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business giveaways promotional items

Are business giveaways promotional items that work in your industry? Here, Peter Hanley explores the options a bit deeper to find some answers.

How to get a business giveaway

Gift in a box
Do they work?

I was thinking about this whole idea to have a product of mine get more bite into the market. My thinking all started with a McDonald's bucket of chips for just $1.
Now Maccas is not in business to lose money however I reckon a bucket of chips might be close.
So why is one of the biggest marketers in the world offering a product at under cost?

Well, young Einstein the answer is really pretty simple they want you to buy other stuff as well when you are in the store.
OK, but why a Dollar?
To give it a value because free has no value but a bargain is something else.

A novelty gift giveaway.

Recently one of the supermarket chains

Minature toys from coles
Not the real thing

(Coles) had a gift of miniature product toys. This quickly became an obsession with kids and parents trying to get a full set. Naturally, a couple of the gifts were in short supply, sending shoppers back in the queue for another shot. It lifted sales by a good percentage, making it all worthwhile.
Again, it was not entirely free as you had to shop and spend money creating value.
Did it work? A 5.8% increase in sales says yet it did and paid off handsomely in a very competitive market.

Look around for free giveaways

Sitting at my desk writing and thinking about ideas I look at the desk calendar from a Real Estate Agent, a Pen from a marketing group, my Mousepad from a supplier, note pad from a local business and a trinket sitting on my computer from another business I just had to save.
However most of these have little value because they were free, hardly entering my conscience as the only work or effort involved was to empty my letterbox.

The Ikea give away example

business giveaways promotional items
Food can be very cheap

This is not actually a giveaway but the food restaurant is so cheap it qualifies at times as an incentive. Breakfast on Sunday at under $5 has people lined up at the door waiting to get in and save money before they go and buy something expensive.

business giveaways promotional items and loyalty

Buy 9 get one free

Nearly everyone these days has a coffee card from their local beverage provider.
It keeps you loyal as you get near to a free coffee after spending consistently with them over a period of time. It may be only a 10% discount but it feels like a whole lot more because you have to work at it to achieve a reward.

Store Loyalty cards

This is another form of work for your Dinner campaigns as you spend countless dollars to get small rewards. Certainly, they can be a bit more rewarding if you are diligent in your buying habits and flash your card at every opportunity.

Loyalty is aimed at your pocket

All these loyalty efforts are designed to create long-term customers that spend more overtime at a small margin of gain.

I am not knocking at them, I have several in my wallet and even more on my phone, a newfound luxury.
I downloaded an app called Storecard for free and store all my cards in digital format so I never leave home without them. Where previously I might not have bothered, I now flash my phone with regular monotony to claim my token of a future gain. If only I could get my coffee cards on them.

We agree that loyalty works

By now I should have your head nodding in agreement that business giveaways and promotional products work better when you earn them. They have a real value associated with the gift or reward because of effort so what are you going to do about it?

Loyalty competitions

We see these every day on TV, Radio and magazines where you can win big by answering a simple question or filling out a form to enter into a chance for instant fame and fortune. Or something like that.
These are more branding issues but we still get in on the act and participating because we may win.

I recently won a weekend away holiday valued at $1000 because I bought a bottle of wine that had a competition attached.
The competition was appended to my membership at the store so using my frequent buyer card they had my details.

The competition was to flog some more wine by increasing sales and get a better return than they give away. Worked for me but I am unsure of the increase in sales.

business giveaways promotional items and the car industry

The car industry and giveaways

business giveaways promotional items
Negotiate hard

When buying a new car you will be tempted by several options or many incentives as inducements.
Floor mats are a big one, a tank of petrol, a free service or other no-cost options as inducements for you to sign your savings away.
They are all charming and are aimed at getting you to buy.
Once the deal is done then the high priced options that you pay for appear. Window Tinting, Rustproof Armour glaze and lifetime servicing.
The trick is to negotiate these first in the period when they want your business and before you sign. Because after you have bought them they are in a different world.

Upgrade incentives

These are pretty regulars in the travel industry where you get a nice bonus without paying extra. They are, however, an inducement to get you to part with money and not go to a competitor.
Car upgrades when renting, Hotel rooms, extra luggage allowances are all incentives that are offered and can represent great value if you do your homework first.

Giveaways with a tail

There was a preloaded credit card with $20.00 launched in the USA. Who wouldn't want to pick up a few bucks for doing nothing? The problem was that the following month fees gobbled up most of the free dollars.

