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Google com Youtube which is best and what you need to know to get the greatest results out of both and win the search war on the Internet

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The race is not yet over between Google and YouTube

First of all, in the world, there are over 1.5 billion Youtube subscribers yet only 9% of USA businesses are using it.

Compare this to Facebook with about 2.32 Billion current subscribers and small business users of over 81%

Can you see a YouTube opportunity here?

  • How to do or fix things
  • Company branding and flag-waving
  • Selling products the easy way
  • Creating comedy to influence users

It is important to position your Video

Just like any media setting up a video is really important or you will never get noticed.

Yes, you can use Keywords.
Then the Advertising Intent
Conclude with perfect content.

I use a product called Content Samurai for this and they explain it well at Content Samurai

Like all Keywords, you must delve into intent and add the words that bring it to attention.

Their example was the Keyword, Fishing Lures.

This is a pretty broad range keyword and I just pulled up a list of 187 million possible users.

Yes, it will show some in your local area but you still need to be seen on page one of the term
What about “the best fishing lures for trout in the Derwent river”

Searches come well down and you have a chance of being seen.

Like any media Keywords are the ultimate goal.

google com youtube and videos

Videos on your WebPage

One of the dominant SEO factors is time spent on a website by visitors. Many hit and pass while others just delete.

Having a Video grabs your attention and gives you extra page ratings.

It also increases the momentum, with that potential buyer having a better understanding of what you have.

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Weather girl video was a winner

There are people that won't read pages of information

It is just a fact that we are not all avid readers and that some want to be entertained. That is the reason Netflix is so successful. They produce videos and people watch them.

Nothing startling in this except to show that your visitors want to be entertained and a video can do it and do it well.

In Days Past, producing a video was a major effort.
You needed cameras and recording equipment. Sound Studio a professional writer and editor and throw in a few others.
It was very expensive, time-consuming and still not guaranteed to work unless you got it all right.

Things have changed in video production. You can use an I.Phone or similar and be on air in minutes.
What has not changed is that the success of the video needs to be managed early

Your free video cheat sheet

I use the Noble Samurai product for several reasons.
It is easy to do
You have lots of options
A guided tour promotes success
Do it easy or hard, your call
Videos are hosted for future use.

It does have a cost but amortised over results it is quite minimal.

I started out using their Vidsy product which is a programme to help you construct your dialogue.

We all understand that common features lure users to a buying point and these can be seen on any sales page.

I understand it as the AIDA principle.
And I try and use this in a lot of my writing.

How to make a video for your business

There are many video builders for business. These range from the I.Phone right through to professional builders.

I have always had problems with editing and changing complex materials on pages I had little understanding off.

This simple fact kept me away from them until I found Noble Samurai Content builder.

I am no expert but it really does make video building easy and quick. It Adds to your page and explains the situation quickly and with photos and Voice. What more could you want?

Google over YouTube

We started here so let's look at some facts.

The Facebook family gets 2.7 billion hits a day

Google is bigger than YouTube, we understand that is true but by how much?
There are 5.6 billion Google searches a day.

On Youtube only 5 billion searches a day.

Time spent on a search with YouTube is far greater than other media.

So while Google wins the race at this stage, it is a competitive area, each searching for a winning position

Do you see a need here?

Do you see a need here?

Your little Youtube Video could be seen by a billion people in one day. Unlikely off course but it could be a thousand quite easily.

So get into making a few trial sites and build into a truly professional approach

Google com YouTube by Peter Hanley

Google com Youtube, author
Peter Hanley

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