lucrative

Is affiliate marketing still lucrative? You had better get your bank details ready because affiliate marketing is the new internet darling

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By Lucrative we mean able to make money

HIs affiliate marketing still lucrative

The English dictionary states that Lucrative is an abjective meaning “to make a great deal of money”. That is certainly an apt description for affiliate marketing. However, not everyone makes the grade.

With many people now shopping and learning online, in part due to Covid isolations, the chance to gather referral income as an affiliate has grown greatly.

Affiliate marketing is in a league of its own

Affiliate marketing is really just recommending sales as the go-between from buyer to seller.

You don't have any stock or creditors and no billing problems as it is all done for you.

Therefore you have a business with almost zero overheads other than your own effort.
You can big time it buying advertising however you will only do this when it provides a better than 5-1 return.

Furthermore, income comes from many directions and not just one source of supply. If one breaks you have plenty more going on.

  • No stock, Debtors, or billing required
  • Have several different affiliate opportunities on the go
  • Pad your material with paid ads to build your income
  • Join competitions and win hansom prises
  • Gather trailing income for years to come

That is a list of opportunities to excite even the most jaded online marketers.

What makes a great affiliate

Is affiliate marketing still lucrative

You can come from any corner of the globe, be any nationality plus age or sex is not an issue.
Anyone that will apply themselves over time can obtain success as an affiliate.

However, like any great occupation or industry, you need to base your future on a sound grounding. The two biggest problems that new entrants have is;

  • Starting out without sufficient grounding
  • Giving up too early because of frustration or boredom

We are not promising instant wealth what we are recommending is a planned long-term approach to building a credible business.

Getting your marketing basics in order

All great affiliates and there are many of them, understand what is required to make the grade. However, even more, players wander the internet paying large sums of money for courses that promise the world and deliver very little.

Your choice of partners is also a critical factor because there are the good, the bad, and the downright ugly. Starting out on the wrong foot may take you years to recover

For years Amazon was the place to go. They have a great affiliate plan, a university (which costs money), and a range of products so wide there is something for everyone. But things change and Amazon has certainly done that.

They have become so big and well known they don't need you anymore. Therefore they make life as difficult as possible.

  • If you fail to sell you get sacked.
  • Your Buy pixels last one day in many cases. They then get the sale
  • Make a mistake and you are sacked
  • Commissions as low as 1.0%

People still promote Amazon however I am not a fan.

How do you get accepted as an affiliate?

Is affiliate marketing still lucrative

Getting accepted varies across a range of businesses. Many will take you on without experience knowing that you will get a few easy sales and then disappear.
Some will want proof of your ability and demand that you have a successful story behind you.

Others will take you on and offer training to help you grow with them.

Where do you find affiliate opportunities?

First of all there are affiliate aggregators who handle the affiliate business for a range of customers. There are varying levels of clients among the aggregators starting at the basic and going through to the best.

Some businesses use Affiliate sales as their only sales channel. WebHosting and storage are two that come to mind.

And then companies that handle their own campaigns and there are millions of them.

Is affiliate marketing still lucrative but how lucrative?

What money can you make as an affiliate?

This is a pretty open-ended question however let's look at two styles of payment.

  1. You get paid a percentage of the sale once it is delivered. For example, you sell a $1000 computer printer with Amazon and get paid 4% or $40.
    This figure was lifted to 6% in July 22 as a promotional bonus.
  2. Recurring commission is getting a share of the payment throughout the life of a contract.
    A $50 a month plan my pay you $20 After 24 months you have received $480.
  3. Many trading operations can pay you as high as 25% on a sale. The higher the value of the sale the more you make
  4. Training and big ticket items can return very lucrative numbers because of the high ticket costs. a $3000 ticket may pay you 30% or $1000

There are many ways to turn a penny and there is one that will suit you.

How do you get sales as a marketer?

Again this is wide and varied and there will be the channels that suit you best..

Your WebpageThis will do all the heavy lifting
A funnelA sales-focused web page that delivers results
Personal blogA great way to get sales and stay in front of clients
Social mediaFacebook to TikTok
Email marketingThis still works very well
NewslettersCost per action is really great
ReferralsGram them from anywhere you can
Trade marketsSet up in trade markets or even breakfast groups
SeminarsRun seminars

You will probably think of a few more but that will give you an idea of the scope of marketing available. Plus, you will use more than one of these at a time to grow the impact.

Is affiliate marketing still lucrative and can you have more than one partner?

Can you have more than one affiliate partner at a time

This is the real benefit of affiliate marketing. Combining several affiliates into a single promotion and gaining advertising income as you do.

In fact, on this page, there will be about six different affiliate links. If only one of them interests you my job is done. Any more and I am making hay.
I currently don't run paid advertising. I think it distracts from my writing however many do and do it successfully

Am I shy about disclosing affiliate links? Absolutely not. I am using my years of experience to bring you products that will benefit you and they will include many free opportunities where there is no income.. If I was to give you a bad link then you will never come back and I have lost a friend. Life is better than that.

How much money do affiliates make?

Nothing through to +$1 million a year and everywhere in between. The income is there,it is just tapping into a good stream of opportunities and the money will flow.
It may take some time to become operational because this is a bit of a slow boat but when it gets up speed all hell breaks loose.

There are no false promises about working an hour a day from an island paradise using the Internet from the New Tesla on the hard stand. I wish I could but it just does not happen. It takes effort and dedication over a period of time to reach your goals. However, once you get there the income flows just like you dreamed.

Is affiliate marketing still lucrative or plagued with scammers

A scammers paradise awaits you

warning on internet scams

It is the internet, there is money to be made and there are many a crook wanting to take yours. We all get caught and we all learn our lessons however carry some rules with you to avoid being fleeced.

a) There is no easy money, well, unless you are selling easy money plans and delivering little

b) Try before you buy. The promises might look great the realities may be something different
c) Make sure money-back guarantees are real.
d) Research the people making the offer, and look for negatives in product reviews from real people.
e) Beware the markup. Buy at $19 then another $49 and then $119 through to $ thousands
Many of us fell for one that topped at just over $20,000 for the top level, but don't worry they financed it for you. (ps The US Feds closed it down) I lost $49 and was lucky.
f) Beware the fake reviews. Off course they say good things they are written by the owners
g) Research the product. the operators and the feedback. If in doubt, don't.

Is affiliate marketing still lucrative or do you need training

Get some training on affiliate marketing

I am not going to mess around here and I am going straight to Wealthy Affiliate. They have training courses for every level and you start out without any cost. I have been a member for a few years and rank around the top 100 of the academy for support and material.

The business is built around affiliate marketing for affiliates and by those in the business so it is as close to home as you can get. Wealthy Affiliate receives my 5-star endorsement.

My five-star tick of approval rated 99/100

Do a long-term affiliate plan

A planning block

This might seem a bit unnecessary however it provides you with a roadmap for your future. You can review results as you go along and make alterations but you are not wandering blindly.

Regularly check your results against targets and if you are not achieving, make changes, don't give up.

Affiliate companies sometimes make changes and often ones that are detrimental to you. You then have a choice to do something about it or bail to something else.

This is a business so treat it with respect and take business decisions that increase your wealth and not that of others.

Finally understand you are in the money business and keep the focus firmly on your income.


Affiliate marketing beats all other ideas hands down. There are no limits or restraints placed on you, you want to be successful and so does your supplier. For them, it is cheap sales created without effort and they gain a customer. For you a perpetual income flow that can take you away from the 9-5 job and establish you as a leader in your area.

Is affiliate marketing still lucrative by Peter Hanley

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