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Content Samurai Review

Here is my content samurai review on the video maker for every business.
I have been with the samurai for 5 years and bring you a perspective of reality.

PRODUCT Noble Samurai  Videomaker
Name: Noble Samurai

Noble Samurai Login


YouTube SEO cheat sheet e-book free

Question Samurai $3.00

Videomaker 7-day trial and $35 a month
Eugene Ware                The head Samurai
 Dr Anthony Fernando  Training Samurai    
Andrew Harris                Development  
Overall Rank: 95 out of 100
Noble Samurai content creator for
Product Overview
In days past, creating videos was a very
expensive past time.
Expensive cameras, upmarket audio and
studio lighting was just the start of the story.

Then came script writing, editing, production and filming before finding somewhere to
store the
The new range  I. Phone style products
made a leap in technology and allowed a
Basic Videos to be made using your daily
use a mobile phone.
These are pretty basic videos and generally
not the sort of quality you would recommend or watch.

Noble Samurai has filled the gap with a
great middle of the road product that
provide excellent quality for very few

Naturally, you need to script it and throw a few photos in but they can do everything

They add photos and or videos that match your script to provide a very professional
quality material.

Music always adds to the performance so
pick your free music track or even add your own.

You can then voice the recording by following easy prompts that allow for all your

As an added extra you can use their voices by simply choosing the one you want and pressing the record.
Basically, all you have to do is write a script and the rest can be done for you.

To help you start the process, they offer a
free cheat sheet e-book and a smart guide at just $3.00.

The free trial lasts for seven days and you
get to keep the videos for life.
Content Samurai Review of the good and bad

The Good & the Bad
The Good:
PRO #1.   The template is really easy to
follow and everything flows nicely to a
PRO #2     I really like the added music because of the finished presentation.

PRO #3     It is really easy to submit your
own photos and videos  whilst mixing
with them
The Bad:
CON #1   The added Voice production is a
little bit canned and I am not totally happy with it. I don’t mind my own Voice but those with accents or language differences might
really benefit from it

CON #2    Sitting here trying to think up a bad point is difficult so we will leave it like this.
Who is Noble Samurai Videomaker?
Review For?
Let’s face it any business owner or anyone that has a website can use this.

YouTube videos keep people on your
website for longer and that would be great for SEO.

How to do things videos are great for your business.
Company Branding Videos work
Selling a product or service Your fatal
An attempt at humour

Noble Samurai  Videomaker
Tools & Training
As mentioned, there is a free book titled
YouTube SEO cheat sheet e-book free

Then a question book for $3.00.

This is to get you primed for the monthly
agreement but really worth the money.

Noble Samurai  Videomaker Review
Support comes on many levels so that you
get self-help and support help.

A knowledge base to draw on

Video tutorials  (who would have guessed)

Submit a ticket with a video showing you
how to do it.

A bundle of posts heaps of training.


Facebook Group I use on net Samurai

Noble Samurai  Videomaker

The retail monthly price is $35
a month or $297 per annum

Link for a free trial
There is a scriptwriter help program
called Vidsey at $97 one time.

I started with this product to better understand the process.

Generally, there are no upsells.

My Final Opinion of

Noble Samurai Videomaker

I like this because it is easy to do and
delivers a very professional product
  I have been a member since 2015

Noble Samurai  Videomaker at a Glance…
This cutting-edge tool provides a clear picture to marketers about the profit potential of keywords inside niche markets. No longer do you have to put up with big
‘gaps' in the data and make educated guesses
with indirect statistics. You can find your
copy of this tool at
Content Samurai free trial
Website: Noble Samurai  Videomaker
Owners:       Eugene Ware and Dr. Anthony Fernando
Price:     $35 a month
Overall Scam Rank: 00 out of 100   I have been an active member since 2015
They started in 2008

YouTube Video of this product

Content Samurai Review by Peter Hanley

Content Samurai review
Peter Hanley

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You cant let an offer like this go by.

You cant let an offer like this go by.