Important Benefits Of Social Media Marketing

Important Benefits Of Social Media Marketing

Important Benefits Of Social Media Marketing for all business and online interests. Social media is growing and so should you with these tips

At the pace that digitalization is moving, social media marketing for businesses is no longer optional. It is important to know that 97% of advertisers use social networks, and 78% of salespeople outsmart their rivals by using social networking sites.

Social media is effective in engaging with your clients, gaining useful insights, and developing your brand. Although it can seem daunting, it is not possible to overstate its significance.

Alister Clare, CEO and Financial Specialist at Credit Capital attests to the efficacy of leveraging social media to promote your business. According to him,  “People use social media to link with brands.  They support brands more than following celebrities. 80 % of users follow at least one organisation on Instagram alone. If you don't take part in social media marketing, you're losing out on an easy, cost-effective, and successful way to access nearly half the world's population.”

However, its benefits are not known to all businesses. If you’re still not convinced about putting more effort into your social media activity, read on:

1. Boosts Brand Recognition

Note that 60% of Instagram users claim they are on the platform to explore unique products.   Even so, most buyers based their buying decision on the product's brand identity. Social media presence allows your business to build an identity, convey your message, and inspire loyalty.

2. Best Conversation Starters Around Your Business

A strong marketing plan for social media would create discussions around your business. You'll generate a great deal of input for your products or services and get people chatting as well. Also,  supporters participating in social networking enjoy holding real discussions.

It would be best to actively indulge with your audience as they interact on your social media posts. Make them feel that there's a human behind the brand, and they don't feel as if they're chatting with a computer. Doing so will create a more profound sense of connection and leave them feeling more like an appreciated client.

Focus on a social exchange that encourages conversation naturally. Some of the approaches to do that are:

  • Send shout-outs to partner entities for which you collaborate.
  • Request reviews on your products or services.
  • Throw open-ended questions, and let the audience respond to keep them interested.

3.  Effective Sales Boosters

First of all, regardless of your industry, social media can help boost your sales.

Social networks have become extremely relevant for product discovery. Because the number of users accessing social media increase, and social advertising platforms expand. Thus, it's high time to include social media in your sales strategy.

4. Excellent Client Satisfaction Tool

Important Benefits Of Social Media Marketing

Social media is a medium for communication and collaboration. To humanise your business, building a forum for your business across these channels is critical. Furthermore customers will understand that they would get a customised response instead of an automatic message. Recognising and responding to any comment indicates that you care about your clients and strive to provide them with the best experience possible.

5.  Best Tool In Watching Your Competitors

Social networking platforms will enable anyone to hold their finger on the pulse of the marketing strategies employed by your closest rivals.

Wait No Further to Utilise Social Media

Online Business Marketing by Peter Hanley help you take advantage of social media marketing opportunities and bring them to fruition. Furthermore there is no excuse for not integrating social networking into the marketing plan. Plus, there is little to lose because it is so cost-effective. In conclusion the earlier you start, the faster you'll see success in your business.

Important Benefits Of Social Media Marketing by Chloe Harris

5 Reasons eCommerce Is A Necessity For Your Business

We already know that online presence is a brilliant arrangement for business models. However, a worldwide crisis like COVID-19 further proved that the internet is vital functioning lifeblood of the market. It cannot be removed from the picture anymore. Some physical stores and establishments may have shut down, but have provided a more affordable and more accessible place for them.

Electronic Commerce, or commonly known as eCommerce, is the process of buying, selling, or exchanging products and services through the internet. It encompasses all the marketing relationships between businesses, consumers, and administrations, with B2C (Business-to-Consumer) as the most common one.

Australia Post observed a massive 80% growth in online shopping from year-over-year statistics in an eCommerce 2020 national report. This is an unsurprising overdrive that was triggered by the global pandemic. Businesses with online presence before the COVID-19 pandemic found themselves fall into a safety net.

The whole world suddenly stopped by the time pandemic arrived. But, we can learn from this setback and realise we can do more to reduce the damage to its economic impact. These are some of the advantages of implementing eCommerce for your business:

Feedback is received instantly.

Reviews and recommendations of your products or services are instant and unprompted. You need to carefully listen to your audience's reactions, whether it’s positive or negative. Customers tend to put more trust in a brand that actively listens and responds to their queries, complaints, and recommendations.

Marketing opportunities are better and measurable.

Your eCommerce store is a flexible marketing platform with advanced tools to help measure its performance. You may integrate tools that collect vital data such as traffic volume, hours when traffic is high and low, most-clicked products or services, and the length of time customers spend before checking out.

Having an eCommerce site will give you more advantage and allow you to compete against bigger brands. The winning formula is finding the right people to manage your online store, having a solid business plan ready for contingencies, picking the proper tools to assist with your specific needs, and building a strong relationship with customers.

The whole world suddenly stopped by the time pandemic arrived. But, we can learn from this setback and realise we can do more to reduce the damage to its economic impact. These are some of the advantages of implementing eCommerce for your business:

Convenience for both ends

Setting up an online store provides ease for both the seller and consumer due to swift access to your goods or services. Your business is open 24/7, and in some cases, you do not even have to attend the transaction personally. You would not need to manually record customer's details as it would be entirely stored in the database without your command. Automation software is the key to this.

Minimised cost

Presenting your goods and services in digital platforms means you won't have to worry about managing inventories or cleaning its storages regularly. You just have to display your craft professionally for customers to see. Of course, every product or service must come with detailed information so customers can make an informed decision. 

Expanding your brand's reach

The possibilities for presenting your products and services are endless in the digital world. You can channel your online store through multiple social media pages, blogs, videos, or even podcasts. You have the option to attract an audience with the same interests, locally or internationally, using sophisticated search engine features. Don't expect an overnight engagement success from your customers, though. Trust is built steadily with consistency.

Shane Perry, a business specialist from Max Funding, attributes solid digital presence with persistence, “Persistence is a chief factor in starting an online venture. Prospects don't come to you in one short period. Continue to show up and build your brand with a long term goal in mind.”

In conclusion learn more about online marketing strategies you can implement whether you are operating a giant store or just starting your own entrepreneurial journey! Get started with Peter Hanley's Online Business Guide

Your future is in eCommerce

Chloe Harris is a Freelance writer
Based in Australia.

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