Telephone networks

This has seen a remarkable change in recent times, inclusions include free calls, free SMS and unlimited data on top of the monthly fee.
It was only a short while ago Data was $10 a Gbit and an SMS $0.20 each.

The reason is competition. It is that simple we can all choose from 2-3 networks and change at random so we get the offers. Your guide is to chase the best offers available

List growth strategies

We have all seen these on the Internet with free E.Books and how-to guides and white papers all aimed at getting email addresses so we can market them in our list growth strategy
They are a giveaway and you earn them by providing valuable details. Some are great and we can learn a lot from them.

Social media and giveaways

Again, a great venue to get a presence and obtain those great items that you want.
More and more Facebook and Instagram are used to attract clients. This also includes emails, newsletters and SMS.

My big Give away

I bought a Wristwatch at the end of last year because I wanted one for swimming and water sports so it had to be a few things.

  • Good for a 100 meters
  • Easy to read dial
  • Stopwatch
  • Stainless steel back
  • Silicone band
  • A reasonable price not inflated for brand costs

    It is such a good watch I am giving a new one to anyone that trials my product in Australia.

    That's correct just for trialling a product, a free watch.

    If this works I might just extend it to everyone that signs up for a Wealthy Affiliate site where you get all the training on the internet you need to market your business.
    Interested? Just leave a comment below and we will negotiate a deal.

Business giveaways promotional items by Peter Hanley

business giveaways promotional items
Peter Hanley

10 thoughts on “business giveaways promotional items”

  1. Hi Peter

    I like the idea of giveaways. It is a good option to attract customers and let them discover your brand or encourage your existing clients to stay committed to your brand. 

    I am a blogger and I talk about making money online. I also do affiliate marketing, what kind of giveaway can I offer to my visitors? And is it something I can organize with my advertisers?


    • There is always access to free tools to use like Jaaxy or Grammarly or an ebook on something that you have great knowledge about.
      Lists are good and a white paper telling them how to do something.

      I have bought cheap products from China that cost very little but are attractive to the users.

      Peter H

  2. Thanks for posting Peter; is very interesting; I always figured out what profit some sellers can have if they offer regular promotions. Unless these promotions actually just leave you the impression that you have won, but actually the seller knows how to show the promotion for you to have the satisfaction of a small win … free.

    best regards


  3. That is such a great idea, giving your Australian sign-ups a watch. Overseas really do have great deals and incentives. I come from South Africa and incentives are not as wide here. Food industries here do not offer as much as they do there. I have a Romans Pizza loyalty card once you have spent x amount you get some kind of dish for free.  In my town, there are so few people that actually make use of it or even know about. Although I must say they do not advertise their loyalty card. It would be great if there was an app for South Africa to be able to have all loyalty cards in one place too. It’s such a pain getting to the store sifting through loads of cards in your wallet then realizing you left it at home.

    • The Watch achieved its objective but did not blow the place apart. 
      Download the app storecard on your phone and store all your VIP cards in one place, it works for me.

      Interesting that people have a VIP card and don’t push the heck out of it. What happens is someone has a great idea but the team don’t get on board and promote it. They work really well when used properly.

      Thanks for the comments

  4. A comprehensive overview of the importance of giveaways in the business world – and how it is extending itself in the e-age! And I am coming to Australia to get me one of your swanky watches :p

    The website onlinebusinessmarketing itself is a good resource to understand the dynamics of online marketing and SEO.

    The goal of the site is the promotion of just wealthyaffiliate, right? Maybe a few comparisons with other online marketing schemes would help the reader get pointer to differentiate good online marketing resources from the not so good?

    Cheers, Arjun

    • Thanks, Arjun,

      Yes, I am starting to look at other products and slowly introduce them into my messages.
      I have put a Watch aside for you, just let me know when you are coming.

      Peter h

  5. You give away sound cool and this is an added advantage. What kind of trailing product do you offer? Marketing give away is gaining more grounds now because of competition. Because company A is offering giveaway for quick sale and frequent patronage,company B also want to practice that. Well, it is a very good business strategy and trick. I could remember I was given a mug cup as loyalty gifte after I purchased one Huawei phone product. Some bakery in my area offer umbrella or big bowl at the end of the year for loyalty gift. Your gift depends on the volume of your purchase. I love this idea and am planning to apply it for my  business.

    • The year-long loyalty gift is a good idea as it keeps you coming back to earn the credits. That is what loyalty is all about being rewarded for your patronage.

      Peter H


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You cant let an offer like this go by.