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How to use WordPress for a website

How to use WordPress for a website and look like a professional. The latest block builder means anyone can achieve great things with WP

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Why use Word press out of all the other offers?

First of all, WordPress is chosen by the majority of home users and top 500 companies as well. It is easy to use and beginner-friendly.

Being new to building web pages I tried a few ideas before I settled on WP.

Back a decade ago the world was different and I had paid a company nearly $10,000 for a site. What bought out my appreciation was that I had to write all the words for the site.
No one else knew the industry like me so I spent weeks writing content that would be repeated for the site, for which they claimed the ownership role.

This got me thinking that if I was doing 80% of the work and they got to invoice me then I was doing something wrong.

How to use WordPress for a website by building a dummy site

Create a dummy site

Naturally enough I was not all that confident in my ability to repeat what they had done but still very eager to give it a try.

First of all I invented a domain then got a free builder and started a journey to building sites.

Today the world has changed and WordPress has caught up with all the highly charged sites and released a Block builder for dummies.

By block Builder, we mean that you pick a block and type whatever you want into it.

We need heading to start so that is the first block. Pick a size and a page position in bold or in colour, it is all there and easy.

How to use WordPress for a website
Typical block

Of course, we follow with a paragraph and type in a couple of hundred words.

What followed will train you quicker than any lesson.

I picked as many blocks as I could and tried them out. Quotes, pictures, lists and more, all building a page that told a story.

It may not have been the best website on the Internet however I quickly learned what could be done.
You could go to classes for days and do block by block or give it your all and learn the best way forward by experience.

How to use WordPress for a website with SEO

Then I installed the SEO plug-in

How to use WordPress for a website
A typical example

For this case, I chose Yoast SEO as it is really easy to use.

Yoast does a critique on your writing as well as Your SEO.

You will get a green or a red mark over about 30 subjects.

Red means you need to fix things up before you press upload.

Your play site is not there to win awards.

When you try anything can be done

Furthermore, everything can be changed at any time except for your keyword.
It is also  a very good practice to update your sites regularly

Now you can start to believe that anything is possible then the hard parts come into play.

How do readers find your work

This is the most important part of this whole post. Without keyword knowledge and an understanding of how we use words, you will forever languish in the high numbered pages.

There are millions of blogs written every day on all sorts of subjects that will be searched by readers.

Unfortunately, most readers never venture further than page one and  the first three lines of results.

Keywords or key-phrases or Long-tail keywords all mean the same thing. It is just that we must now be more specific in our search terms so that we can be found

  • 1) Hiking is a Keyword
  • 2) Hiking shoes is also one
  • 3) Hiking shoes for snow country gets closer to the mark
  • 4) Men’s hiking shoes for snow country in Nebraska

All the same search term except it gets closer to what people will look for. I like to think about someone talking to Siri to find an answer
“Hey Siri what are the best men's hiking shoes for snow country in Nebraska”

Keywords are dominated by traffic and competition, therefore, a balance needs to be found and for this, we use a Keyword tool.

Use a great Meta description

These are the few words under the keyword that explains what your article is about. Being on page one still means you have another 10 competitors to choose from so yours needs to be the best.

“If you wear the wrong boots hiking in Nebraska you may well come home bare footed in an inch of snow, let me tell you why?”

I have used both intrigue and fear in the above meta to show why readers should click your blog.

Your Keywords are essential to be on page one

Getting your page read depends on your meta description

Using Word Press with an SEO plugin will prompt you to do all the right things.

How to use WordPress for a website using essential tools

Essential free tools when starting with WordPress

Pick a domain that relates to what you do or the brand you want.

Go to Wealthy affiliate and set up a free site

Select pages

Do all the setup items then;
        add plug-ins

        Yoast SEO
        Generate press for appearance

       Google analytics to see results and connect to

        Monster insights for on-page results and headline analyser.

Waiting is not an options dive right in boots and all.

There is not a massive learning curve about web pages however there are critical parts that will make a difference.

What is the role of a webpage

A webpage is your shopfront. It tells people all about you, what you sell and the terms on which you trade.
Your Main page will generally provide an overview of what you do and link to other pages that fill in greater detail.

Main page
About you Page
Terms and conditions
Product pages
Contact details
Any other page that you want

All these are found under your main Url.

And then there are posts

A post is part of your page but found under its own URL in an order you choose.
You are reading a post that has a keyword to search as www.howtouse

This is part of my main page
You will see the blog listed on the main page but searched separately.

While your website is a shop front your post is to deliver traffic to your other sites.

Further training

When you log into Wealthy Affiliate you will be able to access all the training you want and mostly for free.

This can take you as in-depth as you want or wade in the shallows, the choice is yours.

A word of warning for you so that you don’t follow my mistakes. I skipped through the lessons believing I could absorb enough to get me by. I was wrong and had to go back and do both the written part and video episodes to get great value and be able to answer questions on my learning.


We have tried to give you a sufficient understanding to take you through the basic levels.
No one can learn it all in a day however with a bit of effort anyone can be operational quickly.
The more experienced players could knock up a website in half an hour that would satisfy most readers.
That is purely to say that anyone can do it with a bit of time and energy.

Start on a trial site and play with all the bits to create your first work of art.
Then understand what you don’t know and start to build on your knowledge bank and you will be writing like a pro.

How to use WordPress for a website by Peter Hanley

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You cant let an offer like this go by.

You cant let an offer like this go by.